Dreams Related To Paralysis

Being paralyzed in bed

To dream of being paralyzed in your bed, whether it is due to an injury or something more mysterious, means there is someone in your life who is manipulative and controlling. You could be blinded by your love or respect for this person, but for a third party's perspective, it is clear that you are a mere puppet around this individual. On the other hand, this could also symbolize your overly dependent nature. Perhaps you need to take stock of your own life and be accountable for your actions. Learn to make your own decisions and grow up as a responsible adult.

Paralysis in general

Experiencing paralysis in a dream suggests someone is manipulating you in reality. This person is using your love and respect for them in order to get you to do their bidding. This could be the Queen Bee type who uses her power and influence to get her minions to do the dirty work for her. Unfortunately, your need for approval will make you do things that are against your morals and beliefs. Alternatively, this also reveals your overly dependent nature. Your parents and family likely enabled your dependency, so you have not learned how to fend for yourself. This will soon backfire as the people you depend on become preoccupied with their own problems and you have no one to fix your mess.

Paralyzed during a presentation

I'm about to give a presentation and I fall down 100% paralyzed and no one notices. I am male, this dream occurs regularly (just different surroundings).

Giving a presentation is a reference to how you present yourself in public. This persona you project allows you to influence other people's opinion about you. So, falling down and becoming paralyzed as you are about to make a presentation means you do not feel in control in the waking world. This kind of dream scenario often recurs whenever you are thrust in an unfamiliar situation. You need to think on your feet and improvise, yet you are scared of looking foolish. Your anxiety is keeping you from demonstrating your skills. Therefore, to avoid such panic attacks and self-sabotage, you need to learn not to take things too seriously. Learn to embrace your flaws and laugh at yourself once in a while. This way, other people will see your sincerity.

Paralyzed and pushed into mud

I'm female. I dreamt I was paralyzed. I couldn't walk but I could move my head slightly to the left. I was looking for someone who was being bullied to tell them I cared for them, and got pushed into the muddy ground by the bully. I couldn't move or breathe, and I could see myself slowly suffocating as my friend tried to help me. Afterwards, my neck really hurt, and no matter how much medication I took the pain wouldn't go away. No one would give me any more medication in case I overdosed.

Being unable to move in the dream world is associated with opposing ways of thinking in reality. In most situations, it is seen when the dreamer has some hypocritical beliefs or acts in a way that is opposite what they say to believe. For example, in this vision a friend you care about, whether they are a real individual in reality or not, was being bullied. While you would obviously oppose someone hurting those you consider friends, perhaps you are not always so kind to strangers and other people's loved ones. The final symbol, the failing medicine, suggests you cannot grow and profit from this type of behavior. In order to truly progress in your life you would need to look at your beliefs and follow a stricter moral code rather than expecting better behavior out of others than yourself.

Paralyzed person walking

Paralysis generally alludes to the presence of a manipulative person. So, to dream about a paralyzed person starting to walk refers to an awakening. You will finally see this person for their true motivations and stop yourself from being spellbound once more. Their charm could be irresistible, hence you willingly succumb to their whims. Fortunately, a slip up or a concerned friend will open your eyes to their manipulations. This is a crucial time to break free and find healthier relationships.

Someone else being paralyzed

To see someone in your dream succumb to paralysis, be it mysterious or presented as a medical condition, reveals your perception about this person. Typically it means you tend to tiptoe around this individual because of their short temper or sensitive personality. If the person is a stranger, then perhaps you feel limited or constrained whenever you are around other people. There could be a specific context in which you feel repressed, maybe it is with your family or in your workplace. You have to find a balance in expressing yourself in a way that is cathartic for you but not aggressive to others.

Becoming paralyzed while crossing a road

I frequently have the same dream of crossing the road where my nan used to live (she is still alive, just moved house). I cross the road and once in the middle, I become paralyzed and fall to the ground. I become unable to call, shout and ask for help, suddenly a car is coming towards me. I desperately try to move out of the way and shout and as the car hits me I wake up. It's always the same dream exactly?

Crossing the road in a dream means putting yourself in danger. You probably have a tendency to take risks and go against popular opinion. Your rebellious nature could be creating a lot of enemies or detractors for you. So getting hit by a car reflects the trouble you could find yourself in if you keep putting yourself in harm's way due to your unpopular stance or beliefs. Perhaps you and your Nan have butted heads in the past because you have different views or conflicting opinions. One or both of you may have had your pride injured in the process. In order to reconcile, you need to be a bit more understanding and open-minded when it comes to her opinions. Not necessarily to agree with her, but to respect her beliefs without imposing yours.