Dreams Related To Paris

Viewing Paris from a plane

It was early morning when I got this dream. It was so memorable to me. I was sitting in an airplane, in a window-side seat, next to me there was a woman, a middle-aged housewife, sitting. We are traveling to USA. I am born and staying in India. It was 4 days and 4 nights since we boarded the flight it seems. In the middle of the journey, we reached Paris and we all in the plane. Mostly remembered middle-aged aunty, 2 young girls and myself were enjoying the view of Paris and we saw the Eiffel tower.

This dream of flying in an airplane means that you are about to pursue a long-standing dream. You may soon take those first steps in realizing this dream. This flight to the United States reflects your aspirations and desire for a change of pace. It is possible that you feel the need to leave behind your past in order to move forward. Your fellow passengers in the dream may be symbolic of parts of yourself. For instance, the housewife could be your domesticated side and the young girls refer to your youth. While leaving certain things behind, some parts of yourself will be carried on to this new phase or your journey. There are risks involved in every journey, but based on the tone of your dream, this one is more hopeful than daunting.