Dreams Related To Passport

Looking for a passport

My dream was about, l was looking for my passport in my granny's room, but she passed away few years back.

Looking for your passport in a dream means you may be experiencing an identity crisis. Perhaps you are going through a difficult period which has made you lose sight of who you are. The significance of your grandmother's room may lie in your bond with her while she was still alive. It is possible that the part of yourself you are currently grappling with is tied to your past interactions with her. She may have passed certain traits onto you or maybe she imparted valuable lessons and wisdom which helped guide you in making decisions. In that sense, perhaps your mind is telling you to revisit your values and principles to help you navigate challenging, confusing or maybe even critical situations in your waking life.

Having a fake passport

I am a male, I dreamt while at the airport going to board a plane but I had a fake passport with different names but with a face familiar to mine, so I passed the check point.

Being at an airport and about to board a plane in the dream world refers to exciting adventures on the horizon. You may soon be offered a new opportunity or the chance to try something really interesting and different from your day to day existence. However, by trying something new, you may find that you are not the same person you were before. In a sense, by exploring new cities or trying new tasks, you may go through a bit of an identity crisis. This is seen both in the idea of the fake passport and the similar face therein. You may be able to reconcile these differences through self-reflection and meditation, but it would take time to come to terms with the new you.