Dreams Related To Partner

A new partner offering a pig

My daughter dreamt about my new man in my life whom she does not like. She said he was giving me a shiny pig and when he gave it to me I kissed him?

Both the pig itself and its apparent shininess are positive symbols to behold in a dream vision. As pigs tend to represent happiness and prosperity, seeing your current lover present you with one suggests he is making you happy or providing for you. This is also supported by your reciprocation of the gift with a kiss. While your daughter may not like or get along with him, this vision indicates that at least on some level she sees and accepts the fact that he makes you happy.

Partner dying

Envisioning the death of your life partner in the dream world can have different interpretations depending on their gender. If your partner is male or tends to favor more masculine traits, like strength and competitiveness, seeing their death implies being disappointed by someone close to you in reality, although not necessarily by your partner. If your partner is female or displays more feminine qualities, this vision suggests they would be happy and healthy for many years to come.

Partner going out and then upsetting a friend

Dream was my partner took down Xmas decorations and got loads of people to clean up, then disappeared and someone said he was in the pub (he doesn't drink). Then my best friend came in crying because he upset her (they have never met in the past).

The notion of Christmas decorations being taken down could symbolize that your hopes or aspirations are falling through or failing. Alternatively, it could mean that your projects are reaching a disappointing or saddening outcome or end. Your most significant other, such as your boyfriend, could manifest a somehow ambivalent conduct during this situation. In the dream, although he mobilized the support of a wide group of people, he also disappeared without finishing the task. That is, you could feel that he sometimes was, but sometimes was not helpful and supportive. Dreaming about how your best female friend became upset after hanging out with your boyfriend could indicate the existence of secrets. Your boyfriend might be hiding something from you. The idea of the existence of a secret is further represented by having someone make a comment about your partner, behind his back, that is, for you, inconsistent with what you take his behavior to be. That is, you are surprised by what is being said about your boyfriend. Overall, this dream vision suggests that you might benefit from re-examining your relationship with your partner. Discovering the secret or learning more about his intentions could have a significant impact on the future of your relationship. Alternatively, the dream could also be brought about by the beginning of the new year and reveal a need for renewal or some kind of personal reassessment. In this case, you would benefit from being honest with yourself and admit to some truths about yourself.

Finding a partner

Dreaming of finding a partner reveals your fear of mortality. In the traditional sense, a partner in the dream world symbolizes comfort and security which means these are things you are lacking in reality. On the other hand, the deeper dream analysis for this symbol has to do with the increasing isolation and loneliness of people around the world. Instead of finding common ground, everyone seems to be focusing on differences. In the end, this is the battle you must fight starting with yourself if you want to maintain meaningful connections with others.

Unfaithful partner

Dreaming that your romantic partner has been unfaithful to you is often considered a sign that you have a trusting or gullible nature. You probably tend to believe the best in people, even when they have done little to prove it. You could be putting yourself at risk by letting less than scrupulous individuals get close to you, as they may find some weakness and exploit you for it.

Partner becoming sick

Watching your romantic partner fall victim to an illness could have different interpretations depending on their gender identity. If your partner is male or has a lot of traditionally male personality traits, such as being extroverted, competitive or aggressive, it could mean that they are hiding something important from you. In a sense, their guilt is weighing down their soul, and your unconscious mind is picking up on that illness of spirit. Alternatively, if your partner is female or has many traditionally female personality traits, such as being domestically inclined, compassionate or nurturing, this vision means you and your partner on your way to having successful, happy lives that would be the envy of those around you.

Partner leaving me

To dream that your partner abandons you is indicative of an upcoming separation. The reasons for this separation may or may not be serious. Maybe your significant other merely needs to travel for work or visit his parents for a while. While away from each other, you will regain a level of enlightenment and realizations about the status of your relationship. Fortunately, this prediction suggests the separation is only temporary, so enjoy this much-needed time for yourself.

Looking for a partner for partnered

Looking for a partner when I've already got one.

Looking for a partner or lover when you already have one in reality could indicate that, while you care for them, they are not meeting all of your needs simultaneously. Perhaps they are kind or a good listener, but they lack experience in bed or a lucrative career path. It is possible you mind is considering the pros and cons of continuing to be with this individual, whether or not your have actively thought about the possibility in reality.

Looking for a man for married women

I am female and married. I dream I am anxiously looking for a man for a relationship. My husband doesn't factor into this. As if he doesn't exist. I ask people if they know someone they can fix me up with. I keep mentioning that I'm turning 60 next year and am afraid I will be alone for the rest of my life. My marriage is fine btw.

Dreaming that you are looking for a man, when you are in a healthy relationship in reality, suggests unacknowledged discontent. This does not have to be related to your marriage, but merely your own frustrations and unrealized dreams. More specifically, for a married woman, the search for a man as a romantic prospect represents your need to assert your freedom and follow your guts. For years, you have placed your husband and your family's needs over your own, but now you want to pursue something for your own happiness and sense of fulfillment.

Partner pregnant with someone else's baby

Discovering that your pregnant partner is carrying someone else's baby is a reflection of you and your partner's differing opinions. This could be a sign of health for your relationship if you are able to question each other's stance on issues without losing your respect for each other. The identity of the man who impregnated your partner would provide more clues about the nature of your disagreements. If your partner is giving birth to twins, then perhaps you are going to keep on birthing ideas inspired by other people which could become lucrative.

A perfect partner

Dreams of encountering a perfect partner during the course of a dream vision can be emotionally stirring, evoking desires for love, companionship and emotional fulfillment. This dream often symbolizes a yearning for an idealized relationship or the desire for greater intimacy and connection in your life. It may reflect your subconscious hopes for a harmonious partnership, but it is essential to remember that dreams are a realm of symbolism, not prophecy. While such dreams can inspire you to seek more fulfilling relationships, they should also remind you that true perfection lies in embracing imperfections and nurturing genuine connections. In waking life, your pursuit of a perfect partner can lead to personal growth and a deeper understanding of your own desires, but refusing the acknowledge or accept less than perfection in yourself or others could be a recipe for disaster and conflict.