Dreams Related To Presence

Unable to avoid someone's presence

I have developed feelings for a guy at my university, but I always feel like he is above me because of the way he carries himself (he is quite posh), and because he holds an important position in a society. I am part of said society and I have talked briefly to him and I think I caught him stealing glances at me and looking at me at said society's meetings. Last night I dreamed that I was at a meeting, but shielding my face from him as if embarrassed because I was sitting too closely to him. No matter where I moved I would end up in front of him and then I would cover my face. What does this mean?

Seeing someone you like in a dream usually has two meanings. In the first case, it indicates this person is on your mind a lot of the time, and you can't get them out of your head. It can also mean that your relationship is starting to become solidified, though whether it develops romantically or not is undecided. Hiding your face in the dream suggests you are hiding your feelings from this man, and you do mention some social differences between the two of you. However, the fact that he keeps reappearing close or in front of you can be interpreted as a sign that your subconscious thinks you should be a bit more bold and see where it takes you.