Dreams Related To Picture

Going through old pictures

Going through old photographs and pictures during the course of a dream vision represents much the same as it does in reality. It means you have a subconscious desire to relive the good old days before life got complicated and busy. Rather than looking at physical photos, however, you may find it easier to scroll through camera memory cards on your hard drive or browse old photos on Facebook and MySpace.

Pictures on wall

Seeing pictures hanging on the wall in the dream realm indicates the subconscious messages your mind is sending you about your relationships. The joy and pleasure you feel while observing this painting or photograph reflect the love and happiness you seek in your personal life. Your subconscious is trying to send you a reminder about the importance of nurturing and cherishing the important associations in your life. Overall, this dream symbolizes a desire to find meaning and purpose in your social connections and to find satisfaction and contentment in getting to know more about people who surround you.

Someone taking your pictures

Having your picture taken in a dream holds two possible interpretations depending on your current situation in the real world. While this signals that you are self-aware of your discontentment in real life that centers on your current situation or profession, this vision also conveys that you could soon receive some news from your partner or the person you like. This might be a good or a bad one, so it is better to prepare yourself nonetheless.

Taking pictures of a guy

Taking pictures of a guy, whether he is someone you know or a stranger, is an omen for some memories that you are holding onto. This might be because these are happy memories you treasure with a former lover or friends that you have not seen in a long time. On the flip side, this indicates a warning signal of some actions that others might take against you out of envy. However, you would be fortunate, for these will not have a significant impact on your life.

Hanging pictures

Freudian sources suggest that the act of hanging pictures in the dream realm can directly reflect the processing of emotions and memories in REM sleep. In a sense, the picture is the encapsulated manifestation of your recent experiences in wake life. For instance, if you hung up a picture of your family, you may be subconsciously dealing with emotions related to an event in the near past, like a birthday, wedding or funeral. If you could not see a particular image in the frames, it simply means you are processing the more general aspects of your day to day life rather than a particularly memorable situation.

Family pictures as flashbacks

I've been dreaming that pictures of my family coming at my face, it was like past memories.

To see images resembling old family pictures in a dream is an indication that you might need to invest more time in your family matters. This is perhaps because there are negative energies present inside your family circle that demand you to shift your priorities to tend more to the people who are closest to you than anyone else and whose needs require much more attention at the moment than anything else that is going on in your life.

Nonexistent pictures with a friend

Seeing nonexistent pictures of me with a friend.

A dream in which you are looking through pictures that do not exist in real life and which include your friend is a sign of things that could make you reminisce. Something or someone may bring up memories of your past experiences. Whether good or bad memories remain unclear, however. These recollections may involve your close friends and family and could prompt you to try and reconnect with important aspects of your recent or distant past.

A framed picture attacking

I'm in a small, run-down apartment with my ex best friend. She disappears and this picture in a frame shoots out at me, I jump, so it doesn't hit me and it turns and comes back, this happens a third time only when I jump I turn upside down and am staring at the photo from mid-air just screaming.

Being inside an apartment that is old and falling apart is a highly negative symbol associated with unfortunate situations developing in wake life. This is likely related to the resurgence of your ex-best friend, suggesting a conflict with her arising in the near future. The picture which shoots towards you perceived in this dream as a direct attack represents your past coming back to haunt you, probably in the form of information or ideas you shared with this friend in the past. She may use this information against you, spreading rumors or gossip which could leave you vulnerable and unprotected in the presence of others.

Asking for a picture from a religious friend

I had a dream that when I came out of my house, I met a church friend who is very spiritual and I demanded my picture from him. He entered his house to bring me my picture. I woke up from my sleep.

Your dream is associated with your religious beliefs and faith in a higher being. When you asked for a picture from your friend from church, you were asking about certain truths and wisdom about life that religion imparts to others. As such, when the friend went inside to bring a picture of you, it means that you have to discover these things for yourself. You need to dig deep and find your purpose in the world.

Receiving a family picture from past lover

In my dream, it was like I was receiving a family picture of a girl whom I used to like (we had sort of mutual feelings back then). The family consisted of her both the grandmothers and her younger sister. The picture was sent by that girl through WhatsApp.

Getting an old picture of someone you used to like is a reflection of your unconscious mind's desire to go back to simpler times. In many cases, this refers to wanting to relive the good old days or just spend some time reminiscing rather than worrying about work, taxes, bills, health crises, etc. Receiving the picture through social media may suggest that you have been devoting some time to looking up or checking out some people from your past, like old friends, past love interests and even bullies. While it is definitely fine to be curious about where people are at these days, remember not to compare yourself to them. You are on your own special path.

Picture of a deceased person

Dreaming of a picture of a deceased person carries a significant emotional weight. This symbol often triggers a mix of memories, grief, and longing. Your subconscious may be reflecting on the past, suggesting unresolved emotions or a need for closure. This dream could signify your connection to the person's memory or an aspect of their influence still present in your life. It is a poignant reminder of the complexities of loss and the enduring impact of those who have passed. Embrace this dream as an opportunity to explore your feelings, gain insights into your emotions, and find ways to honor their memory while moving forward.