Dreams Related To Possessed

Having feelings of being possessed

So, for two nights I had this very strange dream and it left me in shock. That night I had many dreams but only one constantly stays in my head. After waking up from several dreams, I went back to bed and had a dream that I was lying down. I was lying down on the bed and was facing the open door and I see this black shadow at the end of my bed and then it dives into my body and the second it dives in I physically start having spasms. I just start shaking and I can't feel or move a thing. It causes me to become conscious and I couldn't move or feel a thing when I was awake. Please help me.

This dream points toward a confusing, problematic situation that you may currently be experiencing. Seeing a dark, shadowy figure indicates you currently have more questions than you do answers. This can also be seen in your inability to move, which suggests you have two choices to choose between. These choices are very different, but you may not have enough information or knowledge to make an informed decision as to which path is best for you. You may need to seek the advice of someone older and wiser to find the answers you seek and receive some guidance to proceed.

Dirty kitchen, being possessed and killing a woman

I woke up in the middle of dark night and saw a lot of dust bunnies in the corner of our door and floor. I heard my husband broke something and I went straight to the kitchen and saw peanut butter scattered all over the kitchen (wall, ceiling and floor). Then I saw a woman walking towards me and I got scared and ran to my bed (blanket lying in grass) near me. That's all I remember. And I was possessed by dark spirit and unknowingly I killed the woman walking towards me. I just knew it.

The first dream vision suggests you may be the subject of gossip among your family or friends. Dust tends to reflect gossip and rumors circling around you, usually by those whom know you quite well. The cause of these whispers behind your back may be related to the peanut butter your husband scattered around the kitchen. Peanut butter represents holding onto things for too long. This may refer to either physically hoarding food and collecting objects, or it can mean you are holding onto negative emotions for longer than you should. Being possessed by a demon and feeling like you killed the woman in your second vision points toward the latter interpretation, with the possession also suggesting that someone is harboring negative emotions towards you. It is possible that the ill will between you and this other person or group could be solved if you were to bury the hatchet. These dreams, then, may be telling you to move on past your current emotions both for your own happiness and peace of mind.