Dreams Related To Porch

Jumping off a porch with daughter

There is a house and the porch has no back to it. My daughter takes off running I take off after her, she jumps off, I jump off and I slide down a rock. She gets on the same rock and slides down too. I grab her, the rock detaches from the dirt and starts to sink. We go under the water and I try to swim above water so we can breath.

Jumping or falling off a deck reveals your anxious nature. You are always anticipating terrible events and tragic incidents that would fall upon you and your family. Ironically, jumping into the unknown also points to being gullible. In essence, you are actually the one placing yourself in questionable situations by being too trusting of others. Since you are easily fooled, you inadvertently place your family in danger, whether it has to do with bad investments or scams. In the context of your dream, scammers could try to use your daughter to encourage into participating in their scheme. Just remember to steer clear of opportunities that look too good to be true.

Hiding under a porch with others

I'm a male, age 23. I have had this dream for about a decade. I'm hiding under a wooden porch with a group of people, and right when we are found, and before I see their face, I wake up.

Hiding from someone or something in a dream could mean you are preoccupied with keeping some secrets or shameful aspects related to your past. The notion that it is a recurring dream could mean that you are constantly being bothered by your conscience and therefore are not able to move on in the right direction, perhaps because you are forced to follow some values or rules people around are pressuring you to accept. Being unable to see the faces of people who were with you in this dream is an indication that someone in your circle is constantly attempting to deceive you by gaining your trust or using your weaknesses.