Dreams Related To Photo

A photo in general

Pictures and photos, as general dream symbols, are seen as a kind of snapshot into the dreamer's subconscious. These symbols tend to reveal biases and stereotypes that the dreamer believes in. They can also shed light on habits and other personal tendencies. Depending on the image seen in the photo, it could even show sexual fantasies and desires that the dreamers themself have not admitted to. As this symbol is so variable, it should be carefully interpreted based on the other symbols present and the dreamer's situation in reality.

Taking your photo to a psychic

Taking a selfie or another photo of yourself to a psychic in the realm of dreams points toward a tendency to be overly trusting or gullible in reality. You may spill your secrets too early in your relationship with someone, when you are still unsure whether or not they are a reliable or loyal friend. Some of those you are sharing with may not have your best interests at heart and are more than willing to use what they know against you if the price is right.

Browsing through photos

Browsing through photos at some point during a dream vision can be interpreted as a sign that you would soon encounter someone very unique or with an innate special quality. This individual's personality quirks might take you by surprise when you first learn of them, but they are sure to add depth and richness to your life. If the details in the printed photos were not entirely clear or visible, you may not learn of your companion's special gifts until after being in their acquaintance for a long time.

Another possible interpretation of this dream symbol points toward the possibility of contracting a contagious disease, either through direct or indirect contact with an infected individual. You should take extra precautions to safeguard your health, especially if you see this vision around flu season.

Processing photos

Dreaming of processing photos, whether digitally or inside a darkroom, portends upcoming issues and heartbreaks. The heartbreak or impending disappointment does not have to be romantic, you could experience a falling out with a good friend because of betrayal or finding out that their friendly gestures have been insincere all along. As such, the processing of photos represents the eventual shift in your relationship and perhaps it would mean the end of your friendship. For better or worse, you would learn valuable lessons during this process.

Posing for a photo

The act of posing for a photo being taken, in the context of a dream vision, predicts your behavior, words, actions or even presence may somehow cause great trouble or conflict for others in reality. Whether it is simply a case of being somewhere at the wrong time or reacting poorly to someone else's actions, you could cause some serious drama or difficulty soon. It may be wise to keep your emotions in check for the time being to avoid any unnecessary outbursts.

Posing for the camera and enjoying the experience is often thought to be a reflection of the dreamer's personality, namely that you enjoy being the center of attention. You probably like when others listen to what you say and shower you with affection and gifts. On the other hand, feeling uncomfortable under the spotlight may indicate a tendency to be a loner and a desire to be left alone. You probably avoid the public eye as much as possible, only showing up to events when it is absolutely necessary.

A photo of someone you know

Seeing a photo of someone you know in a dream, particularly someone you do not see often in reality, suggests a subconscious concern or wondering about their well-being. Because you have not talked in some time, it is possible you wish to get together with them and help them in any way you can. If you do see the person in question fairly often, you probably suspect there is some aspect of their situation they are hiding from you, whether it is out of embarrassment or a desire not to cause you unease.

Taking a photo for young females

For single, young females, dreaming about taking a photo, like a selfie or taking a picture of a landscape while you are on vacation, means you may uncover unpleasant secrets or disappointing information about your significant other or your crush. This bit of information could completely change your impression of this person and it would consequently alter your current relationship. So maybe you and your partner may decide to part ways or you may completely be turned off and become disillusioned about your crush.

Printing photos

The act of printing a photo or multiple photos is thought to represent your personal wrongdoings coming to light. This means that while your original crimes against someone were unrecognized, new facts are likely to be found that implicate you beyond a shadow of a doubt. If you have since become close to or friends with the person or persons you aimed to hurt, they would be extremely disturbed by this revelation. You are likely to lose more than your originally intended target should this happen.

A photo for unmarried

For those who are unmarried or not in a committed relationship, photos tend to warn that your recent or future romantic interludes may be discovered by someone close to you, usually a family member. While you may have had the best intentions to keep things quiet for awhile, this relative would suddenly bring your private affairs into the spotlight, possibly leading to embarrassment and misunderstanding. If you are determined to keep things under wraps, you may want to be extra cautious, avoiding places other family members or their friends frequent. However, it may be better just to get everything out in the open, so no one is hurt or surprised by a sudden, ill-timed announcement.

Explicit photos of you seen by others

Having a dream that centers around the theme of having explicit photos of yourself seen by others may reveal that you are subconsciously worried that your secrets are about to be discovered. Perhaps you carry a few well-guarded private affairs that you would rather have not become common knowledge. Alternatively, you may be juggling a whole secret life behind the backs of your loved ones, including perhaps your parents, spouse or children. This vision is a reflection of the shock and embarrassment you would feel if such information was to come to light.

A photo of a loved one

The presence of a loved one's photo, perhaps a framed photo of your significant other, a parent or any individual who means a lot to you, reveals your desire to make things better with the person in the photo. If things are not okay between the two of you right now, then you may be contemplating on taking concrete steps to fix the problem. Alternatively, if everything is going well, then you may be thinking about improving your relationship or forging a stronger bond, be it romantic or more professional in nature.

Photos in a bag

Pulling out photos from a bag.

Dreaming about taking photographs out of a bag signifies your desire to visit old friends, family members or relatives. But it could also represent vanity or superficial pursuits which characterizes your waking life recently or for a long time now.

Receiving a photo from someone you like

Receiving a photo from someone you like, regardless of the scenario or subject the picture may contain in your dream, refers to this person's selfish motives especially if you are friends in reality. The object of your affection may just be using your feelings for their own gain, perhaps by asking for favors or using you to make them feel better about themselves. This attention you are receiving from this person would likely end when they no longer stand to gain from your relationship, leaving you to pick up the pieces and nursing emotional wounds.

A photo for married

In the dream, you could be looking intently at the photo in your hand or staring at a framed photo on a desk or hanging on the wall. For married dreamers, this photo symbolizes the revelation of some news of secret about the person or people depicted in the picture. This could potentially be something embarrassing or it would put them in a bad light to the extent that it could ruin their reputation if it lands in the wrong hands. What you decide to do with this information would significantly affect your relationship with them.

Photos on film

Inspecting photos or images on a film, such as envisioning yourself in a darkroom looking at a film negative before printing the photos, suggests positive developments in your current task or project. You may have been experiencing a slow period or backed in a corner on a difficult project, but this vision means you finally get some headway into completing it. Alternatively, this could also mean that you would soon meet up with or reconnect with the person or persons in the film negative you are looking at in the dream.

A photo of yourself

Holding or seeing a photo of yourself, like a selfie, a proper portrait or an image of yourself taken by someone else, means you are about to find out something about your romantic partner or spouse. Your significant other would most likely be the one to tell you about this new information likely related to their true feelings about you. This dream symbol could either point to an encouraging revelation from your partner or a disheartening one. Perhaps other symbols in the vision would help you uncover the tone of this confession.

A photo moving

Images or photos that are moving, like a video recording of a moment or a series of photos made into a GIF, suggest trials and tribulations ahead of you. The details of the moving image in the vision likely provide hints about whether these trials are insurmountable or relatively easy to overcome. In general, however, this particular dream symbol points to a very negative period which, as the moving image implies, you would likely have to go through repeatedly in the course of your life. Depending on your attitude, it may be for the wealth of lessons you would eventually learn or something traumatic.

Your own old photo

Looking at a photo of yourself from the past in a dream is associated with dissatisfaction in reality, particularly with your circumstances, living situation, relationships, career and personal appearance. While it is possible that only one or two small aspects of your life are less than you want them to be, in most cases this vision is seen in response to great regret and unhappiness over the current situation. Alternatively, this same vision is occasionally seen prior to reconnecting with or running into a friend from the past, especially if their image appeared in the photo with you.

Another possible interpretation for this symbol is relevant to those currently in a romantic relationship, meaning those who are dating, seeing someone or are already married. In this case, looking at an image of yourself suggests you tend to be a bit selfish, putting your wants and needs above those of your partner. This includes intimate and sexual needs as well. Your lack of attention and selfishness may backfire through, causing your significant other to look for love, attention and fulfillment elsewhere.

Tearing someone's photo

The act of tearing up a picture of someone else in the dream world is highly ominous, as it predicts great tragedy and hardship for both this individual and you. In some cases, this vision refers to the sudden disappearance or kidnapping of this loved one and your subsequent inability to ever find or see them again. Other interpretations of this symbol suggest you would do something to put the relationship in great jeopardy, either by having an intimate affair with their significant other or sabotaging their goals.

Unable to find your photo

Being unable to find a specific photo of yourself on the wall or in an album on the shelf is often interpreted as a sign that your way of conducting business is perceived as a bit shady by others. You may need to adopt some more honest, tactful ways of getting the job done, so that others can respect you as a person and not just your results. In both personal and business matters you should carefully think about what you want to accomplish and behave according to those goals for maximum effect.

Looking through wedding photos

i dreamt about looking at the wedding photos of my female former classmate in a camera. I am a lady.

Looking through wedding pictures in a dream is a sign of an unexpected relationship which could start developing between you and a married or engaged person. It would be wise to use caution while in this relationship to avoid creating any problems for the person involved and for yourself. It can also be a warning that you are getting too deep into this relationship with a person who belongs to someone else. This means that you may have to make a decision to either cease the relationship or take reasonable steps to prevent hurting all parties involved.

Own likeness disappearing from a family photo

My cousin had a dream about my sister, mum and me. I was looking down on a pic of me, my sister and my mum... The image of me faded from the picture. She thinks maybe I am feeling distant? Or I find that you are doing things for myself these days? Is something going on with my sister? She seemed very distant as well in the dream.

Traditional dream interpretation sources reveal that looking at a picture of someone important in the dreamer's life means that he or she is seriously concerned about the person in question. You are correct when you point out that your cousin could be sensing some strong signals of growing distance or losing touch between you and other family members. To your cousin, as a side observer, these signs could be much more visible and apparent, possibly because she is not as immersed in more subtle family interactions happening on the inside as much as you, your mom and you sister are, individually and collectively.

Childhood photos upside down

My childhood photos were upside down.

Seeing your childhood photos in a dream vision suggests that you feel overwhelmed due to responsibilities you are holding at the moment. It can be because you are dedicating too much time to work or other projects without seeing real results. The vision that the photos were upside down indicates that your feelings for someone whom you have known from childhood are muddled. You have been longing for a meaningful connection to the people who no longer take part in your life.