Dreams Related To Pond

Drowning in a pond

I saw a water pond. I am near the pond which was full of water. Then I suddenly fell in that water. But I hold something, so that I can be safe. But after some time that support also goes and I fell totally in that pond. All my relatives watching me but no one helps me.

Bodies of water in the dream world usually represent emotions and the state of your subconscious mind. Pond, in particular, can mean "to ponder" or a reference to introspection. In that context, falling into the pond could mean that you could be facing an emotionally-charged period in your life. There is a chance that you would have a hard time controlling your emotions and in the process, perhaps, feel neglected or alone while sorting out your inner turmoil.

Being intimate with a woman in a pond

It seemed like it was dark but I could see, I was in a pond with lots of vegetation and the water was bubbling and there was some type of female there that I had some type of sexual encounter with. The water was soothing and warm, she also seemed to connect with the pond as if it had her life, I almost had an orgasm with her just touching me.

The darkness and the pond filled with vegetation are both symbols associated with a murky situation in reality. In a sense, they represent a current predicament that seems difficult to solve or get past. Your ability to see in the darkness and navigate the waters could mean that you are the only one who can figure out a solution. The female you had a sexual encounter with in the water perhaps reveals the type of problem you have been faced with. Sex in or around water alludes to a subconscious desire to get closer to someone in reality, however, it does not necessarily mean in a sexual or romantic way. There could be a friend or mentor that you want to understand better in order to deepen your bonds. While this individual may be a challenging puzzle to figure out, the results of your efforts are likely worth the effort.