Dreams Related To Perfume

Smelling perfume while on a street

I was driving with my friend but I have never this person met in my waking life. On our way, there was an accident and this very means lady injured people. We went to the scene. Whilst at the scene I took 3 expensive perfumes from her bag. They smelled beautiful. The strange thing is we went there in a car but continued our trip with a group of people on a bus.

Your dream is symbolic of your personal journey. This stranger you are driving with is yet to arrive in your reality, but he or she represents an individual who could become a very close friend or a partner. Accidents in dreams are challenges and setbacks as well as events beyond your control in reality. The mean lady symbolizes powerful entities able to decide the fate of their subordinates. Perhaps you are facing problems with politics at work and the lady is your boss making employees feel miserable. During such challenges, you may be tempted to avenge the powerless by outwitting the powers-that-be at their own game. In doing so, you could end up gaining the admiration of your colleagues and forging lasting friendships.

A deceased grandmother with perfumes

A recently deceased grandmother with soaps and nice smelling perfumes.

The perfume signifies a life-changing event which, in your case, is likely the recent passing of your grandmother. The soap is a metaphor for cleansing and preparing yourself for a fresh start. This can also indicate mourning and the process of moving on. Scent can trigger nostalgic memories, so perhaps this just means you are reminiscing about past events and at the same time you want to live more vividly and get the most out of life because of its fleeting nature.

What does it mean to dream about perfume

Dropping a perfume container

I was playing with a small bottle of perfume and it dropped on my leg and ran out.

Perfume, on its own, is often symbolic of satisfaction with your life or self-confidence. Dropping the perfume and seeing it disappear, then, seems to indicate a lack of self-confidence, at least in regards to one particular aspect of your waking life. This might mean being apprehensive about giving a public speech or worrying about an upcoming test. In either case, you should try to avoid letting your fears get the best of you and focus on what you think are your greatest talents and abilities.

Smelling perfume on mother's grave

I dreamt of smelling odd perfume on my mother's grave who passed away about a year ago.

Dreaming about smelling perfume means that your life has recently undergone some significant changes or personal transformations. Based on the context of this dream, this happened because of your mother's passing. Your subconscious mind is reflecting the image of her burial site because you perceive this place and this event as a turning point in your life.