Dreams Related To Performance

Waiting for a performance to start

I was in an upstairs room. There was a stage across, disjointed from the room, but could be viewed from there. The seats were different kinds of sofas and chairs, that were arranged not facing the stage but sideways. Shabby rugs were thrown over them. I was reserving seats for my family members by just being there. There is one friend who owns a café there and is busy getting the meals ready. Slowly people begin coming in and the seats fill up except for a few of the 40 seats. The performance does not happen, but I am walking outside looking for a rubbish bin to dispose of a brown paper bag.

Seeing furniture in general in a dream is a reflection of existing obstacles and roadblocks in the way of doing things, complications while trying to achieve something important or difficulties related to inability to move forward at this moment in your waking life. Seeing furniture in a dream is also a reflection of the way your perceive the world around you. Images of furniture are reflections of how you structure your world around you, with sacral and everyday symbols, male and female elements, the symbols of the past and the future. The arrangement of furniture in this dream represents structure of the outside world as you see it in your mind as well as relationships and connections in regards to other people present in your existence. The anticipation of the performance you and your family were waiting for is most likely an event or circumstance you and your relatives are anxiously waiting to happen, but there could be a few things which need to be completed before it actually takes place.

Performing in public

Performing in public, such as dancing or singing, means you are reaching your boiling point and this is a reminder for you to learn how to manage your emotions. You typically have a short temper and a tendency to be impatient with others. Unfortunately, not everyone can handle your emotional outbursts and some people will fight back which could lead to disastrous outcomes. The reaction of the audience in your dream will add more meanings and interpretations. For instance, if they clap at the end of the performance, then it means you will be successful in controlling your temper.

Being unappreciated after performance

There was some kind of trapeze that we had to perform for an audience and I was singing and dancing for the audience and friends. I thought I was doing very well, but when I went to bow dramatically, no one clapped. I looked at my sister in the audience and she just said "I didn't like it".

A trapeze carries sexual connotations. Swinging or performing on a trapeze alludes to being sexually adventurous or yearning for a different kind of sexual experience. You could be unsatisfied with your sexual life and seek some variety. On the other hand, the presence of your sister may lend a different interpretation to this dream. A swinging trapeze also refers to being indecisive. The movement of swinging back and forth could be a subconscious reflection of your decision-making in reality. Your sister's disapproval of the dream may be because your tendency to be fickle-minded is causing major opportunities to slip through your hands.