Dreams Related To Poison

People killed by poisoned sugar

A man poisoning people with sugar long time ago. 19 people killed.

Sugar in dreams usually symbolizes joy and indulgence. So, if someone was poisoning individuals with sugar in your dream vision, then it could be an allusion to your hedonistic ways. Perhaps you are prioritizing your wants and desires over what truly matters. Alternatively, someone in your life may be influencing you and others into embracing a self-indulgent and selfish lifestyle. Maybe it is time for you to reassess your priorities and think about the long-term consequences of your actions.

A poison released at the store

My friend, my sister and myself go to Tesco while in there there is a commotion going on because a poison has been released into the air. My friend passes out and dies but I don't stop to help her, I just keep going. My sister passes out and I help her out but then just keep walking through the poison.

The poisonous gas or toxin released into the air in this dream means there are threats in your surroundings which would harm you and your loved one's well-being. This could be a toxic environment of hatred and intolerance that would negatively affect your mental and emotional state. Your more susceptible or sensitive loved ones, maybe your sister, may be more prone to getting hurt or depressed over nasty statements. So it is up to you to guide and enlighten those with a weaker resolve, so they can learn to handle the harsh realities of life.

Being punished by poison injection

I got punishment in a dream and they gave me a poison injection. I saw my mom in the dream also.

To dream of getting injected with poison means you may be forced to agree with something you do not believe in. The punishment in reality is your subjection to the opinions and beliefs of others. While you may not necessarily agree with their ideas or positions, it does not mean that they are wrong. Perhaps your parents are trying to control or discipline you and this makes you feel suffocated and stripped of personal freedom. In that case, you may need to understand why you are being persuaded or forced to comply and whether or not the refusal to listen on your part would be better for you in the long run.