Dreams Related To Parasite

Parasites emerging from the body

I had a dream that felt real. Large white parasites with sharp teeth began coming out of pockets in my skin that opened up. One being from my chest area and one from armpit region.

Parasites manifesting from within the body in the context of a dream usually point toward having a negative outlook on life. This could be a general state, meaning you tend to be cynical or sarcastic, or it may indicate a recent rough patch which is causing you to look grimly on the future. In either case, it may take some time and effort on your part to get yourself in a better mood. While this can be accomplished alone, you can also ask your friends or family members to help, which may be faster and more effective.

An orchard infested with parasites

Walking through an orchard and noticing the fruit is going bad due to a parasite is often thought to reflect the dreamer's dissatisfaction with the reality of their existence. You may find that you are jealous of the happiness, prosperity or achievement of others while your own accomplishments are either pitiful in comparison or nonexistent. In most cases, however, this vision is more an indication of the dreamer's mental state or emotions rather than the reality of the situation.

Having parasites

Parasites, such as worms in dreams, signify physical exhaustion. You feel extremely drained by what is going on at work and your personal affairs. These creatures might also be a manifestation of your fear in the waking world. It is possible that someone is posing as a threat in your career, and this person appears as such in your vision. Different kinds of parasites in the dream world have various meaning, yet these dreams are usually a portent of negative events.