Dreams Related To Pastor

Pastor telling you something important

Envisioning a pastor talking to you about something important is an omen of an upcoming catastrophe of Biblical proportions. The sea may not turn into blood in the literal sense, but natural calamity or war could turn life as you know it upside down. To hold on to sanity and retain your peace of mind, you may turn to spiritual pursuits or find a cause that will give you purpose. Your faith in humanity will be tested during these trying times.

Talking to your pastor

Talking to your pastor is a prediction of upcoming chaos. This discord could happen in the external world or within yourself. If it refers to chaos in your surroundings, then expect disagreements and heated political discussions to cause more division in your community. For internal turmoil, you will be plagued with indecision and conflicting emotions about your personal problems. The pastor is a metaphor of a wise person who may be able to help you navigate this period of confusion with practical and sound advice.

Meeting with a pastor

Meeting with a pastor is a prediction of bad things to come, but you will be well-prepared for the worst case scenario. You have probably moved closer to your family and trained your mind to be more resilient during stressful times. This prophetic dream also conveys a message of leadership abilities. People may look to you for leadership and guidance when calamity strikes. Your personal trials and struggles have made you good at crisis management.

Pastor forgetting names

I dreamt I was in church after service. My wife and I was speaking with pastor but he didn't remember our names so I told him our names. I am wondering what is the interpretation of this dream.

The church in your dream means you are seeking guidance, enlightenment and spiritual cleansing. This kind of dream vision usually manifests whenever the dreamer is feeling uncertain of the future or there is a sense of helplessness. To gain self-control and purpose, you need to turn to wise elders and mentors to give you some valuable advice. This source of wisdom is embodied by the pastor in your dream. In reality he could be one of your your parents, teachers or counselors. Telling him your name means you need to willingly ask for help. You need to recognize your possible limitations and ask for guidance for this to be effective in transforming your life.

A pastor praying for you

Christian dream interpreters have often considered the image of a pastor praying for or over the dreamer as a fortunate sign and somewhat of a blessing. According to these biblical sources, prayer from a faith leader symbolizes deliverance and a change from unholiness to godliness. The situation in your spiritual life is likely to improve soon, and you would no longer feel guilt, fear or doubt. You would be confident and sure in your beliefs.

Odd behavior of a pastor

There were many people who lie down on the floor and I was visiting the church, but when I get into the house, this pastor looked me in the eyes and prophet me that I will marry another girl, but acting like a boy then I scream because I don't know these people. I was just visiting. Then the pastor said I must take off my clothes and stay with a bra. After that I prayed, then this pastor went like that: "And they beat these ladies with a sjambok."

A church, in the context of this dream, seems to represent some feelings of hopelessness or despair. You are likely going through a dark period in your life characterized by loss, either of a person, material possessions and wealth, or opportunity. This loss has negatively impacted your life, making you wonder what the point of it all is. Pastors are often symbols of having to choose between two courses of action, one good, and one evil. Making the right choice may make all the difference in your future, though you may be tempted to make a bad decision based on your recent experiences. Also, taking off your clothes represents a tendency to get involved in other people's business when you shouldn't do so. This vision may be a warning to focus on yourself and your spiritual well-being so you can be prepared for the challenges ahead.

Pastor standing in blood

I had a dream when my pastor's legs were full of blood as if he was standing in blood.

Dreaming about a religious leader portends being faced with two choices when dealing with a religious or moral issue. Going back and forth weighing the pros and cons is likely to cause feelings of frustration and anxiety, especially because there are some points you agree and disagree with on both sides of the issue. The blood in this dream represents making a choice which disappoints some people you care about, possibly to the point where they do not wish to associate with you anymore. This could be your pastor, or it may also be other people you are close to, like family and friends.

In love with your pastor

Dreaming that you are in love with your pastor reveals your self-righteous nature. You have probably been sheltered all your life, so your view of the world is very limited and naive.To change your perception about social issues, you may soon be placed in a situation which is out of your comfort zone. Involuntarily socializing with people of different nationalities and social backgrounds will help you become more sympathetic about their plight.

Pastor suddenly dying

The sudden death of a pastor refers to a falling out with your mentor. You probably have different views about matters like politics or personal beliefs. You will soon engage in a heated discussion which may end your relationship indefinitely. To remedy this situation, it may help if you train yourself into reading their emotions or behavior. If you find that they are becoming emotional or defensive, then back down. Do not risk years of good relations go to waste because of petty differences.

Pastor asking about vitamins

My dream was about my Pastor asking me about B12 Vitamins and I was at the pharmacy.

Dreaming that someone you know is asking you for a particular kind of medicine while you are inside a pharmacy represents an ill-omen. It portends complications or outright disruptions for a project or activity you are personally involved with. A deal may go wrong, you may end up spending more than necessary or maybe an important trip could end up being cancelled. Try to remain calm and make the best out of any developing situation.

Pastor revealing facts about sister

Good day, kindly interpret, I dreamed I was with my sister at some church and the Lady Pastor had a prophecy on her saying "The wedding ring you are wearing, your marriage is not nice, you are having problems, also you always have miscarriages". And my sister was defensive arguing with Pastor. And in real life it is true, it happened to her life. Please help.

A pastor in a church is often an ominous sign predicting hardship and misfortune. In this vision, the pastor seems to be reminding your sister of all the difficulties she is facing, meaning that you (the creator of this dream) are manifesting your feelings about your sister's situation through this dream. It may be that you are worried about your sister and are trying to find a way to help her through these images. Or, you may be concerned that such troubling times may befall you and are concerned for your health and well-being. In either case, this vision carries no prediction for the future, but should perhaps be a reminder to love and care for your sister as much as she loves and cares for you.

Receiving a dirty mop from a pastor

My pastor was trying to give me the dirtiest mop I ever seen.

A mop is meant for cleaning. As such, the symbolic gesture of your pastor handing you a filthy mop points to your doubts about your faith. Your pastor is supposed to lead you to the righteous path, and yet the instrument for cleansing is itself very much flawed. Your pastor represents any prominent authority figure in the waking world, or someone tasked to impart wisdom and provide guidance. The filthy mop therefore is your blemished view of their advice and the teachings they imbue.

An unwelcome visit from a pastor

To explain the significance: I am not religious and have a rooted disdain for church. This pastor has been in my dreams before. Never met this person before. In this dream he does a pop-up visit and walks into my house without being invited. We are sitting on a couch as my son is reading the Bible to us. The dream ends with him getting up from rain-drenched chair having hundreds of worms and fleas feeding on his head. They leave in a hurry leaving their electronic devices. Much more detail to this dream.

Despite your lack of belief in religion, seeing a pastor pop up in your dreams says a lot about your mental or emotional state at this period in your life. In wake life, people tend to rely on religious leaders for guidance when they are experiencing difficulty and hardship. In dreams these same pastors take on a similar role, suggesting, then, that the dreamer feels disappointed in something or hopeless about a certain situation. However, this is in opposition to the image of the chair, which signifies a desire to be left alone even when you could use the extra help. Finally, the worms and fleas which feed upon the priest tell of your lack of enthusiasm for religious matters. While a priest or pastor may be too far of a stretch, finding a counselor or good friend you can rely on when all hope seems lost could help improve your mood and ability to cope with the challenges life throws your way.

Giving an empty plastic container to the pastor

Dreamt about giving an empty plastic medicine bottle to my pastor.

A dream in which you give your pastor an empty plastic bottle could represent the hard times ahead of you. The empty bottle represents the possibility of falling into hard times financially. The fact that you presented this bottle to your pastor could point to you questioning your faith and beliefs during these trying times.

Pastor killing other people

I am female. I have different dreams about same pastor. First dream, I was with a male friend known to me in dreams only, we were chasing murderers, after getting rid of them this pastor came to us and I realized he murdered a baby, the pastor touched me and I fainted, to wake up I saw myself in my childhood house with a note from this friend saying "I have realized you are the woman I have to marry". I saw bridesmaids coming for me dressed in white. The second dream was that the pastor killed a woman and buried her in a desert.

Envisioning a pastor in the dream world points toward having to make a difficult choice in reality. It is likely that this decision is causing you a lot of anxiety and heartache, probably because you would likely disappoint someone no matter which way you decide to go. The murderers you chased in the first vision suggest you have a strong desire to succeed and that your strong will and ability to mobilize not only yourself but others are some of your core strengths. The second vision where the pastor kills and buries a woman in the desert, however, speaks of overwhelming stress and pressure. Perhaps this pressure is not just coming from those around you but also from your own self. Maybe you expect that you should be able to find a solution that appeals to everyone. While this is an admirable way to think, it may not be possible. Instead, you should focus on how your choice would affect you and those you care about most. Focusing on those most important to you would help alleviate some of your obligation to others and help you justify your decision if others object.

A pastor kissing you

According to Christian interpretations, the image of a pastor or priest kissing you is symbolic of guilt. You likely feel attraction or an emotional attachment to someone you think you should not, leading you to avoid them. This may even be a harbinger of troubles to come if you cannot reconcile your feelings or the situation remains unclear to you.

Pastor laying hands on me

A pastor laying hands on you in the dream realm can symbolize a desire for spiritual guidance and support in your life. This represents your need for completion and fulfillment in your spiritual journey and a desire for a more biblical approach to your faith. According to the evangelist Joshua, the fortune and love that you seek can be found through a deeper connection with God and prayer. In a nutshell, this dream is a reflection of your current situation and your search for answers or resolutions to your desires for a better life.