Dreams Related To Pot Cannabis

Smoking pot

Smoking pot in your dream often reflects running away from life troubles and conflicts by indulging in habits such as some pleasure-related activities. You are trying to escape reality instead of working on a practical solution, which prolongs your problem.

Pot in general

Since pot is a form of desire, seeing pot in dreams reveals having a hidden desire that you have not expressed to anyone, not even those you trust. Those desires could be anything from simply wishing a better life in general or highly specific wants. Take caution that you may be seeing this as a result of feeling guilty about something you have not shared with anyone to this date.

In another light, envisioning pot in general symbolizes hidden feelings of guilt that are gnawing inside you silently. They lurk within your heart, demanding no revenge or forgiveness. But you dreaming about it is a silent cry to acknowledge these feelings. Take caution as this vision could also mean death looming over the horizon as a result of a serious medical condition that requires immediate attention.

Growing pot

Seeing yourself in your house or a place you own and finding that you grow pot there is an indication of a most likely future possession of a criminal material item.You may acquire it as a gift or stumble upon it by chance.

Dealing pot

If you see yourself dealing pot in a dream, being the trustworthy distributor for some people, it indicates you will commit an action that peaks your popularity and likeability among other people. However, it is not indicated whether this attention will bring about desirable or dreadful consequences.

Giving pot to others

If you see yourself giving or offering pot to another person, especially someone from your family or friends, this vision predicts sickness that is right around the corner or some underlying health issue that will resurface.

Disliking someone smoking pot

If you saw yourself disliking a certain person in your dream for smoking pot, you may have recently been with or seen someone who is a drug user. It may also mean you are about to meet someone who uses drugs recreationally. There is no telling what this vision or the premonition of this encounter means, so it is better to stay sharp at all times.

Smoking pot alone

If you see yourself smoking pot alone, this is a reflection of your deep subconscious state of peace. You are highly appreciative of all the kindness in the world and grateful for the love and care that you are receiving in your actual life.

Burning bags of pot

If you see yourself burning bags of pot in an attempt to get rid of it, it resembles burning bridges and getting rid of some dead weight in your life. It symbolizes new beginnings that are much happier and healthier.

A huge pile of pot

You are lucky if you saw a huge mountain-like pile of pot. This means your search for love has finally ended as true and profound love is just around the corner. You will find this new love to be healthy and rewarding.

A man smoking pot

If you see a man smoking pot, oblivious to your presence, it is a sign that you are expecting help from people who promised it, yet, they will not be able to deliver. They are unreliable and will disappoint you, therefore, it is best that you give your problems the attention they need, without relying on others who will prove to be useless.

A woman smoking pot

Dreaming of a woman smoking pot may serve as a symbolic warning about potential health issues. The dream could be suggesting that sickness or health challenges may be looming, not necessarily directly related to the woman in the dream but potentially affecting you, close family members, distant relatives, or friends. It encourages you to be vigilant about health matters and take proactive steps to maintain well-being. This dream emphasizes the importance of paying attention to health and adopting a preventive approach to address any potential health risks.

Refusing offers to smoke pot

If in your dream someone has offered you pot and you refused to take it or make use of it with that person, this vision indicates you are on the right track in terms of decision making. You will soon make a decision that will positively alter your life one way or another.

Details of clothes of someone smoking pot

Seeing the clothes of someone smoking pot can be a huge reflective indicator of your own personality. If you saw the person wearing clothes that were too odd for the season or occasion, this dream strongly suggests that you have a personality that is content with the way you are. You refuse to change to fit in.

Others smoking pot

If you see others smoking pot in a dream, you may be trying to seek out some people for help but that is unwise as none of those people will be able to provide you with the support you need. The best choice is to look for the help you need within yourself as you are the only one who can truly solve your own problems.