Dreams Related To Planet

Moons morphing into a planet

I was looking into the night sky and saw 5 full moons turning red and then merged into one big planet. I'm a 23 year old male.

Dreaming of the night sky reveals your natural inclination to mystical knowledge. This affinity to esoteric knowledge makes your subconscious open to prophecies manifested in your dreams. For instance, the multiple red full moons is an ill omen about a cataclysmic event on the horizon or something recently in development. This possible disaster, natural or otherwise, will have global-scale effects that would have long-term implications. There is a silver lining to this as the merging into a planet indicates collective enlightenment and awakening of humanity. A terrible event will be the catalyst to healing and a fresh start.

Planets colliding with Earth

Planets started appearing in the sky and crashing to earth! They were huge but not life-size planets! I needed to get my children and drove to get them and they were little again, a workmate was with me and started to walk home but I told her I'd drive her. Then my car turned into a small toy car like on a cartoon! She jumped on the back and I drove her home where she got out and left to be with her family. Not knowing if any of us would survive, I drove home with the kids whom I couldn't see, but knew they were with me and several people showed up for salvation.

This dream vision you had about planets appearing in the sky and then crashing into earth means that you are about to start having long periods of time filled with senseless and useless duties and responsibilities which would take a lot of time and effort to complete. Seeing objects turning small from what they usually look like in real life in this dream could also mean that you are willingly accepting these tasks or obligations because even though they may seem small, they are very important to you and, perhaps, your family.

Lined-up and recognizable planets

I had a dream where all the planets were super close and lined up and I could make out each of them.

This vision has two opposing images, the notion that the planets were very close to you and the image of them being lined up. The first symbol, seeing the planets up close and in detail, suggests that the relationship you are currently in or pursuing may hit some sort of roadblock in the near future. This could be anything from a slight misunderstanding to a period of separation from the individual in question. This situation seems like it would be resolved rather quickly, however, because the image of the planets aligning in your vision means much the same as the saying in waking life, namely that everything would fall into place or work out in your favor.

Being on another planet and a giant cocoon

Female. I am on an alien planet with cute colorful creatures who were trying to communicate in a gibberish way. They were friendly and moved me to an enormous cave, where in its center there was a giant glowing cocoon. There was a ceremony of sorts where the aliens were sort of humming on. After a brief period, the cocoon cracked open and Captain Marvel came out with massive butterfly wings. She was smiling and flapping her wings.

Your dream symbolizes a personal transformation. Finding yourself in an alien world or on an alien planet represents your independence. You will move into your own home or apartment where you will fully be able to enjoy your freedom. All those colorful creatures are interesting personalities and new people you will encounter during this initial phase of your independence. You will date some of these people from apps like OkCupid or Tinder, while others will cross your path via your daily routines. They will broaden your perspective in life and give you valuable lessons. The cave indicates hardships and challenges associated with adulting. However, just like a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, you can hold on to the knowledge that you will emerge more confident and mature after this period of trials. In fact, Captain Marvel in your dream represents your aspiration to become a strong, powerful and independent version of yourself. If you make good decisions and surround yourself with good people, then you have the capacity to achieve this goal.

Planet crashing into earth

Envisioning a giant planet crashing into Earth in a dream symbolizes a major problem or challenge that the dreamer is facing in their waking life, which seems too big and terrifying to handle. The asteroid or meteor hitting the Earth emits their fear of the consequences that could result from this problem. Furthermore, the dreamer is losing control as if something larger than themselves is taking over and leading them in a dangerous direction. The fears inside you are trying to control your emotions and stopping you from achieving your desired goals.

Seeing planets in the sky

Seeing an array of planets in the night sky during a dream signifies that answers and knowledge are all around you. The presence of planets symbolizes the potential for significant changes in your life, driven by your desires and energy. Furthermore, this dream indicates a spiritual journey, where embracing these changes can lead you to succeed, much like a grand parade of opportunities in the cosmos.