Dreams Related To Predator

Killing a sexual predator

In my dream I see my husband kill a man we knew a long time ago. The man he kills was a sexual predator and adulterer. He broke his neck then cut off his head, then our auntie in law who is the loveliest lady throws the head in the bin. Then I ask her to take it out and put it in a bin bag, then to put the head back in the bin so it can't be seen. The man who is killed comes from where we used to live but the dream happens where we live now because our lovely Irish auntie is there. I am female.

While you may know the individuals present in this vision, the situation you described is likely related to some social interactions you are currently involved with in wake life. Killing someone who you know is a predator or evil man alludes to a need to be more discreet in reality. The image of your husband breaking then cutting off the head of this sinner suggests others currently view you as being someone worthy of trust and respect. Asking your aunt to hide the body, however, reveals that you have some skeletons in your closet. You must be careful to avoid slipping up and revealing those dirty secrets to those who would rebuke you or use the information against you.

Being chased by a predator

Being chased by a predator in a dream can be a distressing experience and is a reflection of the anxiety and fear that you may be experiencing in your waking life. It indicates that you are feeling pursued by someone or something that is causing you stress or negative feelings. You are trying to avoid a situation or people who may be deceiving or trying to harm you. It is important to assess the situation and understand the root of your fears to confront and overcome them.