Dreams Related To Path

Choosing between two paths

There was these two slides that lead you in the right path if you chose the right things and the wrong path when you didn't. When I went up the right slide, I went back to my 2 friends and a person who I USED to love. I asked one of my friends to leave so I could talk to the other one. I didn't see my old crush until we were done talking. He was writing a story, and I sat in front of him reading it and he let me until he came to one page, and I told him it was okay to let me read it. He dropped his head down, let me read it, his story was about me and him getting married. I held him so tight.

Dreaming about having to choose between two slides could represent two or more different paths or choices that you may currently be faced with in reality. Because one slide is clearly wrong and the other is right, this decision is possibly related to moral values and honesty, although it could be equally associated with signing a contract, entering into a formal arrangement, forming a union between two people or companies, or doing tasks in a certain, predetermined and logical order. Envisioning someone you used to love or care deeply about in the process of writing a story predicts that he may surprise you by doing something sudden and unexpected, and since he allowed you to read his words, it likely means that this action will be related to you or involve both of you and your personal interests.