Dreams Related To Prayer

Giving money for a prayer

I dreamed that an old man asked me to give him money and I asked him "If give you this money what will you do for me?", he replied, he said he will pray for me. I gave him the money and he hugged me, he started sucking my ear and both of us fell down.

Your dream carries mixed messages. On the one hand, meeting the old man in your dream is an indication of the good vibes coming your way. It symbolizes an existence that is characterized by warmth and happiness. On the other hand, someone asking you for money bears negative connotations. It usually suggests upcoming unfortunate events which may eventually lead to squandering away your assets and property. Essentially, your vision illustrates the double-edged nature of generosity. If you go too far and prioritize the well-being of others above your own, you may end up on the losing end.

Praying to gods

Dreaming that you are generally praying to the Gods, such that you paused and gazed towards the heavens in the dream while walking down a long, winding road to recite prayers that would alleviate your tiredness, could mean wealth, prosperity and moments of happiness and joyous occasions. It may mean you are sending across your dreams of abundance in your waking life at the subconscious level which could be materializing soon. It would be best to continue attracting these positive vibes, so that your thoughts would align with the real-life manifestations of your dreams.

A prayer in general

Having a dream that you are saying a prayer in general, for example when you receive a good news in the dream and you utter a quick prayer of thanks, could indicate that there is something you want or something you want to be given to you, but which might never materialize in reality. It would be good to exercise some patience towards this dream so that you could enjoy the process of having it realized at the right time. Sometimes, the journey matters more than the destination itself.

Watching other people pray

To see yourself watching other people pray in a dream, such that you are an observer in an ongoing vigil of a particular Saint in a nearby church, could be a sign of an upcoming hardship or misfortune which would require a lot of energy and effort on your part to overcome or resolve. The vision may mean that it would take resilience on your part to go through the forthcoming difficulty or obstacle. Watch out as this occurrence may test your character and if handled properly, this would make you a better and stronger person than you were before.

Hearing a prayer

To dream that you or someone else is hearing a prayer, like when you hear a person solemnly praying after a confession to the priest in a chapel, could be a sign of approaching misfortune which can be avoided only if enormous efforts are made from your end. It may be a hint for you to ask for help and support from people who are close to you if you usually keep your problems to yourself. Sometimes, it would not hurt to ask for a lending hand as those around may be also wanting to show you how much they care about what happens to you.

The dream may also be a sign that someone within your circle is desperately needing your help or assistance that you may not be aware of. Be mindful and expand your awareness to see who could be this person and you could ask him or her how you could be of service. If you could set aside your own needs for a moment and turn your attention to this person's needs, then your own existence will become much better and more meaningful.

Saying prayers

To dream that you are saying prayers before a family dinner, like when you are saying grace to bless the meals before eating, could be symbolic of emotional tranquility and material prosperity coming to you after seeing this dream. This may mean that you are feeling content with what you have in your waking life. If, on the other hand, you are seeing other family members saying the prayers in the dream, it could be an indication of having or being surrounded by loyal and honest friends.

The dream could also be a sign of you having to face a challenging choice or decision soon in the real life. It may be advising you to take an ample amount of time and think things more carefully and deliberately in order to make the correct choice and not regret it afterwards. It would be wise to always think before you leap so that your thoughts would be in alignment with whatever it is you could be aiming for.

Praying and kneeling

To dream that you are praying and kneeling after you accepted the body of Christ during a holy communion mass in a church, could mean big losses coming to you in the future. The losses may be either material or related to someone you know who would soon be passing away. The dream could be warning you to be very prudent with your material investments and at the same time, you may want to value those around you as you would never know if their time to say goodbye would already come.

Praying in a church

Dreaming that you are praying in a church, for instance when you see yourself linger after a mass in a dream to say your personal prayers for your family, could mean a sign of a great emotional relief taking place in your life soon which would lead to a much more joyous existence after a period of suffering. The dream may be telling you that you would be experiencing peace of mind in your waking life and your hopes and wishes would be answered. Rejoicing for the good times would be yours once again.

Praying to a goddess

To dream that you are praying to some goddess, for instance the Greek goddess Demeter, during a summer vacation trip to Greece with friends when you stopped in front of Demeter's statue and uttered a silent and fervent prayer, could mean a positive sign of good harvest or prosperity in your waking life. If you are an expecting mother, the dream may indicate an uncomplicated birth and healthy child that you and your partner were praying for all along. It may be validating and attracting your heart's desires and could be manifesting sooner than you expected.

Healing a sick boy with prayers

I dream that I was at a hospital with sick people. And I saw a crippled boy laying in a bed. I passed by him and start praying to God about the sick people. The young boy heard me praying out loud to God and something power came over me and the young boy was healed immediately by me praying.

The dream vision you have had represents your exceptional position in regards to faith. Healing others in your dreams reveals your ability to follow your beliefs precisely and find gratification and hope in what you choose as your religion. It can also indicate your innate ability to help people in need regardless of their relation to you or, for that matter, whether they practice or immerse themselves in something completely different from what you personally believe in.