Dreams Related To Parade

Being in a parade and swimming with horses

I am on a horse galloping in the middle of a parade, I am wearing a long Victorian era red gown. I know the town but to be home but it does not look familiar. I am being chased by something unseen. I make eye contact with a man who is watching the parade for only a split second, my emotions toward him in that second let me know he is mine, but I cant stop I keep going until I break away from the parade and the horse and I leap off the end of a dock into the ocean and the rest of the dream I am swimming trying to keep the horses head above water. Then I wake up. This is a reoccurring dream.

This dream vision about being a participant of an ongoing parade could be a representation of your fear and uncertainty of losing at something you are presently trying to accomplish. You could be pursuing an important project, trying to outcompete others or prove to your peers or even family members that you are capable of achieving what they deem as unattainable by you. The symbolic vision of drowning in the ocean while trying to save the horses means that you could be in possession of some valuable information or facts, which you do not want to reveal or make use of in order to succeed because you think that doing so will put you in a compromising position or make you weaker in the eyes of others. Even though this dream is showing your fears and hesitation related to your plans to succeed, you would be able to turn this situation around and accomplish what you need if you analyze things and arrange them in the order of their importance.