Dreams Related To Plane

A low flying plane

A military aircraft on a low level flight or a low flying plane that is gliding over glassy water or a few hundred feet above your head, means there are risks and dangerous circumstances in your path which may be difficult to dodge or avoid altogether. You could be partly responsible for the threats that would inevitably find their way to you. Alternatively, if you are engaged to be married, there could be unavoidable issues that would either delay your wedding or prevent it from taking place.

A plane landing on the water

A dream featuring a plane that lands on water, perhaps as an emergency maneuver of a crashing airplane or a water landing of a seaplane, means the tides are changing for you. This particular dream symbol signifies a new beginning in terms of shedding bad habits or immature behavior and cultivating a more developed and responsible personality. If you happen to be the pilot attempting the water landing, then you could experience unforeseen or untoward events from an upcoming trip or excursion.

Owning a plane

Owning a plane can be interpreted as a dream symbol for personal success. For instance, buying an airplane in your dream or being on board your private plane, signifies profitable business ventures, auspicious partnerships or once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that could propel your career into new heights. Gaining significant wealth, power and influence would also garner the respect and admiration of your peers and colleagues. You may even become at par with individuals you look up to.

Flying on a plane

Planes can convey both positive and negative meanings depending on the context. If you dream of flying on a plane, like being a passenger and travelling in mid-air to some exotic destination, then you are likely stuck in your personal bubble where problems and conflicts do not exist. As a result, you may not have a real appreciation for the complexities of life. This could be a hindrance to your growth since you are unable to live your life to the fullest as you are always sticking to your comfort zone.

In addition, dreamers who dream of flying on a plane without ever having experienced it in reality can be harboring a strong desire to overcome some existing fear, irrational or not. In this case, envisioning the experience of flying is the mind's way of immersing the dreamer into an unknown experience in order to help them visualize their fears as something more accessible, manageable and less daunting.

A plane in the sky

Watching a plane flying through the sky, such as when you are lying on your back and looking at the endless horizon, portends fateful events or encounters in reality which would likely change the course of your life. The flying airplane symbolizes eye-opening occurrences or astonishing revelations that would have tremendous impact on everyone's future. This defining moment may be a cause for celebration or something catastrophic with far-reaching consequences to our society, including the succeeding generations.

A plane about to crash on the street

I was walking down the street and I have seen a plane heading my direction, the bus driver said "Run for your life don't look back", as the plane got closer to me I woke up.

A plane that is headed in your direction while you are on the ground, especially if it is quickly descending, means you are going to suffer a huge financial or material loss. Fortunately, the bus driver symbolizes a leader who will give you valuable advice to avoid bankruptcy or getting deep in debt. You need to listen to a financial adviser, your boss or anyone you trust about financial matters to be able to manage your money well. These are the only measures you can take to secure your savings.

Multiple planes crashing into water

I witnessed 3 plane crashed, one fell out of the sky from afar and two other both slid gracefully into water right next to me as I was driving in a big metropolitan area. I was not scared and at the end I was watching on TV as a remote camera searched one of the places under water. I was in an awe of the damage, no bodies were seen.

Witnessing planes crashing represents the overwhelming tasks ahead of you. You are likely juggling different projects or priorities and you are close to getting burnt out. On the positive side, a plane crash also reveals your extraordinary ability to single-handedly accomplish numerous tasks and achieve excellent results. In fact, the vision of you driving calmly means you are undeterred. No matter how chaotic your surroundings may be, you remain focused on your goals. Just do not forget to monitor your health and set reasonable expectations to avoid negative consequences both in your physical and mental health.

A plane cutting through a house

I saw an airplane that uses its wings and cuts or breaks across a house because they refuse it to enter the house.

This dream vision could contain a hint that you tend to rely too much on help of other people while trying to take care of your projects and day-to-day activities. However, their involvement is not actually helping you because these people could be preoccupied with their own goals and objectives when they step in to help you, or they could be looking for completely different outcomes altogether. You should rely more on your own skills, talents and aspirations when trying to complete your tasks.

Traveling on a plane

To travel by plane is a prediction of a brief but happy occasion. The airplane in this context is a metaphor for achievement and small victories. You could finish a challenging task to your satisfaction or earn a pretty profit from an investment. The joyful feeling may not last a while, but you can certainly enjoy it while you can. Take a weekend off or celebrate with loved ones, you deserve it.

Boarding a plane

The boarding a plane dream meaning is rather auspicious in nature. It could allude to preparing to start a new project in reality or starting out on a different path in life. This journey may come as a complete surprise, as you likely never considered anything like it in the past. However, changing the course of your life may bring you much happiness and fulfillment.

Watching a plane crash

A plane is turning 3 or 4 rounds, then crashed into the sea.

Finding yourself being a witness of an airplane crash in a dream means that you should single-handedly complete your tasks or projects without relying much on others because their help will most likely be counterproductive. The sea in this dream is most likely a reflection of you being overwhelmed by the number or complexity of tasks or projects you have been working on recently.

Being a single pilot of a plane

Envisioning yourself as the solo pilot of a plane, such as a commercial plane or a small jet aircraft, is a particularly auspicious dream symbol of your head-spinning success especially when it comes to the opposite sex. Your natural charm and humor may have developed slowly over the years and the members of opposite sex are starting to take notice. Your confidence and self-assured nature may also be key characteristics that make men or women take notice. As such, being a single pilot speaks to your strong sense of self.

Flying in a plane

Flying in a plane during the course of a dream vision, whether you were on a business trip or heading toward an island getaway, is often considered a reflection of some bad habit plaguing the dreamer. This symbol in particular tends to suggest that the dreamer is unconsciously ignoring important smaller moments in their daily life because they are so focused on pursuing some future goal. For instance, someone hellbent on being a rising star in their chosen field may miss important milestones of their children's growth because they are away from home or always on their phone. The dreamer may end up regretting this in the end if they make no effort to amend their ways.

Missing a plane

Missing a plane, such as because you arrived at the airport late or forgot your passport, is a symbol that suggests you have big dreams but lack the tools to make them a reality. In most situations, it refers to a lack of planning skills, like being unable to determine the steps necessary to put your plans into action. Alternatively, you may be lacking some basic resource, like money, to fund your dreams. It would be a good idea to talk to someone who has skills or experience in these areas to help you get some direction and focus.

An empty plane

Being on board an empty airplane, whether it is a moving plane or at the airport apron, means an onslaught of negativity and disappointments are headed your way. In this type of vision, the dream meaning behind the empty plane has to do with reality falling short of your expectations, usually in relation to your life plans or career path. Alternatively, this can also point to holding a grudge against someone. You are likely disappointed in the person, hence the hostility is slowly bubbling to the surface of your consciousness.

Causing a plane crash

Causing a plane to crash in a dream, maybe by obstructing the plane's radar or causing chaos inside the airplane, is normally an indication of something unexpected happening in your romantic life. Someone could be quietly admiring you at your workplace or even your social circle. This individual may muster enough courage to either make a move on you or confess about their hidden feelings for you. It is up to you whether to reciprocate or politely decline their affection.

A plane on the ground

The dream meaning behind seeing a plane on the ground, such as an airplane standing still on an airport's runway or taxiing yet never taking off, is often associated with submissive or indecisive individuals. You may be surrounded by people who are passively living their lives or letting others decide for them. They are typically the ones who are perfectly content at following other people's orders. Unfortunately, they may also influence your own attitude which may prevent you from doing better and achieving more in your life.

A plane taking off

Watching a plane taking off, either from inside the passenger window or as a spectator outside of the airplane, suggests new and exciting endeavors waiting for you. If you envision yourself as the pilot in this dream scenario, then taking on a new project or responsibility may send you on a nostalgic trip as certain tasks or situations trigger memories of past events and experiences. These recollections could be good or bad, but ultimately it would allow you to reflect back on your younger and more impressionable years.

Crashing a plane

A crashing plane in dreams, such as an airplane that is on fire and hurtling uncontrollably to the ground, is usually a reflection of your insecurities and fears. This is especially true if in this dream you are the pilot desperately trying to steer the airplane that is already out of control. In a way, you may be feeling the same panic and desperation as in the dream vision whenever you are tasked to lead an important project or event. A big part of your low self-esteem is your lack of belief in your qualifications. This attitude could be bringing you down.

Being a pilot of a plane

Dreams of being the pilot of an airplane, such as envisioning yourself inside the cockpit flying through a well-known air travel route, is a subconscious manifestation of your innate confidence in your skills and capabilities. There may have been countless instances when you have been asked to fix complicated problems or issues because of your ability to perform well under pressure. You likely take on responsibilities without hesitation not only because you are self-assured, but also because other people trust in you.

Traveling by plane and being inside a submarine

I was going somewhere by plane and when I finally got there I was under the sea in something like a submarine and when I came out and tell my sisters and friends, they all laughed at me.

The symbolic visions of a traveling by plane and being under the sea surface in the same dream speak of lost opportunities or failed expectations. You could be pursuing something at the moment which you think is worth doing or deserves your time and effort. However, most likely, this endeavor is going leave you flabbergasted and wishing you could have spent time on more productive and rewarding outcomes or experiences. You subconsciously anticipate that people will not be happy with what you set as your goal, this is why you perceived the members of your family laughing at you.

Receiving beads and tickets

In my first dream, a man gave me beads. In the second dream, I was given a flight ticket to travel, I missed the flight and the ticket name was changed to Mr. and Mrs. and it was given back to me.

Beads often represent happy occasions and get-togethers, so receiving beads from someone during the course of a dream usually predicts being invited to a party or having an event thrown in your honor. The second dream further validates the idea of an upcoming party and portends, through receiving the plane ticket, and meeting someone who sweeps you off your feet. However, missing the flight could suggest that there is some impediment to such an outcome, such as a current relationship or a difference in religion, language or personal views.

A plane falling from the sky

Watching a plane falling from the sky, either on fire and about to crash or perhaps doing a nosedive maneuver at tremendous speed, suggests the presence of negative energy in your waking life. The plane could represent your fears of crashing or going on a downward spiral due to the toxic events surrounding you or perhaps a person in your social circle with negative influence. These external factors may be pushing you to get involved in dangerous and destructive activities and you can feel yourself capitulating.

Trying to catch a plane

When you have a dream trying to catch a plane, such as rushing through security or looking for the correct boarding area, it means something is out of place in wake life. In most instances, this esoteric symbol is seen when you are having trouble getting along with someone in reality, like a neighbor or colleague. It is also seen, however, by those whose goals do not actually line up with their talents or current skills. For instance, someone who desires to become a rich influencer on the Internet but does not know how to edit videos or interact well with potential subscribers.

A plane missing the airport

I was on a plane preparing for landing. Suddenly, the plane started to go up as it was flying too low. The pilot somehow started to save the plane from hitting trees, still one wing hit the tree, nothing happened. I jumped off the plane and started running to avoid any explosion from the plane. Finally the plane landed in a small street. Everything was ok. I thought I can collect my bags from the airport as they will take it there. I was also thinking how will they take this plane to the airport.

Your dream could mean that you are experiencing a rather difficult period related to work and are struggling to balance your career and family or social life. While you are working hard to achieve your goals, it could result in exhaustion which is dangerous to your physical health and social relations. This threat is symbolized by the plane almost crashing. However, the notion that the plane did not indeed crash in the end could mean that you would be able to re-prioritize your tasks and become much healthier and happier, capable of separating the important things in your life from those that are less critical.

Looking down from the plane window

Being a passenger on a plane and looking down on the ground from the airplane's passenger window is your subconscious hinting at your tendency to be callous even towards your friends and loved ones. You may often focus on yourself and your own opinions that you care little about the needs of others nor do you pay attention to what they have to say. Unfortunately, refusing to confront this negative aspect of your personality could lead to burned bridges and the permanent dissolution of relationships.

In a fighter jet which is about to crash

Female. I was in a fighter jet, behind the second seat was perhaps 5 or 6 feet of open space. I was harnessed to the ceiling behind the two pilots. They never turned around so I couldn't see their faces. We started out upside down but then the jet flipped and immediately went into a nosedive. I couldn't breathe at first but then a feeling of exhilaration came over me. I didn't feel we were crashing. I woke up and saw yellow and orange ribbons of light trailing across my wall and then out my window.

Dreams containing images of being in a fighter jet or some other fast-flying aircraft reveal your adventurous nature, but also your tendency to get yourself involved in risky or dangerous activities or endeavors. Being unable to breathe in this dream points to some plans or thoughts you have been entertaining in waking life which you think could bring some excitement and thrills if you green-light them and turn them into reality. However, the notion of not being able to see who was steering the plane serves as a warning to carefully consider your options before embarking on things which seem fun at first, but which can quickly become something less desirable, if not disastrous. In a sense, yellow and orange lights you saw after waking up are metaphors for making a stop and planning your next steps in a more careful, rational manner.

A trace in the sky from a plane

Seeing a contrail or a white streak across the sky left by a passing high-altitude plane is often a symbol of a possible heartbreaking loss in your future. This loss could be the passing away of a dear loved one which would leave a gaping hole in your existence. Alternatively, the airplane's trace could also signify the dissipation of romance because your significant other would commit an unforgivable act of infidelity even though you have been doing your best to keep your relationship strong.

Being late for a plane

Running late for a flight, such as running through an airport trying to get to the right terminal or panicking inside a slow-moving car en route to the airport, reveals your innate discomfort about change. At the root of this is probably your great need to be in control, so when you encounter unfamiliar situations or have to adapt to new things and modifications, you become anxious and uptight. While there may be no upcoming change in your life, you still live in fear that your stable and secure lifestyle could be disrupted at any moment.

Recognizing plane passengers

Being on board a plane and seeing other passengers you recognize from real life, seated next to you or as you are walk past them, means you have obligations or responsibilities to them. They could be your colleagues, neighbors, your significant other or family members and relatives. They are likely dependent on you for certain aspects of their life. In addition, if you happen to be the pilot of the airplane, how you fly the plane is a reflection of how you are able to perform your duties and responsibilities.

Flying in a turbulent plane

Envisioning yourself aboard a turbulent plane suggests you are part of a high-stress environment, whether due to toxic workmates, difficult bosses or the demanding nature of the job. This challenging environment may also refer to your home where certain members of the household are not pulling their weight and it falls on you to take up most, if not all, of the household chores. If you do not find a way to resolve these stressors, the ill effects could manifest in your poor health or an unsatisfying work life. Figure out how to improve your situation to alleviate the stress and help you become more productive.

Avoiding crashing a plane

In dreams, being the pilot who narrowly avoids crashing a plane, for example missing a mid-air collision or steering the airplane away from crashing on tall structures or mountainous terrain, means struggling to realize your lofty dreams and ambitions. You have high standards and huge ambitions, yet you may not have the resources, experience or skills to quickly rise to your target stature in your field. As such, it would take a lot of unexpected turns and tremendous obstacles before you get to where you want to be.

Recurring dreams about a plane

Having recurring dreams about a plane, such as seeing an airplane in the sky or repeated visions of boarding a plane, can be interpreted as an ominous sign of approaching danger that could lead to life-threatening situations. Various factors and elements may be falling into place and driving you into risky and dangerous ground. As such, repeating dreams about airplanes, especially if they occur in succession, should not be taken lightly. This means that your subconscious is warning you about avoiding people and places that could place you in jeopardy.

Wanting to buy a plane

Visualizing a desire to purchase a plane, maybe by talking about it in your dream or actually taking concrete steps to buy an airplane, speaks volumes about your hasty decision-making and possibly spendthrift ways. You may have moments when you succumb to thoughts of grandeur without thinking about the practical implications of your wants and desires. As a result, a thoughtless decision could lead to more serious complications which would jeopardize your own future.

A long flight on the plane

Going on a long haul flight in your dream, either a cross-country domestic flight or an overseas airplane flight, usually spells the possibility that you would get stuck in a long, tedious and exhausting project which is either outside your comfort zone or completely uninteresting to you. Your lack of passion and motivation would likely contribute to the slow progress of this endeavor. As such, the flight mirrors your passive participation in this activity and the boredom you would feel during the entire experience.

Ascending while in the plane

Ascending or taking off while you are on board an airplane, such as a regular flight on a commercial plane, is usually a reflection of your routine and everyday responsibilities at home and your work. You could be experiencing burnout or tuning out on some of your tasks and duties because of the predictability of your day-to-day activities or general way of living. The problem is, your performance could suffer if you continue on autopilot, so perhaps a change of pace is necessary to regain your motivation.

Working as a member of a plane crew

Envisioning yourself working as a cabin crew of a commercial airplane, perhaps giving out safety instructions to the passengers or accomplishing in-flight duties while in transit, points to the effort needed to get to your destination or attain the kind of life you want for yourself. This means that you do have the potential to realize your dreams if you remain focused and put in the work needed to be good at your chosen field. Otherwise, laziness and procrastination would only lead to stagnation and a mediocre existence.

Using a plane during traveling

Boarding a plane as your means of transportation while traveling, such as to go on a holiday vacation or going home after a trip, means you have grand plans and ambitions yet you may not have the skill or resources to achieve them. Perhaps you simply do not have the talent nor discipline to rise to the kind of stature you want to reach. It is also possible that the odds are stacked against you, so this could be your mind's way of telling you to find smaller, more achievable goals to at least get yourself closer to your dreams.

Surrounded by planes on the ground

Being surrounded by planes while standing on solid ground, such as an airport runway or a large landing strip, is a very auspicious dream symbol associated with prosperity. This vast place for landing symbolizes luxury and comfort you would enjoy with the wealth you would accumulate from your upcoming success. While the source of your accomplishment is unclear, other symbols you find in the dream scenario could help you identify the areas or industry where fortune would favor you.

A hang-glider as a plane

Hang gliders as dream symbols, such as recreational types of aircraft gliders, are often associated with some sort of turbulence related to your work or your emotions. If you are merely looking at a hang glider, up close or from afar, then you may encounter difficulties or obstacles in completing a job or accomplishing a certain task. On the other hand, flying a hang glider points to mood swings and emotional turmoil which could be due to overwork or a toxic social environment, so your mind is essentially telling you to take a step back and relax.

Plane crash over grandparents' house

Dream of a plane crash on the hill above my grandparents house with fire rushing down the hill towards the house and I start screaming and throwing water around the house, so the fire wouldn't burn the house, but the fire went next door and burn down the house.

This dream contains a lot of negative images. The first major sign is that of the plane crash, which predicts collaborative projects in your life are doomed to fail unless you take the reins and do things yourself. Your team members are probably not sure what to do, and their half-hearted, inexperienced decisions/attempts are not likely to help your work in the long-run. Additionally, both your attempts to stop the fire with water and the burning of the other house predict experiencing material loss. The first of these symbols is associated with financial hardship while the latter is closely linked to burglary and thievery. You may want to be on the look out for suspicious persons hanging around your home or work area.

Flying and shooting planes in the sky

I was in the middle of the sky and everywhere I looked all I seen was sky. Only me and another black man, he was operating an airplane and I was operating a helicopter. I shot down his airplane and my helicopter somehow left, and we were just floating around and he said to me all I wanna know is why and I pushed him back because I was afraid not just of him, but where we were at, it looked as if we were in the middle of the universe because all I could see was the sky all around.

This high-altitude dream reveals your ambitious side. The helicopter represents lofty ideals and extravagance. Flying a helicopter and then shooting down the plane with a stranger inside indicates your drive to get to the next level no matter the cost, even if it means trampling someone else's dream. While this seems like a heartless thing to do, there are also hints of regret and uncertainty in your vision. For instance, after you attack the person's plane and he confronts you about it, you push him out of fear not just of what he can do, but also of the situation you find yourself in. In real life you may be scared of the consequences of your actions and what they reveal about who you are as a person. As you push yourself to attain greater heights, you are fearful of confronting your inner demons or realizing what kind of person you have become. This is not to say that this is already happening, perhaps this is a vision of things to come, or your conscience kicking in as opportunities present themselves to you.

A plane circling above water and crashing

I have had this dream a few times before, say four times total. Anyways, I'm in an airplane. A small one, for 30 people. It's flying in circles, there is reddish orange water below us. Getting closer. There are slight waves, the water is moving. I grab the last parachute. Jump, with a group of 4 people. We land on a small rock island. Watching the airplane crash into dirty, murky water. Everyone dies, most get eaten by crocodiles. I wake up after that. What does it mean? Thanks!

Red is the color of passion and, in your case, could also be a reflection of your temperament. You are likely to be someone with no qualms about taking risks and going on adventures. Unfortunately, the plane crash could be an allusion to your penchant for setting high standards for yourself. Your constant need for stimulation and hunger for achievement may put not only yourself but your loved ones at risk. The crocodile could be a metaphor for your aggressive nature. You may be ignoring the needs and wants of others by forcing your own aspirations on them. Perhaps your subconscious is showing you the negative consequences of your hasty decision-making in order to encourage you to consider the input of others before making a decision.

Inside a crashed plane moving down the street

Witnessed a plane spiraling out of the air, front half of a plane minus wings, windows or tail. After impact there was only smoke rising from trees and an engine rolled down the street gaining momentum. Heavy traffic was then experienced, but it felt as if we were in a plane or ship with a vast open flat floor and at an angle as I had to pull myself toward the front on my belly and we speed "over" the traffic. New $550 shoes seen also. Immediate family there, felt and spoke but not seen.

The first two symbols of this vision, the plane crash and resulting wreckage, are likely the effects of a strenuous period of work or other activity on your psyche and mental health. Both symbols suggest you are working toward a specific goal or purpose on your own. While the amount of time and effort to complete your tasks may be overwhelming, resulting in the imagery of impending doom and catastrophe in this vision, it is likely everything related to the project would go smoothly in the end. However, the traffic after the crash may reveal a shift in your priorities. You may realize how short life is and that spending it constantly working and being busy is not the way to live it. The expensive shoes at the end of your dream suggest your thoughts and feelings about this situation would be met with good news. You could find more time for yourself by getting someone to help or taking a break yourself.

Father purposefully crashing a plane with family

My dad takes me and my entire family on a plane and stars flying really really low across this crystal clear blue water. He then purposely crashes the plane into massive crocodile-invested waters with me and my family on the plane as well as my animals. When I wake up my family are gone and I'm still underwater trying to save the animals. When I get out I find my mum and the rest of my family besides my dad I later in the dream find out he's a murderer and was purposely trying to kill us.

Dreaming that you are flying low may allude to carefully reviewing some aspects of your life. Likely, you are obsessing over past events that embarrassed or upset you, especially because the flight resulted in a crash. Plane crashes in the universe of dreams often appear as the manifestation of dark, suicidal thoughts on the part of the dreamer. While you may not actually be contemplating taking your life, it would be wise to consult others outside of the affairs you are worried about in order to get another perspective. Things are probably not as dire as they seem. Finally, the crocodile infested waters may mean that someone has put these bad thoughts into your head for their personal gain. If you are caught up worrying about minor transgressions in the past, they may be able to get ahead or use your distraction to further their own goals.