Dreams Related To Poor

Being poor

Being in a state of poverty in the dream realm is generally considered a fortuitous image to perceive. It often reveals soon becoming wealthy or better off than before. The degree of your poorness in the vision is conversely correlated to the riches you would gain in reality. This means that minor discomfort due to a lack of cash would predict a slight uptick in wealth, while complete destitution would reveal a major increase in money or material items.

A poor friend giving a slipper as a gift

A friend living in poor condition. Still giving gift of slipper. But the servant took that slipper. And I told servant that it was given to me.

The symbolic vision of a slipper in a dream predicts a romantic relationship or friendship coming to an end in a very short period of time. However, you also dreamed about someone taking the slipper which was intended as a gift to you. This could mean that you could presently be also dealing with another person who is either trying to mend this deteriorating relationship or friendship or playing an important part causing it to go downhill from where you are at the moment. Regardless of this person's actions, you would most likely experience a breakup or find yourself distancing yourself from one of your current friends, acquaintances or even your lover.