Dreams Related To Place

Returning to the same place

Returning to the same place, for example the building or room at the beginning of your dream, means you are repeating the same mistakes. For example, you keep falling in love with bad boys or girls and never learn. Experience tells you that things will not end well, but you still seek out the thrill of trying to fix someone. You will never grow and find the right person if you keep searching for happiness in the wrong places.

Places you used to live

Dreaming of your previous residences usually reveals an ongoing struggle or personal crisis. Places like your childhood home or your first apartment become symbols of nostalgia and a yearning for simpler times. The specific house will hold different memorable moments and this will usually inform what you are currently missing. For instance, if you dream of your first apartment, it could mean you want to regain the feeling of joy in small achievements. Maybe life has gotten too complicated and the vivid imagery in your dreams serves to remind you about your roots.

Not being able to leave a place

Dreams about not being able to leave a place usually refer to a mental block in wake life rather than a physical one. Looking at the items and symbols around you in the dream could provide some insight into what your mind is currently stuck on. For instance, a picture frame might point toward having issues reconciling your idea about the perfect life with what your reality actually looks like. This symbol means you might need to refresh your mind through relaxation or meditation. Alternatively, you may need to seek out assistance to move past what is bothering you in your heart of hearts.

Unable to get somewhere

Dreaming that you are unable to get somewhere, whether it is your house or a vacation destination, signifies your loss of confidence. Your low self-esteem could be a result of multiple rejections or a person who has been gaslighting you. Narcissists often turn the tables around by convincing you that you are to blame even when they are actually the ones responsible for your problems. As a result, you are now prone to second guessing your decisions. Talk to a therapist if it will help you view yourself and your relationships in much more objective way.

Being in different places or scenarios

3 days in last week. First day, I almost had an accident, then I was lying on the road and couldn't move. Then I saw fishes in the sky. Then I was in church. Second day I saw new born baby. Third day I saw shrimps in a bottle with baby shrimps.

As there are three different dreams here, it is almost impossible to come to a conclusion altogether. The first, however, has the most concise and meaningful interpretation. Seeing fish in the sky is symbolic of environmental matters, both positive and negative in nature. This neutral sign is counterbalanced by another vision, namely, your inability to move. This sign suggests going through an internal struggle over which path to choose. Considering the first sign is relevant, this could be related to some project which would be financially beneficial, but could hurt you livelihood. There is no clear conclusion to this dream, but the subsequent dreams both focus on money, as babies portend growing wealth, but shrimp tends to indicate the loss of valuable possessions (shellfish, shelling, etc.). This could represent leaning toward monetary gain at the expense of health and worsening living conditions.

Place you have never been to

Dreaming of being in an unknown place or house represents changes that will happen to your life. This event will center on your career or personal life. However, there is no guarantee whether this change will be favorable or unfavorable. Similarly, to exist in an unfamiliar environment or a country you have never visited reveals facts surrounding your professional life. While a busy and crowded place suggests productive work, a desert signifies that things at work will slow down.

The place of first meeting your ex

I had a dream about my ex. It was about where we first met. I woke up crying.

Dreaming about the good times with an ex usually indicates dissatisfaction with a current relationship. This nostalgic moment could be a projection of your desire to get back together with your ex or that there are lingering feelings for this person. If you are not in a relationship, then perhaps this is an awakening of sorts. You likely miss being in an intimate relationship and your loneliness is very overwhelming at the moment due to the prevailing circumstances.

Non-existent places as a recurring dream

A recurring dream of seeing non-existent places refers to your continuous search for a purpose or meaning in life. More specifically, these places which do not exist in reality symbolize unfinished projects, incomplete concepts or ideas you have not finished developing. This is also a sign of impatience or frustration. You want to break free from your mental block so you can finish the story you are writing, or you want to finally resign from your job so you can focus on building your own business. Unless you find a resolution to this unfinished business, then this dream will continue to recur.

Same place over and over

Finding yourself in the same place again and again is an allusion to falling back into old habits or committing the same mistakes. You probably lack self-awareness and you do not realize that you are creating problems for yourself. In Hinduism, this dream vision of repeatedly returning to the same place means you have not learned your lesson yet, so you are doomed to repeat bad experiences until you confront your own demons and fix yourself.

Places you've never been

Visiting places in the dream realm that you have never been in reality, such as Tokyo, Bangladesh or Zimbabwe, can be considered a prophetic vision according to modern dream interpreters. New cities, countries or locations allude to new opportunities. Where you travel in the dream may give some clues as to the nature of your future. For instance, a tropical location or busy city center may refer to many things going on at once, while a barren desert or a tiny village in winter could point toward things slowing down.

A friend lost in a spacious dwelling

Being in a strange place, very spacious, bumped into an old friend. I called her by her name but then ended in another room and I only heard her echo calling my name back.

Being in a large, spacious room, whether you recognize it or not, is often connected to the idea of being able to fulfill your hopes and dreams, most likely through your efforts. The realization of these goals can lead to lasting happiness, especially if they were related to your work situation or your relationships. However, this happy sign is juxtaposed with the image of your friend who suddenly disappears from view. This means there is someone who may be trying to deceive you, either to disrupt your progress or trick you out of the rewards you justly deserve. It would be wise to continue working hard but to be on the lookout for those who do not have your best interests at heart.

Difficulty returning from an unknown place

I have a recurring dream that entails me being in a different place and trying to get back home. I am frantically trying to gather my things and get to the airport but never make it. I then try to call the airport to see when the next flight is, but don't know the number or cannot dial the number.

Dreaming that you are trying to get on a plane so you can go back home but are ultimately unable to do so portends certain problems that may cause you to lose faith in the people around you. Such trust issues could be a result of being deceived by someone whom you would have considered a friend under normal circumstances. This distrust could become a permanent part of your personality if you let it dominate, which would, in turn, make others less likely to seek your company.

Stuck in places floating on water

I have dreams that are all similar, I'm always trying to find a way to get out whether it be a hotel, hospital, or just any sort of big building, and the building itself is floating on water. I have these dreams often and in the dream, I am under pressure to get out, so I can get ready for work or find someone, but I'm stuck. Like being in a Vegas casino where it's difficult to find the exit doors to get outside. But again, wherever I am, the structure is always on the water.

This vision is highly symbolic of your position in life and, until it is resolved, you are likely to continue having this same dream. Being stuck in a building, whether it is a house, hotel, or office building is a fairly ominous sign which represents growing disappointment in your life. It is usually related to work, a living situation or a consistent activity you perform. Basically, being unable to exit the building suggests that this activity or task does not add value to your life, instead bringing you down little by little each day. The water that surrounds the building is the manifestation of the different opportunities that you could take advantage of if you were able to escape. In this case, then, you subconsciously feel there is no escape from your current cycle. Until you build up the courage to change and make concrete plans to do so, those chances are likely to be forever out of your reach.

Looking for a place to worship

I saw a dream yesterday about a religious place that I am trying to find but couldn't. I kept searching for it. I went to one place, but it wasn't there. Then I went to another place, but it wasn't there. It struck me that it would have been at the same place I previously checked. That is all I say. I did not find that place and the dream ended.

A dream in which you are frantically and relentlessly looking for a place of religious significance could have serious implications for your life. The signs in your dream portend significant changes that may completely shift the way you look at things around you. It is likely that these changes would be religious in nature and may even bring your current faith and beliefs into question.

Remembering unfamiliar places

Dreaming of memories of places I have never been to, but know exactly where everything is.

Dreaming of places you have never visited in reality means something big is about to happen. This huge change would take you out of your normal routine. You could soon be traveling to a faraway place, changing your career path or moving to a new country. The good news is that you would thrive in this new experience or environment. Knowing your way around these strangely familiar places refers to you uncanny adaptability and resourcefulness. You would make friends easily and flourish no matter where you end up.

The same unknown place

According to dream experts, a recurring dream of revisiting an unknown place is a sign that you will soon experience changes in your life. These changes will greatly affect your mentality in facing the uncertainties of the real world. Furthermore, this vision also suggests that you are looking for an escape from reality after a recent event that might have taken a toll on your mental state.