Dreams Related To Piercing

Nose piercing

The nose is often associated with the sense of smell and the ability to discern a direction or a course of action and evaluate situations and people based on sense of intuition. Envisioning yourself wearing a nose ring in a dream may symbolize a desire to stand out or be noticed, or it may represent a desire for self-expression or self-improvement. Alternatively, it may be a symbol of fortunate transformation or a special change in perspective.

Being attracted to someone with piercing

I had a dream that a couple guys (never met them before except one of them that goes to my school). Only one of them stood out to me, he had a lip ring. For some reason they were all in my room? Anyways, it switches to them all leaving and then I go up to the guy's car and ask for his number. I've never seen him before. I know because I would remember someone as handsome as that.

This is not a very promising symbol to see in a dream when unfamiliar men enter your premises. You could face a situation when you could become a center of some scandalous, if not life-threatening situation soon. You tend to look for or be around men who seem to be successful, rich or better off compared to your usual entourage, but you could be walking a thin line between trying to impress someone and enduring the backfire caused by the person or people you find attractive or worth your time. Your dream is telling you to step back and re-evaluate existing or evolving events, especially when the intimacy is concerned.