Dreams Related To Penny

Counting pennies

I dreamed of 15 cents. My granddaughter was counting pennies, and I told her to do 3 stacks with 5 in each stack for 15 pennies (cents).

Watching your granddaughter count coins refers to your desire to pass on frugal habits to the younger generation. You are from a time when people spent more time cooking at home and saving rather than constantly buying the newest gadget. The three stacks of five coins have a related meaning according to traditional dream analysis. The three stacks point toward upcoming possibilities for your granddaughter, but the five coins in each stack suggest that these options may upset the family in some way. For instance, she may have the chance to move to a new state or country for school or work, but it would place strain on the family because it would be expensive to sustain those costs or travel to visit her.