Dreams Related To Parents

Parents alive and well

Seeing your parents alive, well and in a good relationship with you signifies harmony and beneficial relationship with people around you who will make your life happier and more fulfilling.

Parents scolding you

Dreaming about your parents scolding you or talking to you in a preaching tone means that you are too sensitive to the opinions expressed toward you by others and fall prey to people criticizing you, without any grounds for them to do so.

Deceased parents

Dreaming about your parents deceased, even though they are alive at the moment predicts upcoming issues and troubles and a need to look out for quickly changing circumstances in your personal life.

This dream is warning you about a looming danger or unexpected events which will throw you off course from regular activities or obligations you have to perform in your everyday life.

Parents naked and having sex

Hi. I had this strange dream where I saw my parents naked, enjoying themselves and they were in front of me. They said "Now you are studying mobs, so we have no problem in revealing up." It turned more awkward when my father started... fingering... And she jerked out... Now I am worried.

While it can be disturbing, seeing your parents having sex in your dream does not necessarily convey sexual connotations. The intimate act may reveal qualities about their marriage or partnership which you deem similar with your current relationship or blossoming romance. Perhaps you are looking to your parents for some guidance on how to have a stronger bond with your romantic partner. Alternatively, their nudity may be an indication of disclosures. Perhaps they are starting to give you honest advice about love and life in general. Some of their words of wisdom may be uncomfortable or difficult to accept, hence your discomfort at seeing them naked.

Your parents having a newborn

Dreaming about your parents having another child signifies the potential for a harmonious and joyful personal life in the near future. It represents the prospect of increased family unity, love, and support. This dream may indicate the strengthening of bonds with your family members, fostering deeper connections and creating a sense of warmth and contentment within your household. It suggests the potential for new beginnings, growth, and shared experiences that will contribute to a peaceful and fulfilling existence.

Your parents paying you a visit

When you see your parents coming to visit you and this dream leaves you with a positive feelings, it can be a sign of favorable changes about to happen. For females this dream can signify possible marriage and becoming wealthier after marrying a person who is much better off than they are.

Parents remarrying

Dreaming that your parents are getting or have been remarried in your dream vision, whether or not such an event has occurred in reality, means you would soon go through a period characterized by harmonious relationships with others. If you have recently fought with your family over something, like political views or lifestyle choices, you may find that the lengthy debates have brought you closer together than you have been in years.

Happy and healthy parents

Dreaming of seeing your parents happy and healthy is an auspicious sign indicating that you are well-supported and guided in your endeavors, leading to potential success in both your business and personal life. The dream signifies a strong foundation and nurturing environment that will enable you to achieve your goals and aspirations with the support and wisdom of your parents. It may also reflect a sense of security and comfort that empowers you to take on challenges and make confident decisions. Your parents' happiness and well-being in the dream symbolize positive energies and blessings that will positively influence your journey towards success and fulfillment.

Your parents being sick

Seeing your parents affected by some kind of illness is an indication that you will get a chance to come close to following your dream, but will never be able to achieve it because of some extraneous circumstances or interference from others.

Sad-looking parents

Dreaming about your parents being sad or wearing black clothes portends periods of disappointment and sadness for you, it can also mean that a very serious disease is about to impact your health.

Your parents in their older years

Seeing your parents in their older years or if they look unhappy in your dream means that you will be able to get success and recognition, even if you start working your way up from a point when you don't have much resources or abilities to begin with.

Talking with deceased parents

Dreaming about having a conversation with your deceased parents is a significant indication that you may receive valuable help and support from those you have a close connection with. This dream suggests that even though your parents are no longer physically present, their presence in your subconscious mind serves as a source of comfort and guidance. It may also represent the support and guidance you seek from friends or family members who play a similar role in your life. This dream could be a reminder that you are not alone and that there are people around you who care deeply and are willing to assist you during challenging times.

Parents on the ground at night

It was a clear dark blue night, and I was walking down a street in the hills with trees, grass and flowers. I went to the neighborhood's security gate and the security guard pointed to a lit-up workshop underground, where men and women were moving large cardboard boxes to conveyor belts. I walked back out onto the main road, and I saw my mom and dad in sleeping bags in the center of the road. They were arguing about buying a luxury car, I walked away and it turned into a loud electronic noise.

Taking a stroll on a clear night denotes contentment. Together with the verdant hill, it seems like you are happy with whatever accomplishments you have achieved so far. However, other people in your life could be expecting more from you. The neighbor, therefore, refers to more accomplished and more successful peers who are constantly being compared to you. Their wealth and prosperity are illustrated by the security detail and bustling activity at the workshop. Your parents arguing about buying a luxury car reveals their aspirations of running a bigger business or climbing up the social ladder. They could be pressuring you to be more enterprising and ambitious, but your transformation at the end suggests defiance. You would rather follow your instincts rather than accede to the demands of others.


Dreaming about step-parents or being adopted by a couple can signal a complex mix of emotions and potential challenges in your life journey. This dream could foreshadow periods of unease and disappointment, accompanied by lingering troubles that may test your resilience. Just as the dynamics of step-parenting or adoption can bring about both positive and intricate feelings, this dream suggests a blend of experiences ahead. It's important to navigate these situations with patience and understanding, as the dream hints at a need to adapt to changing circumstances. While challenges may arise, remember that growth often emerges from adversity.

Your parents being young

Dreams about your parents looking young and happy can indeed carry positive connotations. They often symbolize feelings of love, security, and support from your family or a desire for those qualities in your life. The dream's message about being endowed with talents and abilities suggests that you have untapped potential and that your capabilities can lead to great success and personal growth. It encourages you to explore your talents and pursue your passions with confidence, as they may open doors to opportunities you haven't yet realized.

Dead parents

Envisioning your dead parents in the dream realm, regardless of the circumstances, can have biblical implications in the dream realm. It often alludes to some tragic event that would prevent you from reconciling with someone in wake life. For instance, you may have a falling out with a friend or relative that causes you not to speak to each other. The other person may pass away or otherwise be permanently separated from you, causing feelings of regret for holding onto the grudge until it was too late to make amends. This vision should be considered a warning to forgive quickly and freely.

Parents praising you

Having your parents praise you or commend you for your achievements indicates that you are putting too much emphasis on your career while ignoring your family needs, so this dream serves as a warning about possible unpleasant developments you may experience if you continue down this road.

Death of a parent

Witnessing a parent die in your dream indicates familial conflict. Your personal values may clash and this would lead to an escalating argument. In traditional psychoanalysis, this could simply mean there will be a change in your dynamics as parent and child. Dreams of this nature usually occur when the dreamer decides to move away from their childhood home or to practice a different religion. This can also mean that you are worried of losing them due to their ageing state and a growing gap due in part to their inability to keep up with modern technology.

Parents well-off

Observing your parents thrive, both financially and emotionally, paints a vivid picture of the carefree utopia that awaits you. Their resplendent success becomes a harbinger of the idyllic existence destined to grace your own life. Prepare to embark on a remarkable journey of boundless happiness, where your aspirations manifest effortlessly, and the weight of worry dissipates into the ether. Your dreams are primed to blossom into a reality adorned with prosperity and contentment, guided by the ethereal glow of your parents' accomplishments. Embrace this vision, and allow it to fuel your aspirations, for a bountiful and fulfilling future awaits you on the horizon of possibility.

Deceased parents reunited

When it comes to envisioning a future filled with prosperity and contentment for you and your loved ones, the symbolic imagery of your parents reuniting after death in your dreams holds significant promise. This powerful symbol signifies not just a harmonious reunion, but also serves as a positive indicator of the abundance and well-being that awaits you and your family. By interpreting this dream as an auspicious sign of wealth and a blissful existence, you can embrace the notion that your financial and emotional prosperity will flourish, leading to a fulfilling life brimming with happiness and success.

One of my dead parents

My dad died suddenly 5 yrs back possibly by heart attack. When we were on vacations in a resort with family that was my most horrible experience of life we took him to hospital but by that time it was very late last night. I saw his dead body on bed covered with white cloth but his face was not covered but I saw him lying on bed other things I don't remember in my dream then I got up.

Dreams involving your deceased parents (for instance in a casket or covered with cloth) is an indication of being haunted by a tragic event or situation in the past and not being able to reconcile the feelings or hurt and sudden loss associated with this event.

Deceased father resurrecting as a child

Dreamt my father's grave falling in and him rising up alive as a child. I carried the child home and woke up. Interpret.

Dreaming of a deceased parent coming alive usually means that the person is sending you a message. Perhaps your late father is reaching out from the other side to remind you to use your wisdom and previous experience while making important decisions. In addition, seeing your father as a child may be an allusion to his past. In that sense, in carrying the child version of your father, the dream is telling you that you would be taking on responsibilities he may have left behind. After his passing, it may be only up to you to keep his legacy alive and take over the duties and tasks he was in charge of while he was still alive.

One of your parents dead

Dreaming about the death of one of your parents can evoke feelings of loss, fear, or anxiety about the future. It may symbolize a fear of losing a parental figure's guidance, support, or inheritance. The dream might also reflect unresolved emotions or conflicts with your parents, and the fear of not living up to their expectations or wishes for your life. Alternatively, it could be a reflection of your subconscious processing the natural cycle of life and death, as well as your own mortality. It's essential to explore these emotions and concerns and consider how they might be influencing your waking life decisions and relationships with your parents.

Discussing matters with your deceased parents

Having a conversation about something important with your deceased parents in your dream signifies enlightment or sudden realization about things you have been questioning or trying to figure out for a long time.

Being fed by your parents

Dreaming about having a meal with or being fed by your parents, whether they are alive or deceased, could symbolize a desire for connection, nurturing, and support. It may also indicate a significant life change, such as relocating to a new area or country. The act of sharing a meal with parents, even in a dream, often represents a sense of comfort, security, and familial bonds.

Your parents being concerned about you

Having your parents expressing their concerns about your actions or behavior in your dream signifies getting on the right track, becoming wealthier or being a part of some great event or celebration.

This dream can be a warning to change your ways from recklessness and indifference, while ultimately leaving you to some major positive changes in your life and becoming a better person.

Parents keeping and feeding fat children

Hi, I am a 14-year old boy from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I had this creepy dream a few times. I was in a cave under my house, and my parents were there, and a lot of fat kids. Somehow I found out that my parents were feeding them for some reason. I try to escape, but my parents stop me, eventually I escape, and run a bit, then I wake up.

The cave under your house represents some dark side to your family, one that you may not be fully aware of. Perhaps it is some family secret or just a belief that does not feel right based on your modern moral standards. The overweight children your parents were feeding reveal their attempts to control your and others' way of thinking or their desire that you share in the family legacy. Escaping at the end of the vision, then, suggests you would be able to break free from this controlling, morally questionable environment, although it may take a lot of time and effort to do so.

Dying and unable to say goodbye to parents

I am a 16 year old girl on an exchange year away from home. My dream was about me dying and I never got to say goodbye to my parents. I could still see them but they couldn't see me and all I wanted was to tell them that I love them, but I couldn't.

Dreaming that you are dying indicates an upcoming health problem. Your immune system is weak, so there is a high chance that you would contract an illness after being exposed to viruses in your environment. You would need to take some time off from your regular activities in order to fully recover. During times when the physical body is fragile or vulnerable, the mind often drifts to places of comfort and familiar faces. This is why your subconscious conjured the images of your parents not only to reassure you, but also to remind you of what you truly value in this life.

Deceased parents threatening you

Seeing your deceased parents coming to threaten or intimidate you in your dream indicates that the things you're working on right now are not welcomed by some people and can be putting you in a very precarious position, especially if it's related to things you do for work or as part of your family business.

Deceased parents trying to talk to you

Seeing one of your deceased parents desperately trying to communicate with you, especially if it's a recurring dream, means that you are about to receive a news or announcement you will be bewildered by.

Yourself as one of your parents

Dreaming about yourself being one of your parents, for example being in the role of your own father, means that something you have lost not so long ago will be returned to you much to your surprise.

Losing parents

Dreaming of unexpectedly losing your parents, possibly due to tragic events, can be interpreted as a symbolic representation of facing significant challenges or losses in your waking life. The dream suggests that you may need to rely on the help and assistance of others for an extended period. It indicates a period of vulnerability and dependence, urging you to reach out for support when facing difficulties. This dream may encourage you to recognize the importance of leaning on others during tough times and seeking assistance when needed.

Arguing with deceased parents

Dreaming of arguing with deceased parents may symbolize unresolved emotional issues or lingering concerns from your past. The dream's connection to potential losses or shortcomings could signify fears of not meeting expectations or personal insecurities. The added association with unfavorable events in the workplace suggests a parallel between emotional conflicts and challenges in your professional life. This dream serves as a reminder to address unresolved emotions, navigate personal insecurities, and approach challenges in both personal and professional spheres with self-awareness and resilience.

Long conversations with step-parents

When you have been dreaming about having long conversations or disputes with your step-parents, this can be a sign of recurring memory flashbacks which will bring a lot of sad or negative feelings into your life.

Hurting your parents

Dreaming about hurting your parents is manifestation of internal conflicts and the need to defend your point of view as well as retain your personal independence. You are striving to reconcile your differences or reach some kind of an agreement with someone who is dominating you or trying to gain control over you.

Dead parents and rising water

I dream of parents who are no more... Standing somewhere and water flow rising and try myself to survive... Always see myself at my old home with old days... Falling from heights...

Dreams involving images of your deceased parents standing in front of you is an indication of being haunted by a tragic event or situation in the past and not being able to reconcile the feelings or hurt and sudden loss associated with this event. Being afraid of water is a symbol of being regretful. You may soon realize that something you have done in the past may have undesirable outcomes that can affect your future. Falling from great altitude in a dream means you might face a chain of inopportune events which might have nonconstructive negative impacts on your life.

Parents approving relationship with someone

My lady love had dreamed between 4am to 6am. The dream was that "her parents had given permission to live with me and told he's good for you".

Having your girlfriend's parents expressing consent and amicability toward your relationship with her indicates that you are putting too much emphasis on things outside of this relationship and her needs, so this dream serves as a warning about possible unpleasant developments you may experience if you continue down this road. Your girlfriend is subconsciously projecting things she is not happy about as far as the two of you are concerned, and she could be replacing the negative aspects of this relationship with things that are brighter and much more promising.

Bathing and good news from parents

I'm a girl of 20 yrs... I was in a dream, I went to a public tap to fetch water, the line of buckets was long, but soon I fetched it. I went to a hall in my house to bathe, I wore a long white singlet that reached my laps... I didn't want to bend when scooping the water, so I squatted splashing the water gently to soothe my body. Then my dad came around smiling that he has good news. Telling me that he bought 931 bags of rice. I saw my mum too besides him I smiled. Then I woke up.

A dream wherein you see yourself splashing water on your body suggests that you are presently going through a significant change or letting go of your traditional beliefs or long-held values. It involves altering your views on life and learning to cope with the world in a completely new and different way. Perhaps you started to realize that your prior thoughts were a misconception and you had outgrown them both spiritually and emotionally. Seeing your father and your mother in the same dream is a symbol that further reinforces the personal transformation you have been undergoing. It suggests that you are heading in a favorable direction during which fortune and success would be on your side.

Running away from parents

I ran away with a boy and he tells me I will never see my parents again. Then he kills someone and we get chased by the cops. After that he ditched me and I get caught. The way I get caught is that I came out of my hiding spot. The cops thought I was kidnapped but I told them I was not. Then a female cop gives me a huge bag of candy and takes me back to my parents.

Running away with a boy means you do not feel accepted or do not have a sense of belonging. Unfortunately, someone will take advantage of your weakness and insecurity. In fact, witnessing someone commit a murder means a person you love and trust will hurt you out of spite because they want to take something away from you. While you are wallowing in self-pity, someone out there is actually envious of you and wishes to live in your shoes. Fortunately, your elders and authority figures, represented by the cops, would talk some sense into you. They would help you improve your self-esteem and recognize your strengths. Once you get to that stage, the huge bag or box of candy means you are going to achieve the happiness you deserve.

Being bad parents

Perceiving yourself to be a bad mom or mother usually carries a negative connotation that concerns the safety of your family. You might be trying hard to give them the protection they need, but you are filled with anxiety and worry that something terrible is likely to happen. This thinking reflects your sense of responsibility brought by either being the breadwinner or the provider of the family.

Parents kicking you out

Dreaming about your parents kicking you out reflects feelings of rejection and instability in your family life. You may be seeking answers to unresolved emotions and the lack of harmony within the family unit. According to Jungian philosophy, this dream can signify the dreamer's subconscious anxiety about their actions and those of their associates potentially disrupting the family's balance. It serves as a cautionary symbol, urging you to be responsible and consider the consequences of your choices on family dynamics. By addressing these anxieties and objectively assessing their actions, you can strive for healthier relationships and a more stable family environment.

Disobeying your parents

Dreaming of disobeying your parents signifies that you are overly sensitive to the opinions others express about you. This dream often reflects your vulnerability to becoming a victim of baseless criticism from those around you. According to prominent dream psychologists, such dreams may indicate a deep-seated anxiety about societal judgment and an inner conflict regarding your actions and decisions. The act of disobedience in the dream could symbolize your struggle to assert your independence while facing unwarranted critique. It serves as a reminder to develop resilience against negative influences and to trust your own judgment more confidently.