Dreams Related To Pencil

A pencil writing by itself

I'm a girl. So, I dreamt that I was in a room, ALONE, I was staring at a whiteboard, solving an equation I suppose, and I was leaning on a table. I had a pencil in my hand, and it never touched the table I was leaning on. But then, I heard a sound on the table like someone was writing on it, and there was a pencil being moved, but no one else was there, and it wrote cuss words like f&"k and what not, and it was pointed at me.

Being alone in a room while trying to solve problems of academic nature points to shyness or insecurity, meaning you may feel hesitant to open up to others even when they seem to be expressing genuine interest in you and your affairs. This likely dampens your ability to communicate both your feelings and your needs which in turn prevents you from establishing deep, lasting connections with others. The pencil moving on its own, then, is your subconscious manifesting your fears, namely that the people you want to get close to do not wish to reciprocate. However, you should probably avoid giving in to your fears and instead work on building a rapport with one or two people at a time.

Pencil drawing

The sight of a drawing created with a pencil in your dream generally indicates a positive interpretation. For one, this dream suggests that you will have a positive encounter that would change your life dramatically. Similarly, this vision also symbolizes creativity and your ability to express your ideas well. This might be a good sign to tap into your hidden potential and discover yourself more.