Dreams Related To Power

Having supernatural powers

Having supernatural abilities in the dream realm is often thought by modern dream interpreters to reveal the aspects of our lives we wish we had more control over. For instance, being able to manipulate time might be the manifestation of feeling overwhelmed or in a time crunch in reality. Similarly, being able to turn invisible could shed light on social anxiety issues or a fear of being abandoned. In essence, the power you have in the dream is something that would either fix an issue you have in wake life or a reflection of internal feelings you are unable to express well.

Being in a position of power

I dreamed I met a man and we were walking and talking as friends, it was almost as if we were in a position of power, then an enemy of mine showed up and tried to separate us. I began to shout at him "Sean (which is his real name) return to sender" and he began to run from me and I kept shouting at him "Sean return to sender".

According to Sigmund Freud, envisioning yourself in a position of power or authority during the course of a dream is generally considered a positive symbol. It often precedes periods of growth or improvement. For adults, this often refers to things like mastering new skills, updating a hairstyle or hanging out with the right crowd. The presence of your enemy could mean that someone is trying to get in the way of your efforts to improve yourself, like a jealous co-worker or nosy neighbor. Your message to your friend Sean to return something to the sender refers to being tempted to give up your opportunity. Like returning a package in reality, this symbol means you may be too afraid or not ready to make the changes you want.

Someone overpowering while in bed

My dream started with me laying in bed. All of a sudden, I felt someone blowing on my back all the way up to my ear and whispered, "Wish!" They went back to blowing on my back and I was unable to move and my breathing was heavy. I was trying to move a little and look behind me, but all I saw was me. Wasn't sure if it was a picture of me or if it was really me.

Finding yourself in bed in your dreams suggests a heightened awareness of your surroundings, possibly the beginnings of a lucid dream. Being in bed can also be suggestive of laziness or an upcoming illness which could cause your confinement in bed. In your case, the second part of the dream is more aligned with the idleness explanation, since you end up seeing yourself or your likeness. The "Wish!" message could be you telling yourself to make a wish, dare to dream or make something of your life.

Power outage

Experiencing a power outage or a blackout at some point during the course of a dream vision is a sign closely associated with loneliness, despair and a sense of powerlessness. Just as there is no electricity to run machines or keep your environment comfortable, so does this vision's meaning suggest you feel overwhelmed or unfortunate. Furthermore, you may even be going through a bit of a spiritual crisis. You may not be in a real position to do anything right now, but you should be on the lookout for opportunities to share your state with those who can help you and raise you up.