Dreams Related To Party

A grand party

A party or any other crowded joyful event is a celebration of the social aspect of mankind. Therefore, dreaming of yourself taking part in a grand party is a symbol that could speak of your own social liveliness, which may be more intense recently than it usually is. This also includes virtual communication, as on social media platforms or any other form of digital interaction. Such a dream could be the embodiment of your aptitude to establish new connections easily, yet often fail in nurturing them for a considerable time and form lasting acquaintances. Just like at a party, you may tend to meet new people, have a good time, and then move on to the next joyful crowd.

An enjoyable party

This is an example of a rather straightforward dream, as envisioning yourself amidst a pleasant and joyful party often indicates that you could soon be enjoying the company of kind and lovely people in your waking life. Alternatively, you could soon experience a certain kind of rewarding event or satisfying circumstances. Another common interpretation of such a dream is that you would soon get acquainted with someone new and breathtaking, but this contact may soon develop into the antipode of your initial expectations. For example, you could meet an exciting young man or girl and grow sure of your future friendship, but soon be humiliated by this new person.

A party with unfamiliar people

If you see a dream in which you are amidst a party with strangers or unfamiliar people, beware of your enemies in waking life, as they could be tightening their enclosure around you. This interpretation is especially precise if you experienced an alarming sensation of impending danger in your dream, as your adversaries were most likely intending to seize absolute victory over you. Nonetheless, if the described dream ended in yourself escaping or outwitting your cunning foes, the whole vision may be an indication of your future success in turning their plans into an ultimate fiasco.

Planning a party

Envisioning a dream in which you play a key role in the planning of a party may foretell finding new acquaintances, establishing social connections and alliances which could be extremely beneficial for the achievement of your personal goals and aspirations. Such a dream may depict you in the process of sending invitations to the upcoming gathering, buying the ingredients for the planned meals, decorating the house or designing the means of entertainment for the celebration.

Being invited to a party

Dreaming of receiving an invitation to a party or any other similar social gathering could be a sign that your life is full of people who care about you and would readily support you in a time of need. Regardless of whether this invitation was in a written form, by means of a virtual message or during a casual conversation, it represents the keenness of your immediate surroundings in helping you to overcome life's incidental hardships and roadblocks. Most likely, you have a very compassionate family and reliable, trustworthy friends.

Throwing a party

A dream envisioning yourself playing the role of a party maker, organizing a joyful social event or meet-up, is usually a good omen. Regardless of the reason for this celebration, such a dream may foretell the advent of lucky events, happy experiences, and general prosperity in all aspects of your life. This vision could be the harbinger of approaching success in your recent plans, ideas, work, business or any other kinds of undertakings.

Seeing different people at a party

Female. At a party, helping an old friend do a drug deal, I feel he's mad at me, there are ladders, I don't use them, just see them. Then I'm with co-workers, they need my help, I'm confused, they are usually competent but I help. They seem lost and confused and keep disappearing and reappearing and behave scatterbrained. I see my kid's father, I go to him and apologize for everything that I ever did to hurt him. I lean in to kiss him and he turns into rough wooden board or wall with a face drawn on with a marker.

People needing your help in the dream world actually means you have a lot of supportive and dependable people around you. Specifically, helping your friend with a drug deal symbolizes a great opportunity. Your social connections could help you chase your dreams by introducing you to key people or giving you a platform to help you shine. In this context, the ladders represent your drive and ambitions. You have the skill and the resources to make your dreams come true, so it is up to you to take the necessary steps. Finally, the person's transformation into a wall at the end of the dream means that this person likely yearns for validation and approval from you. Perhaps a much needed heart-to-heart talk is needed to clear the air between the two of you and change your relationship into something constructive rather than destructive.

Focused on one person at a party

As a rule, parties are a social celebration in which people share their interests with each other. Therefore, a dream envisioning yourself focusing solely on one certain person at a crowded party cannot be a good sign. Such a vision is usually a warning that you could soon offend a close person by reveling in your thoughtless attitude and lack of caring for him or her as if you would be ignoring this person during a mutual celebration. If this interpretation would prove to be true in the near future, know that it will be extremely challenging to restore your connection to the state in which it once shone.

An unexpected party

It was my mom's birthday expecting cousins to come by, but an uninvited bunch of happy people (politicians and bureaucrats) from our community coming and having a feasts at my place full pack and a girl stranger trying to get my attention from another room and I remember some of them leaving after having food.. . And one part I remember my cousin girl taking to me.. .And just at that moment I began to think that I am wealthy or something like that :)

Dreaming about attending a big feast or a banquet with a large number of people attending this reception can be indicative of an invitation to a wedding or engagement ceremony which you are about to receive. You may soon be hearing good news about close friends or relatives who are about to tie the knot. You might also have recently been or about to be persuaded to attend some community-based or volunteer activities, which is depicted by the vision of a stranger girl trying to initiate contact or conversation with you in this dream. Overall, this dream indicates some type of festivity or social event waiting to happen in the near future and which you will become part of.

People trying to kill at a party

So it started out as a party and then a group of people were trying to kill me.

This dream could indicate your subconscious fear of or preoccupation with being influenced by people for something you have done or as a result of the way you have conducted yourself either recently or in the past. You could be anticipating that people around you in your waking life are going to go after you or degrade and humiliate you in some way. This would not necessarily be a physical attack or confrontation. The dream is therefore advising to carefully assess whom you deal with on everyday basis in reality. The symbol of attending a party is also an indication of your current position in life when you could be receiving a lot of unnecessary attention from people you really do not want to associate with.

A boring party

A dream in which you are witnessing or being part of a tedious and dull party may speak of a new personal or professional alliance in the near future. This connection would most likely be the outcome of some unanticipated circumstances, actions or events. It is important to know that the said encounter could be extremely beneficial for you under the condition that you manage to show genuine interest and willingness to learn this person or people better, as well as apply the needed efforts to do so.

A never-ending party

Putting a timely and proper end to any undertaking is no less important than starting it. In this light, a dream picturing yourself in the middle of a never-ending party speaks of outstanding difficulties that you may have in socializing with people. Such troubles could result from your personal traits, recent attitude and behavior or just the general fashion in which you tend to establish social connections. For example, it could be shyness or rudeness, failure to respect personal space or excessive and premature familiarity. This interpretation is especially precise if the dream in question is a recurrent one.

A party growing wild

Dreaming of yourself being part of a celebration gradually spinning out of hand, especially if you feel uneasy and vulnerable in the rising mayhem, could be a warning message suggesting to take better care of your health. For example, the vision may consist of a group of inebriated people sparking a fight, an over-excited partier breaking the room's furnishing, or a girl crying after spotting her crush in a dance with someone else. All of these symbols are the collective image of a fun event that gradually resulted in harm and hurt, just like one's bad habit in waking life, which is, therefore, a recommendation to improve your general lifestyle and health. For example, you may consider quitting a certain bad habit or at least limiting it to a reasonable extent.

At a party with friends and a baby

In my dream I'm at a party with my baby's father, my baby and his mistress. She's in the back seat pretending to be my friend. We're at a party and it's my friend's party, my friend I betrayed. My ex girlfriend wants me to put my car seat in her car. I think yes it's safer. Then my bf says he loves the enemy and will be with her. I lock the door but he lets her in. Her hair turns long and orange. She says "Next time you think I'm your friend, don't". I go get my baby. Her hair's fallen out, it's orange.

Envisioning yourself attending a party means you will get acquainted with new people in the coming weeks. Unfortunately, the presence of the mistress points to a possible public humiliation. You could behave inappropriately during a gathering and embarrass yourself in front of others. Your current emotional state could make you an easy target making you lash out with little provocation. This could be connected to the orange hair which symbolizes change. You and your baby will undergo a major upheaval, such as moving or welcoming someone new in your household. The stress related to transition and adjustment makes you particularly vulnerable, so try to avoid situations which could open emotional floodgates and lead to further complications.

People having a party inside a church

I was cooking for the people in the church. Inside of the church it was dark and the people were having a party.

A dream about cooking food for a number of people belonging to a church congregation has negative connotations. It portends the arrival of difficulties and troubles in your life outside church affairs. This is further reinforced by the image of a darkened church, which again has ominous symbolism. The dark church represents situations which may cause you inconvenience, distress or even harm. Make sure you stay alert and aware regarding any mishaps unfolding in reality.

Eating favorite food at a party

Male. I left a house with someone then returned and people were there. A girl and I look at each other and she says to someone else "Invite him to the party". I said "Cool, thanks!". Then I walk down a hall into a kitchen where a huge buffet was, but everyone had eaten and I was in another room it appeared. All the food was what I liked and in front of me was a plate with garlic bread spaghetti sandwiches on it. Spaghetti and meatballs in between two slices of garlic bread. I start to eat and the dream ends.

Dreaming of being at someone's party means you are surrounded by a lot of people who care about you and would not think twice about supporting you, especially during your time of need. These generous, loving and trustworthy friends and members of your family would come in handy very soon as the food you saw in the dream denotes upcoming losses, difficult decisions and even sickness. Overindulgence and hedonism could get you physically, mentally and financially burdened, so you would need a little help from your loved ones to get back on your feet. Fortunately, you would not be left fending for yourself because even without asking for assistance, the people who matter would already sense that you are in trouble and act quickly before things could get worse for you.

A small party with friends

Having a small party with your friends in the dream world brings a positive connotation. This dream typically means that you will meet new people in the real world with whom you would easily get acquainted. This incident will lead to more favorable situations, especially if you are having a good time in this dream. Although mostly positive, this dream might also mean negative when taking the other symbolism involved. For instance, feeling out of place at the party might mean that there would be some issues between you and a person in your close circle, which you shouldn't overlook.

Birds and insects at a party

There was a party of sorts, and two groups of men who hated each other. I managed to get them to "play nice" for the sake of a good time, while one individual was threatening the union. I brought him outside to talk to him. I discovered that he had tourettes, and came to a better understanding of his anger. I then went and met my dad at a park, where men were shooting barn owls out of the trees. I also stepped on a poisonous red sphinx moth attracted to music instead of light.

Dreaming about a conflict between two different groups of men suggests you are envious of someone close to you, most likely a friend in your social circle. You are probably jealous of their social position or covet the lifestyle they have. In either case, focusing on one individual at this party and pulling him aside indicates that, intentionally or not, you may say something insensitive to this friend who has done nothing wrong to you (except having what you do not). Watching men shoot barn owls out of the trees represents the internal struggle you face when deciding what to say and what to keep to yourself. You may want to pay special attention to this voice, as cruel statements said unjustly could ruin your relationships with others forever.

Meeting someone at a pool party

I was in the pool and a girl tells me that who I am looking for is her sis. Then I am taken to her and I meet her. She is shy and the thing is that we go to the room and the next thing that you know, it's morning and I come out with both sisters standing and ask her "How did you feel while putting on my shirt?". Then the next day, I meet upon a kid that is arguing about jumping into the pool and he falls himself and then he falls in. Then I go to meet the girl again. The end.

Your dream alludes to a passionate love affair. The swimming pool symbolizes overwhelming affection. It indicates that you could fall madly in love with someone at this point in your life, and you would want to spend virtually your entire time together. This ties in with your tryst with the girl and her sister. That shows that entertaining romance in the waking world could lead to forgetting about your other state of affairs. This could mean being absent from work for days, failing to run errands such as paying the bills or having your car fixed, or spending less time with family and friends because you would rather be with the object of your desire. The kid who falls into the pool is yourself, such that you could end up drowning in your emotions, consumed by passion. While this dream is all about being crazy in love, there is a high likelihood that it could turn sour in the long run. As they say, familiarity breeds contempt. Just pray it does not happen.

Becoming visibly pregnant at a party

I had a dream I was at a party and went to the back room where there was this man with a child. I started to play with him and then all of a sudden I am in a back room. I look down and I have pregnant belly, then my sister starts crawling towards me looks possessed or demented with cat-like eyes and I felt like she was going to kill my baby.

Dreaming that you are pregnant can be a symbol of an unhappy existence with your partner or prospective husband. Alternatively, it can also be a sign that you are becoming more mature and developing a stronger personality. Since the setting of your dream is a party, it could mean that your personal growth would be attributed to individuals or new friends who would soon enter your life. In addition, your seemingly possessed sister could be a reflection of your own shortcomings. Perhaps your transformation would create a gap between you and your loved ones due to differing beliefs and ideologies.

Step daughter hosting a party

Step daughter hosting a party in my house. Only fruit was served. I did not speak with her. All sorts of people family and coworkers were here.

The meaning of this vision depends on your reaction to the party that was taking place. If you were excited about the party your step-daughter hosted, this vision of a family get-together could portend a happy event taking place in the near future, such as a wedding, birthday party, reunion or birth. On the other hand, if you were upset about the party in your house, it could mean something terrible is about to happen which would seriously hurt or sadden you. This could include the death of someone you are close to or the loss of wealth, property or opportunities. Additionally, the fruit takes on a special meaning in the second case, suggesting these unfortunate circumstances could lead to a decline in morals or a desire to take what you think belongs to you, even if it does not.

Receiving golden kitchenware at a party

There was a party in form of a wedding, but I could go in. Then I admired it in my heart, before an old man appeared and gave me a golden breakable plate and a golden spoon. Then he said "Take this, it shall be a blessing to you and it shall help". Along the line, the plate and spoon fell off from my hands getting to the ground but did not break. Then the old man appeared again, picked them up and gave them back to me and said "This gift I gave can never be broken". Female.

In this vision, the golden plate and spoon represent goodness and truth, which is why they are an unbreakable gift. Nothing can reduce or change what is the complete truth of a situation. While the answer may not always be pleasant, the harsh reality is always better than a comforting lie. The wedding party at the beginning of the vision could reveal that the truth you are searching for is related to love or relationships. If you are currently with someone, you may want to carefully review the facts you receive before coming to a conclusion. If you are single, however, you may find that the right person is not far away. A more insightful review of the situation could reveal a potential suitor that you may have overlooked due to superficial reasons.

Learning about being taken advantage of

I am a female and I was at a house party. 10 people were in the house. There was this man there that was being rude to me. I kept asking him "Why don't you love me?" He responded by saying "I was just using you!" I could not see his face.

Attending a party in the dream world and talking to someone you do not know or recognize may reveal that your enemies or rivals are getting closer to their goal of putting you down. The idea that one man in particular was rude or unkind to you suggests this may be related to some romantic liaison from your past or present. For example, one of your ex-lovers may be interested in getting revenge for a past hurt or are jealous of a current connection. The fact that you could not see this man's face in the vision predicts frustration with this situation if your enemies succeed in making your life difficult. You may want to take extra precautions and avoid unnecessary contact with those who do not have your best interests at heart.