Dreams Related To Period

Period blood stain

In Hinduism, menstruation symbolizes purification. Hence, seeing a menstrual stain in the dreamscape is a reminder of your recent transformation. You have probably made a great deal of progress in improving your lifestyle and creating better habits, and your subconscious is encouraging you to stay on this path. Alternatively, men who dream of this symbol can expect any difficulties in their current projects to finally be resolved.

Having periods and a baby

Most of the time I dream that I am having periods. Sometimes I have dreams of a baby.

Dreaming about having periods, especially if this is a recurring dream, means that you are preoccupied with worries and concerns regarding existing or potential issues while you are dating or thinking of starting dating someone. You are most likely placing a great deal of importance on your looks and appearance or the way you act in order to keep your lover attracted to you, satisfied and happy. You could easily become frustrated and disappointed if something does not work the way you wanted it to to make your lover or partner enjoy your presence. Interacting with a baby or simply seeing a baby in a dream can mean that pleasant surprises and fortuitous occurrences are about to occur in your life. This dream vision doesn't specify what exactly, but something unexpectedly good is definitely on your horizon.

Young girls having periods

I was told by two young girls and shown they had just gotten their period.

Dreaming about two young girls who have just become women is symbolic of your tendency to rely chiefly on your emotions to solve problems or negotiate with others. While feelings can be useful in some cases, you may disregard logic when it does not suit your interests, causing conflicts with those you are arguing with. You may want to take a step back from heated confrontations and analyze the whole situation you are in before saying something that does not make sense or is not supported by good reasoning or common sense.

Being on your period

When you dream you are on your menses what does that mean?

To dream that you are menstruating means that you are approaching a period of rest and relaxation in waking life. You would finally be able to let go and release toxic thoughts and negative vibes from your life.

Cleaning someone's period blood

Dreamt of a pregnant woman in my house. She bathes, changes clothes, sending me out. After she went out, I am wiping the blood (menses).

Seeing a pregnant woman in a dream vision is an ominous sign predicting troubles hindering the progress you hope to achieve in wake life. This is especially true of menial, time-consuming tasks that make it impossible to get through your daily schedule smoothly. You may have great difficulty completing a project you are working on or meeting a goal you have set for yourself. This is also supported by the image of her changing her clothes, which is a symbol for letting go. In order to garner desired outcomes, you cannot keep going down the path you are on. Finding a new, better approach toward growth is what is needed to succeed.

Having a period at work

I dreamed I was back at work, saw some old coworkers, friendly to one that we used to clash. Somehow in the dream my period started, I saw blood on the pad and small clot, two women were attending to me, like a nurse, like in a hospital maybe or something. One was smiling, and had very large, white even teeth, brown color lady. Period days have long been over, so it was an odd dream, I wasn't hurting in the dream.

Being back at work is actually a reflection of your current contentment or satisfaction with life. Your present lifestyle may not be lavish, but you are likely comfortable and at ease in your environment. Your old co-workers represent news and gossip. You may not be completely in the loop these days, but staying away from all that may be a good thing. You likely have less negative energy around you and fewer distractions. This is supported by the presence of your period and the woman with white, even teeth. Both of these symbols allude to prosperity and richness in both the literal and figurative senses. You have some good friends you can rely on and a decently fulfilling daily life. In essence, this vision is simply showing you the blessings in your life and perhaps reminding you to be grateful for the comfort and peacefulness you enjoy.