Dreams Related To Pig

A dead pig

Dreaming about stumbling over a dead pig or of seeing a dead pig lying on the ground often is a negatively charged symbol. It could portend the appearance of problems and difficulties. You could have a hard time trying to resolve, surpass or overcome these obstacles.

Pigs being tortured

It was a sunny day and I was on a walk. I came upon pigs screaming and ran towards a fenced-in yard to find a man carving up pigs' bellies and stuffing things inside them. The pigs were still alive and in a lot of pain. I ran to help the pigs and the man ran off. As I fell to my knees to help the pigs, I could feel all their pain as if I was them. Every time I touched them to try to help stop the bleeding, I felt what they felt. My hands on them. They were screaming in pain and I was crying.

Witnessing pigs being butchered or cut up in your dream suggests enlightenment which is consistent with the sunny day when this happened. A sunny day symbolizes clarity and happiness, so this vision actually conveys positive interpretation, especially when it comes to self-improvement. Specifically, the clarity will be about your own transgressions or mistakes. If you have committed wrongful actions against friends or colleagues, then this dream vision points to the realization of the consequences of your bad behavior and a desire to make amends. Those stuffings being placed inside the pigs are evidence of your inappropriate attitude. It may be hard for you to accept and take responsibility for your personal conduct, but in the end this will make you feel better about yourself and learn how to treat others better.

Being bitten by a pig

A pig head was trapped in a container and when I put my leg in, the pig tried to bite me, but I was struggling to bring my leg out for the pig not to bite me, but the pig finally bit me.

When you dream about trying to evade or escape from an animal attacking you, such as the pig you envisioned in your dream, it could mean you are currently facing an internal struggle with your innermost instincts or uncontrollable desires which could expose you to situations that can become potentially harmful to you. In that sense, the dream can actually act as a warning for you to take some precautionary measures and adjust your behavior or motivations before you subject yourself to unnecessary risk or things get completely out of control.

Killing a pig

Dreaming about the slaughter of a pig for the purposes of consumption as food could be a positive sign. It could symbolize current or forthcoming profitable and advantageous business transactions. Their outcome might substantially increase your income and financial or material possessions.

Trying to save a pig

A man caught a pig and the pig was trying to run away but it could not because of the rope around its head. It came to me also but I couldn't help. At last I saw myself trying to get some water for the pig to drink.

Pigs in dreams tend to represent selfish tendencies, gluttony and general ignorance, so watching someone else catch and tie up the pig may reveal others in your life who express such traits. Perhaps this dream is referring to a loved one or a friend you have in reality. Your attempts to release the pig could reflect your efforts to educate this individual on the error of their ways. However, getting water means you are attempting to control the uncontrollable, meaning your efforts, while well meant, are misguided and ultimately useless.

Several pigs

Dreaming about seeing several pigs together usually is a warning. It is possible that you could be about to gain an undesired infamous reputation. This fame would be the result of your own actions. That is, you could be about to adopt a wrong or inappropriate attitude or conduct, one which would cost you other people’s respect.

Having a pig for a pet

Dreaming that you happened to have a pig as a pet could be an extremely positive sign. It could foretell upcoming feelings of utter happiness, joy and self-fulfilment in regards to your overall life. That is, you would be very satisfied with the way things were turning out for you.

A woman who turned into a pig

A beautiful woman living in a forest with a bunch of other people, not Indian. Woman sings a song which attracts everyone to her. One man walks up to her and kisses her passionately, he then bends down to the ground and picks up some mud in his fingers and applies it to her nose. Her nose then turns into a pig's nose. A minute later she turns into a full pig. She then scampers into the forest and they are all laughing. Years later hunters are in the forest and they see the pig and kill it.

This vision contains a very serious warning that should be heeded with great caution. Both the beautiful woman and her magnetic song represent the current and past joys you have experienced in your life. You may have had time recently to reflect on past blessings, or perhaps you are in a particularly happy period of time of your life. However, the vivid imagery of the man kissing the woman suddenly reveals that some truly unfortunate series of events is about to take place. You may lose your job, witness the passing of a loved one or find yourself in the middle of a major conflict. Watching the woman turn into a pig and later be killed alludes to realizing that your luck could not hold out forever. You would have to rely on your skills and wits to get through this period.

Protecting a white pig

I am male. I had a dream that I was protecting a little white pig. Everyone in the world was trying to kill it and I was trying to save it. I even killed people who tried to hurt my pig.

White pigs are normally considered harbingers of death and tragedy. Seeing one in a dream vision often means someone close to you would either pass away or go through something like a near death experience. Defending the pig to the point of killing someone does not mean you are supporting this death, rather, it points toward the aggression that this situation would spark in you. In essence, you would feel so angry, hurt or scared that you would lash out at others in an attempt to hide the pain you feel. Perhaps your subconscious is warning you to consider how your reactions affect others or warn you how reacting badly could make things worse in such a difficult, trying time.

A white pig

Dreaming about a white pig, including an albino, is an ominous sign. Namely, it foretells death. For example, it could be that someone would die or go through a near-death experience. This situation could involve a member of your immediate family or someone with whom you have a very intimate or close relationship.

Petting a pig

Dreaming about petting a pig could represent some nasty personality habit. For example, you could have a tendency for excessive flattery and adulation. You would constantly use this strategy for the purpose of achieving your goals or succeeding with your plans.

Feeding a pig

Dreaming about feeding a pig could be a symbol for your saving efforts. For example, it could translate your current or upcoming thrifty nature. It could also reflect on your current or upcoming conscious and practical attempts to secure a better material future for yourself and those who depend on you.

A pig with piglets

Dreaming about observing a pig alongside its offspring could be a favorable sign. You could soon see your finances, material possessions or income increased. You could also become better at generating profit.

A black pig

Dreaming about observing a black pig could represent forthcoming health issues. Namely, your health or the health of someone who is very close to you could be about to go through a challenging period. One of you could become or sick or sicker in the near future.

Meaning of pig symbols and what does it mean to dream of pigs

A pig turning into a human

Dreaming about a pig that turns into a human being could represent forthcoming dealings with hierarchically superior people. You could soon become involved in a situation that you would feel you are unable to solve by yourself. You would then turn to seek help and support provided by authority institutions such as government agencies or services.

A pig in your house

Dreaming of seeing a pig inside your house is a representation of good health. That is, you are or could be soon enjoying the benefits of having an overall good health condition. Alternatively, you would quickly recover from any upcoming ailment or health-related issues.

A pig scratching against a pole

Dreaming about a pig which is scratching its sides or rear against a pole often is a negative sign. It could translate impending quarrels, confrontational arguments or conflicts. These divergences could involve acquaintances or individuals with whom you communicate or deal with on a daily basis.

A pig for unmarried women

For an unmarried single woman, dreaming about a pig could translate the possibility of marriage. You could be about to marry in the near future. This specially applies if you are certain that the pig in your dream was of the masculine gender.

A filthy pig

Dreaming about seeing a filthy pig could be a negative symbol. In particular, one of your close relationships could be lacking true mutual respect and purity. That is, you could start feeling you are not being respected or treated with sufficient courtesy. You could also go through situations filled with rude, neglectful and offensive behaviors. These actions would be performed by your romantic partner or someone who is very close to you.

You could feel neglected and disrespected regardless of the actual opinion you hold about your relationship and your lover’s actual actions. That is, it could simply be a matter of expectations. You would ideally expect your partner to treat you in a certain way and feel that his or her actions were below your ideal relationship expectations.

A pig from afar

Dreaming that you observe a pig from a distance often translates an emotionally positive experience or event. Namely, you could soon go through a prosperous, successful and favorable period. During that period, you would become able to secure your future from a professional, economic or perhaps personal relationship viewpoint.

A wild pig

Dreaming about seeing a wild pig could bear negative connotations. Namely, you could be about to be hurt, degraded or humiliated by the behaviors of ill-intended individuals. That is, you could soon be the targeted by other people’s intentional disrespect and misconduct.

A pig covered in mud

Dreaming about looking at a pig which is covered in mud from head to tail often symbolizes the appearance of rumors. You could become involved in sensitive situations due to what is being said and done about you behind your back. That is, there could soon be rumors about you which could raise questions about your conduct. Your fame or reputation might be negatively affected and you could lose people’s trust and recognition.

Surrounded by many pigs

Dreaming about being around or surrounded by a great number of pigs can translate forthcoming undesirable encounters. Namely, you could be about to have to unwillingly hang out with people whom you dislike and try to avoid. However, these meeting would be a necessary step towards the accomplishment of important dealings or endeavors.

A healthy and well-fed pig

Dreams involving a healthy-looking and well-fed pig could be a favorable sign. There could soon be some beneficial and profitable changes in regards to your business or venture. There could also soon be some new networking opportunities. These might generate promising business relationships or lucrative contracts with additional profits.

A squealing pig

Dreaming about listening to a squealing pig could represent forthcoming negative news. Namely, you could expect the arrival of some unpleasant or disappointing news. This news might be originating from your friends, acquaintances or relatives who currently live in some distant place.

A pig with a crown on its head

Dreaming about seeing a pig wearing a crown on its head often is a negatively charged symbol. Namely, it could suggest that you would be involved in arguments and conflicts with your work supervisors or superiors. Such existing or forthcoming divergences would not end. Rather, these would keep on getting worse and more difficult to resolve. You could be left with nothing but the ultimate solution, such as changing professions or occupations. This change could further imply leaving behind someone with whom you currently have a close relationship or friendship.

A pig running to you

Dreaming about a pig running towards you or trying to get inside your property, such as your house or backyard, could speak of perceptive impressions. Namely, it is possible that those around you have a negative opinion about your character. They could think that you are unreliable, inconsiderate of others or pretentious.

A dying pig

Dreaming about seeing a pig dying or in agony often is a symbol of unhappiness. You could soon go through a period filled with negative emotions and experiences such as sadness, despair, devastation and misery. This extremely negative situation could have its origins in some present circumstances. That is, your current situation could be about to have a negative and aggravating evolution.

Riding on a pig

Dream about riding on a pig could be a symbol for oddness and weirdness. You could be about to dedicate yourself for a while to the performance of some unusual or eccentric tasks or occupations

The odd tasks in which you may find yourself being involved in could be the source of great joy and satisfaction. However, you could simultaneously be filled with self-doubts about the reasons and motivations behind your participation. That is, your involvement would not come lightly to you.

Pig rolling in filth

Dreaming about observing a pig rolling in filth could indicate the existence of relationship problems. Namely, your relationship with close family members or relatives could be precarious and unsatisfactory. Moreover, your future involvement with them could prove itself to be very conflictual and difficult. Disagreements and misunderstandings would prevail.

Selling a pig

Dreaming that you are selling a pig to other people could represent some forthcoming new acquisition or ownership. You could soon get hold of something you have always wanted. However, to successfully acquire the ownership of that thing, you would need to invest a great amount of personal time, effort and attention to detail.

Running into a pig

Dreaming about running into a pig or about unexpectedly coming across a pig often are symbols of misfortune. That is, it is possible that you could soon experience some unfortunate events or go through a period of bad luck, failure and disappointment.

Pigs in a garden

I recently had a dream that I had a beautiful corn garden and two pigs, one is big and the other is small. I took them out of their pen to take a picture of them and the larger pig ate the smaller one. I am female, please help.

Pigs have the unfortunate reputation of being associated with indulgence and negative traits such as greed and selfishness. These associations hold true even in dreams. The corn garden may be a metaphor for your personal wealth or the assets you have amassed from working all these years. Meanwhile, the two pigs likely represent two individuals in your own social circle who you feel are too self-interested and greedy. They may be putting your finances in disarray as they keep on feeding their extravagances. In that sense, it would appear that the bigger pig serves as the bad influence for the smaller pig. It may be in your best interest to ensure that a loved one does not succumb to the excesses of the individual whom they may hold in high esteem. Perhaps it is up to you to guide him or her in finding better role models.

An undernourished pig

Dreaming of seeing or encountering an undernourished or unhealthy pig could be a negative sign. There could be some forthcoming professional or financial disappointments. Alternatively, there could soon be some arguments, misunderstandings or conflicts between you and your co-workers, or between you and your children.

A small and filthy pig

Dreaming about seeing a small, piglet-sized and filthy pig could translate the existence of low-level concerns. You could soon become preoccupied with some basic activities. You would be focused on satisfying some of your more instinctive necessities and desires. However, in the process of attempting to find satisfaction, you could disregard the feelings of others. The lack of consideration could even be taken as an offense.

A pig sitting in a chair

Dreaming about observing a pig reclined in a chair could be symbolic of negative or unpleasant circumstances. There could soon be arguments, conflicts and misunderstandings between you and someone who is close to you. Alternatively, this person could soon betray or deceive you, proving to be unworthy of the trust and confidence you have awarded them with.

A pig running away

Dreaming about seeing a pig willingly or fearfully run away from you could speak of forthcoming changes. Namely, your domestic life could go through a period of secrecy, truth hiding and deception. However, such dishonest environment would soon come to an end. From then on, the relationships between you and other household members would improve.

Someone riding on a flying pig

I had a dream that a boy was flying on a white pig and he jumped off it and it went into the water.

Dreaming about someone riding on a pig could be a symbol for oddness and weirdness. You could be about to dedicate yourself for a while to the performance of some unusual or eccentric tasks or occupations. You should be careful with these tasks as drqeaming about a fall into water from a high altitude is an indication of negativity entering your life. It portends that you might become entangled in certain circumstances where you might start having money shortage, issues with budgeting or insufficient funds to sustain your life at an adequate level.

Feeding a pig from a gold tray

Dreaming about serving and feeding a pig using a tray made of gold could be a warning sign. In particular, there could be a great mismatch between your investment on a given task or project and its outcomes. That is, you could be wasting a lot of money, time and effort for the accomplishment of a goal which is not worth pursuing, is useless, is destined to fail or would result in nothing but disappointment.

A pig uprooting a tree

Dreaming about observing a pig which is trying to uproot a tree by digging in between its roots often is a negatively charged symbol. It is possible that you could be involved with or working alongside an incompetent or inept person. This person’s actions could be a source of worry and grief, principally given the case of having to collaborate with them. That is, you would be extremely worried about your professional collaborative tasks or any other team endeavors which could involve both of you.

A piglet led by mother pig

Dreaming of a piglet walking confidently behind its mother pig while holding on to the mother's tail with its teeth often is a negative symbol. It could translate the currently developing or upcoming possibility of being defeated, surpassed or outdone by a very sly and driven person. That is, this individual would not play a fair game nor follow the game’s rules. He or she would also put a lot of effort into the accomplishment of their goals and intentions.

This dream could represent a warning sign. Namely, it could reveal to you that your opponents or adversaries would be very powerful and well-organized. They would be constantly undermining your plans and creating obstacles to their successful implementation. Therefore, it would be extremely hard for you to accomplish whatever it is that you seek and to which they oppose. Your odds would definitely be against you.

A pig running around

Dreaming of observing a pig run around in circles or all over the place could be a warning sign. Namely, you should watch your actions and discourse and try to avoid being disrespectful and rude toward other people. This is because you could be about to offend someone or a group of people. You could also be about to inappropriately or inadvertedly share sensitive information. By disclosing it you would lose your strategic position or advantage.

Watching a pig being cut up

Dreaming of observing someone kill and then cut a pig up could be a sign of curiosity. That is, it is possible that you could have a barely satisfiable desire of knowing what the future holds in store for you. You would dedicate a great amount of time and effort to the attempt of determining what could soon happen.

A pig digging into the ground

Dreaming about a pig which is digging into the ground often is a symbol of a forthcoming disappointing encounter. Namely, you could be about to come across a lazy, mean and clinging person. You would have a hard time trying to get rid of this person.

Yourself as a pig

Dreaming that you are a pig could symbolize present of future emotional chaos. That is, you could soon go through an emotionally challenging period. You would have to deal with a series of negative emotions, such as sadness, anger, nervousness and discomfort.

Taming wild pigs and riding them

There were several (6-8) wild pigs. I was with my three new friends trying to control by riding on those uncontrollable, dangerous pigs. I caught one pig by its neck and controlled it and rode on it successfully. In real life, I am 100% vegetarian. Please interpret this dream for me.

There are two main opposing symbols in this dream. The first sign, the wild pigs, indicates becoming the target of other people's cruel words and behavior. Some people whom you once considered friends may turn against you or other people you did not know too well may begin to spread unflattering rumors and gossip. However, this part of your dream is juxtaposed to the image of you successfully riding one of the pigs, which suggests that your true friends and family have your back and would stand by you if called upon to do so.

A pig unbothered while being roasted

A pig being roasted on an open fire but was alive and very indifferent to what was going on. Then it was standing and very much alive, the pig was fat and healthy-looking.

Pigs in dreams are generally associated with filth and greed. As such, seeing a pig being roasted alive in your dream may symbolize your personal transformation. You are likely working on your flaws and shortcomings in your desire to become the best version of yourself. Of course, if in fact your associations with pigs are positive, then the fat and healthy-looking swine may be a representation of your misconception about someone. First impressions are usually not accurate and the vision may be urging you to look beyond the surface before formulating erroneous judgments.

A pig's head

Dreaming about seeing or looking at a pig's head could have a negative meaning. Namely, you could soon be used by someone for their own personal gain. That is, someone could take advantage of you to accomplish their own agenda. This deception would cause you some lasting personal grief.

A pig with bristles

Dreaming about seeing a pig with bristle often is a positively charged symbol. Namely, you could soon receive some unexpected news. Such message would please or benefit you in a very significant or memorable way.

A pig's snout

Dreaming about seeing just the pig's snout or nose, such as sticking out of a pile of dirt, often is a negatively charged symbol. Namely, you could willingly or unwillingly be involved with a project, endeavor or business that stands against your personal beliefs and ethical principles. Alternatively, you could be about to abandon or stop working on your assigned tasks halfway through their completion.

Offers to buy a pig

Dreaming that someone asks you to buy a pig often is a warning sign. Namely, you would benefit from watching your step. Some careful attention could be required to prevent possible upcoming deceptions, betrayals or involvements in fraudulent or criminal actions.

A pig by a feeding pan

Dreaming about a pig which is eating out of a feeding pan could be a gluttony symbol. That is, you could have a tendency to overeat. Moreover, you might have unsuitable eating habits, characterized by filthiness and rudeness. This lack of social skills could also affect other areas of your social life.

A pigs' sty

Dreaming about observing yourself inside a pigs’ sty often translates forthcoming quarrels and conflicts. This would be the meaning of the dream whether the sty was empty ot with pigs present. These arguments and disputes could occur between you and your romantic partner. Alternatively, the dream can symbolize excessive tiredness, stress and exhaustion. Such emotional state would be a consequence of existing duties and responsibilities.

Refusing to eat a stolen pig

I and my mother were walking on a road and saw a little pig (not a baby pig). I helped my mum take it (steal) from a man and then she sent it to someone to kill it. Later, I saw myself sitting at a table with my relatives where the pig was being served as food. I felt guilty and didn't want to eat the pig, I started crying and couldn't help, but think of never having to eat meat ever again. Guilt was mostly coming from my love of animals and they're being cute. I wanted to stop them but didn't.

Pigs tend to represent selfishness and gluttony in dream visions, so stealing a pig from someone could be interpreted as the embodiment of or witnessing such characteristics, either your own or someone else's. If you feel that this is the case with you personally, you may feel you are more valuable than your circumstances show, giving you justification for behaviour and actions that would, in your eyes, lift you above those around you. Seeing the pig on your dinner table later in the vision could predict that traits such as thievery, gossip or bad behaviour, in general, do not stick to you easily. The guilt you feel in the dream vision is much the same as you would feel in wake life, meaning that while you may be tempted to take advantage of certain situations in life for your benefit, your moral and ethical standards would never allow you to proceed.

Having a pig's face

My face was human but like a pig's, two nostrils extra on my face and I was pleading to GOD to forgive me and not let me look like that.

Pigs represent greed and selfish motives, so envisioning that your face resembles a pig suggests the presence of worldly temptations in your midst. Your values could be tested in exchange for wealth or acclaim, yet your conscience would keep you from fully enjoying the results of your actions if you gave in or even keep you from taking up such appealing opportunities in the first place. Alternatively, this could be an internal battle about something you thought you understood already. Maybe you are beginning to doubt or question some long-held beliefs and feel conflicted about the transformation within you.

Pig's blood

I saw a pig running wild and its mouth was cut by someone and later it was beheaded and the blood splashed on the man's face.

Dreaming of a pig being slaughtered is typically a positive sign, especially if it is to be eaten at a feast or a dinner. It may symbolize profitable ventures or successful business transactions. Specifically, the beheading of a pig can mean overcoming greed and hedonism. You may become more disciplined and responsible when it comes to your finances. The pig's blood may also represent a certain sacrifice. Perhaps in order to achieve stability in your life, you need to give up a few luxuries or rein in your spending habits.