Dreams Related To Porcupine

Son attacked by a porcupine

I had a dream my son got stabbed by a porcupine and the thorns almost looked like pitchforks in his back. There was a scary clown in my dream that I killed and a dead man covered up in a sheet in a bathroom shower. My boyfriend was in my dream and a guy that I know as well who has lied a lot. I am a female who is 32 and my son is 7. There is no biological father in his life.

The porcupine in your dream represents a complicated relationship you have with your son. One or both of you is hiding secrets or lying to the other. This lack of clear communication would cause misunderstandings and ultimately it is your son who would get hurt more than you. Meanwhile, killing a clown refers to the death of a person's fun-loving, silly and child-like side. An altercation with your son would help you realize that you need to step up and become more serious about your adult responsibilities, especially in taking care of your son. This is your conscious decision not to dismiss important aspects of everyday living for the sake of your family. Finally, the presence of your boyfriend and the other guy reveals your doubts about your current relationship. Your boyfriend could be distracting you from your priorities.