Dreams Related To Pearls

White pearls

Seeing a feminine figure dressed in a long white dress and wearing white pearls necklace in a dream is generally a positive omen, indicating arrival of good news. Your subconscious is reminding you of the beautiful woman you may have just met and fallen for. The white pearls she is wearing are the symbols of her innocence and elegance. Your perception of her is magnified greatly and you deeply want to further your intimate or casual relationship with her.

Black pearls

I am a female. I have dreamt about black pearls.

Black pearls, when seen in a dream vision, may allude to some dark, evil forces taking root in your life. You may notice an increase in the amount of negative energy surrounding you, either in the form of pessimistic individuals or a general lack of good luck in your own daily activities. This situation could cause some trouble if you are relying on luck for the outcome of something important to you. It would be wise to find out the cause or source of such dark energy and get rid of it before it ruins any future plans.

A ring with pearls

A female. I dreamt that someone gifted me a ring with pearls.

Being gifted with a ring is often symbolic of peace and harmony in close relations. This type of vision is usually seen by those with a partner or lover, but a close friend may also be possible under the right conditions. You may soon see a point of conflict resolved or go through an experience which brings you and this individual closer together than ever before. Furthermore, the pearls on the ring represent success and wealth, suggesting a prosperous and fruitful future for you and this man or woman.

Collecting pearls

Finding and picking out beautiful pearls, whether you are looking in the water or inside a store, is a metaphor for discovering lifelong friends who lift you up. The symbolism of pearls is very clear, alluding to the beauty and grace these individuals would bring to your life. These precious connections would bring you great joy throughout your time together.