Dreams Related To Paper

Paper with writings

A paper filled with various writings, whether they seem to be linked like an essay or random like a to-do list, sheds light on possible persecution in the future. You might find that someone or a group of people you know would learn about something from your past and judge you for it. If you have been keeping a deep, dark secret, it may soon be revealed to disastrous effect. Alternatively, this same symbol has been connected to the idea of being stalked or continuously bothered by someone in reality. This individual is not necessarily doing so for romantic or lustful reasons. Rather, they may be looking for an opportunity to take something from you or find something out about you that they can use for leverage.

Writing on paper

The act of writing on paper during a dream is often thought to be a harbinger of ill fortune and embarrassment in reality. It suggests that those around you are misunderstanding or making poor assumptions about your behavior. These individuals could be sharing their unfounded opinions behind your back, damaging your image in the eyes of more impressionable friends or acquaintances. This symbol has also been thought to predict receiving bad news or learning something that greatly disappoints you.

Blank paper

A blank paper is a dream symbol that often refers to new duties or responsibilities that would fall on your lap. For instance, the blank paper could be the pages of a notebook or sheets of blank bond paper in an office space. You may be providing for your family's needs, so you would have to take on more tasks and jobs in order to make things meet. On the other hand, this also means that your current romantic partner is sincere and loyal to you. Upcoming circumstances would reveal their love and devotion.

Toilet paper

Toilet paper in dreams, such as buying it in a supermarket or seeing it in a bathroom, suggests minor inconveniences. This just means that you are going to deal with little annoyances in reality, but it would not last or go away on its own. For example, bad weather could delay appointments and flights or an uncooperative colleague could add stress to your work. This could also manifest at home when messy housemates refuse to clean up after themselves or do their part of the chores.

Holding paper in your hands

Holding paper in your hands during a dream vision, whether you are intending to place them somewhere or not, portends loss in reality. Specifically, it refers to losing time, money and potentially face due to some legal proceeding or court case. You may find that you get tied up in a legal battle you cannot win or, if you do win, that you cannot escape without revealing some bad aspect of your personality. For young, unmarried women, this symbol is sometimes associated with minor disagreements with a romantic partner or lover. Similarly, married women might find there is an increase in petty arguments or childish behavior coming from their partners. A rarer interpretation of the symbol of holding paper has also tied it to becoming the victim of ugly rumors and having your reputation dragged through the mud.

Cutting paper with scissors

Cutting paper using a pair of scissors, to make confetti or for an art project, points to a possible confrontation with an influential personality. This individual's posturing and tendency to use lies in order to manipulate or impress others may irritate you to the point of actually criticizing this person publicly or face to face. Standing up to this manipulative and powerful personality could garner mixed reactions from friends and strangers alike. Some may applaud your courage, while others may think you are a bully.

Another dream interpretation for cutting up paper with scissors has to do with cutting ties. The reason may be positive or negative. In particular, you could be separated from loved ones because of work or an opportunity to widen your horizons. This may also point to a breakup or a period of separation with your spouse or significant other which would require a lot of adjustment for both parties.

Losing papers

Losing papers in your dream, whether these are school papers or blank papers as office supplies, implies surprising and even shocking experiences ahead. This can also refer to disturbing news which would directly or indirectly affect you. In this context, losing papers is a reflection of losing your composure or ability to think clearly once you are confronted by this shocking event or disturbing information. It would take you a while to regain your bearings and deal with the situation in the best way possible.

Someone pictured on paper

Pictures of someone printed on white papers. I am a male.

The image of someone's face printed on white paper represents soon being forced to accept the consequences of your past transgressions. The individual in the photo may be the one who uncovers your dark secrets, or they may represent the man or woman you hurt through your actions. The only way to absolve yourself is to be proactive and seek reconciliation with those whom you have harmed in the past.

Paper with printed text

The presence of paper with printed text in your dreams, like flyers, posters or even literary works, refers to a charming individual in your midst. Unfortunately, their appearance and flowery words are not sincere. Instead, they would use their charm to disarm you and earn your trust through flattery in order to use you for their scheme. Maybe this person has been in your life for a while, so watch out for changes in their behavior and attitude towards you because it means they are planning something that would put you at a disadvantage.

Paper for young women

For young women, the image of paper in the dream world is indicative of discord and conflict between her and her significant other. For unmarried women, this could be a boyfriend or casual friend with benefits, but for married women this is specifically referring to your partner. Also for married women, this vision implies that someone physically close to your household, like a neighbor, may be responsible for these issues, probably because they are spreading rumors or sticking their nose in your business where it does not belong.

Burning paper

To dream of burning sheets of paper, whether these are blank papers or pages of a notebook or book, reveals you inability to accomplish a task, project or goal. So the act of burning papers is an indication of frustration or perhaps even impatience. Your lack of patience may keep you from following through with your plans or eventually quitting and abandoning projects when it gets too tough or tedious. It is possible that your subconscious is teaching you a lesson based on your personality flaws.

Tearing paper in pieces

Tearing a paper to pieces during a dream vision is often interpreted as a neutral symbol. For those who are currently in a difficult situation, this symbol suggests your troubles would be alleviated or that you would have the chance to rectify some of the mistakes that have been made. While the issue would not be completely fixed, it would likely become more manageable. Another possibility is that you would find yourself easily angered or provoked by those you meet in reality. While anger is sometimes justified, suddenly flying off the handle could have serious consequences if directed at the wrong person or persons.

White paper

White paper, for example a bond paper or glossy photo paper, means you may be crucified for past mistakes and transgressions. Someone could discover dark secrets and that you are not as squeaky clean as you appear to be. A malicious friend could spread information around, effectively damaging your reputation. This could also mean that you would be the topic of conversation among your friends or colleagues after an event or activity. It may not be negative, they may just be curious about your behavior.

Reading papers

Reading papers, like newspapers or pamphlets displayed in a receiving area or lounge, means you are confused about something important. Either you do not understand what you need to do or you are struggling to make a decision because of the gravity of the consequences. So reading means you are trying to weigh your options by breaking down the pros and cons of your choices. Each one has corresponding impacts not only on your life, but also you nearest and dearest loved ones.

Paper with neat handwriting

A paper with neat handwriting on it, like words and numbers written carefully in cursive or print, is an auspicious dream symbol about money matters and career growth. Some of your investments may pay off because of your knack for reading market movements and general business acumen. You could also close a profitable deal with a client which may become a long-term partnership or you may set up your own business venture which would become profitable. Ultimately, your financial stability would be the least of your problems in the near future.

A paper kite

A paper kite in dreams, such as when a kid in the park flying a kite or yourself making a paper kite, is a symbol about an upcoming update on a long-anticipated news. If you have applied for a job, a project or a scholarship, then this kite means you are going to receive the result of your application. It may be negative or positive news, but you have been waiting anxiously for it, which is why this symbol appeared in this vision. Your reaction to seeing the kite is usually consistent with your real-world emotion once you hear the news.

Paper with scribbles on it

Holding a paper with scribbles on it, perhaps a few doodles or some words scrawled across it with a pencil or pen, is usually a sign of trouble ahead. More specifically, your source of problem may be related to money. For example, a friend may get you involved in a shady deal or fraudulent activity because you also need some money. Maybe at first it would sound harmless and lucrative, but the negative consequences would only appear once you say yes to a transaction or deal. So perhaps this is your subconscious warning you to stay away from get-rich-quick schemes.

A huge roll of paper

Seeing a huge roll of paper, whether it is toilet paper or carbon paper at a manufacturing facility, means you are going to be given a new task that would be tedious and mind-numbing. It would take a lot of patience and attention to detail in order to have consistent results. Otherwise, you may need to re-do the tasks involved in the process. This can also refer to the culmination of something you have been working on for a long time. It could be a side project which has progressed slowly and soon you would be able to complete it.

Organizing papers

Dreaming that you are organizing papers, by title or subject matter or simply by filing them neatly in a cabinet, refers to tedious, menial or repetitive tasks ahead of you. For example, you could be assigned a very boring, yet highly technical work which would require great focus for extended periods of time. It could also be repetitive, but you need to be careful about the details. Fortunately, this is a good training for you to be more thorough with your work, especially if the stakes are high.

Someone looking for papers

Important papers locked in a desk, someone was after the papers. They were looking for the papers and were really mad they could not find them.

Papers tend to represent memories or events that stand out in our life. Therefore, the important papers allude to some parts of your past that have had a major impact on your current situation or personality. The notion that they were locked away may mean you are not fully aware of their significance. Furthermore, the idea that someone was trying to get to the papers could also mean there is a certain individual who wants to influence your life in a negative way, superseding what you learned from your past experiences.

Paper with drawings or painted

A piece of paper that is decorated with various images and doodles portends terrible misfortune in the realm of dreams. You may soon find yourself extremely disappointed in and appalled by the behavior and actions of someone close to you. This would cause you great frustration and trouble for a long time.

Cutting paper in strips

Cutting paper in small or thin strips, as a manual option of shredding paper to protect sensitive information, often signals monetary luck. In particular, you could win some money from a lottery or a bet you make with a colleague or friend. It could also come out of sheer hard work and industry. You may enter a very profitable venture with someone you trust and it would pay off in spades. So you are in a unique position to be more financially stable or at least have extra money to spend on your wants.

Selling paper

Envisioning yourself selling paper, any paper product including notebooks and recycled sheets of paper as office supplies, means business would be booming. If you are an employee, then there could be an opportunity for you to rise up the ranks and multiply your salary in the process. If you are planning to go into business or you already have a business venture, then this dream symbol portends big profits and huge returns for your investments and undertakings. So take care to make the most of this auspicious period.

Rolls of paper

Rolls of paper in dreams, whether they are parchment or craft paper in a studio or a workspace environment, denote upcoming legal battles. You are likely going to get embroiled in court litigation or proceedings because of a past issue or even a conflict that is about to happen. Specifically, if the rolls of paper are white, then this means you could win the case. Other colors, meantime, refer to defeat or loss. It is also possible that this is just a cursory procedure and you may just be called to court as a witness.

Coming across some papers

Randomly coming across papers, especially in unlikely places such as the beach or deep in the outdoors and far from civilization, is a very lucky dream symbol. It means you would gain a lot of money and wealth unexpectedly. A friend who encouraged you to invest in something could turn out to be very lucrative. You may get a job offer out of the blue which would provide a heftier salary and lots of fancy benefits. Or maybe you would inherit an antique which is worth a lot more than you expected.

Paper shreds

Paper shreds as dream symbols, such as in an office setting or at your home workspace with some shredded legal documents, refer to a loss of rights or letting go. You may need to relinquish some of your rights, at work or as a member of society in general, in exchange for safety. This could also refer to your right to someone. For example, a loved one may be old enough for you to give up your guardianship. They may file for emancipation. It does not have to be legal though, it could just be an understanding between you and the other person.

Multi-colored paper

Seeing multi-colored paper in your dream, like wax paper or printer paper, is actually a positive symbol especially in terms of receiving happy news. For instance, you may be suffering through a particularly difficult day and suddenly you would hear uplifting information that would add some color to your day. It could be a praise from someone or a good development about your other undertakings. It could even be as simple as seeing someone you have not seen in a long time and that would bring a smile to your face.

A paper hat

Paper hats in dreams, such as party hats or similar improvised hats for costumes, point to your own carefree or even careless existence. You tend to follow your whims and go on spontaneous adventures. Negatively, your meandering ways could ultimately be interpreted as a lack of direction and ambition. It is possible that your own friends and family may not take you seriously because of your happy-go-lucky ways. When you do decide to pursue a passion, you may find yourself mocked or even criticized for your choice.

Items made of paper

Items made of paper denote commitment issues. For example in the dream, you could spot a paper item such as origami, paper boat, paper lantern or other similar crafts. The flimsy nature of paper means structurally those items are not sturdy and easily damaged. As such, these characteristics refer to your own fallible and unreliable nature. You may tend to break promises, abandon projects or let down your loved ones. Pretty soon another important promise would again be broken and that would ultimately end a friendship or a romantic relationship.

Black paper

Black paper, as a dream symbol, is thought to predict soon receiving some bad or unfortunate news in reality. This could be anything from learning about the passing of a friend to missing out on a unique opportunity you were hoping to take advantage of. If you happened to read or see some text on this black paper, such as written in white or colored ink, it suggests some unscrupulous individual is trying to worm their way into your inner circle by flattering you and telling you what you want to hear. As soon as they are close enough to you, they would likely stab you in the back or take advantage of their position in your life.

Neatly folded paper

Seeing a neatly folded sheet of paper in your dream, such as on top of a table or displayed inside a bookstore, is an auspicious symbol related to your aspirations. The expertly handled paper refers to the realizations of your dreams, especially your immediate plans and short-term goals. There may be little to no obstacles in your way, so make the most of this good fortune to make real progress in your life plans. What you can achieve during this auspicious period would allow you to have a brighter future.

Rolling paper in tubes

The idea of rolling paper in tubes, for smoking your tobacco or cigarette in the dream, points to serious problems and setbacks ahead of you. The rolling paper as a dream symbol basically serves as a starting point to a phase filled with misfortune and disappointments. You would feel engulfed in seemingly inescapable bad luck which would be a sure test of your capability to stay resilient in the face of unfavorable odds. You could come out of this defeated or stronger and wiser.

Rustling sounds of paper

The rustling and crinkly sounds of paper, whether or not you are creating these noises by flipping or crumpling the paper, refers to malicious news or gossip. Inaccurate or embellished information about your personal life could be circulating in your social group that would highlight your character flaws. On the other hand, the gossip may not be about you per se, though you would have some sort of involvement in a controversial incident or illicit news about someone close to you.

Wet or burnt paper

Seeing either wet or burnt paper in a dream vision, perhaps because of the rain or after a fire accident, refers to property losses and material damages in reality. The specific state of the paper would give you further clues about the source of loss. For instance, wet paper would point to wasted investments or poor decisions which would lead to decreased value of your assets. Meanwhile, burnt paper would be more associated with irresponsible spending and spendthrift ways which would force you to sell assets to pay off debts.

Crumpled paper

Finding crumpled paper, inside a bin or strewn across the floor like discarded drafts, portends failures or big disappointments ahead of you. You may be entering a period characterized by a series of bad luck. For instance, there may be challenges at work that would make your job extra difficult. You could clash with a colleague which may lead to a confrontation. This may even affect your household as you vent your frustrations to your friends or loved ones. Since things would not go your way, your patience would be seriously tested during this period.

Big sheets of white paper

To see big sheets of white paper in a dream vision, perhaps for posters or photo paper for large-scale illustrations, denotes peace and stability. You can enjoy the absence of conflict and drama from your existence. In general, you would be free to do whatever you please without being disturbed by petty issues, disagreements or problems at work. Even inside the household, or in terms of personal relationships, you can enjoy a more supportive and positive environment that would lead to better well-being and higher satisfaction.

Cardboard paper

A cardboard paper is a dream symbol often associated with wealth and success. The cardboard paper may have been used for an arts and crafts project or you may just see it lying around in a workshop. Usually, this means that you are going to earn a lot more money in the days or weeks to come. Unfortunately, this may take on a negative interpretation if the cardboard paper or cardboard box is damaged. In this kinds of dream scenarios, you may get ditched by a good friend or left hanging by your colleagues when a problem comes up.

Construction paper

The dream imagery of a construction paper, such as buying several sheets in various colors for an art project, points to the possibility of drawing the ire of your significant other. The conflict or argument ahead could be entirely your fault, like forgetting your anniversary or inadvertently undermining your partner. This is also a warning about a rocky relationship, especially if you are already married. Years of togetherness may reveal the cracks in your bond, such as a lack of communication or diverging priorities.

Paper pieces in the air

Finding pieces of paper floating in the air, like propaganda pamphlets being thrown or paper confetti from a festive occasion, implies short-lived dreams. It may be easy for you to drift from one goal to another without dedicating yourself fully to this aspiration or following through with your plans. Alternatively, you may be fully committed and focused, but the dream itself is fragile and one wrong move could waste everything you have worked hard for. Perhaps you just need to savor little victories along the way.

Paper being manufactured

Witnessing paper being manufactured, in a big factory as part of an educational tour or as a worker of the manufacturer, suggests the possibility that you would gain important information or discover an important secret. This piece of information or knowledge may end up being advantageous to you. You can use it as leverage for career growth, or if it is within your social circle, then this may be the weapon you need to ensure loyalty from acquaintances or to expel insincere friends that have found their way in your inner circle.

Parchment paper

Parchment paper as a dream symbol usually conveys a very good message about romance. Perhaps you would spot the parchment paper in a library or perhaps on a work desk somewhere. You may even be writing on this parchment paper. All those dream scenarios point to a fulfilling romantic relationship. If you are already in a relationship, then this means things would become even better for the both of you. If you are single, then it means you may soon meet a good match which would be mutually satisfying.

A pile of paper written on

If you spot a pile of paper with writings, such as a manuscript or drafts of a writing project or exercise, means you would encounter obstacles to your tasks or errands. You may have to deal with red tape and bureaucratic inefficiency in some of your dealings which would significantly delay your timeline. This may affect not just a single undertaking, but other schedules and appointments that are dependent on the resolution or completion of this specific task. Your patience would thoroughly be tested by this tedious process.

Blotting paper

To dream of blotting paper, whether it is for writing aid, chemical analysis or cosmetic purposes, bears a message of warning about privacy and data breach. If this manifests as a personal attack, a trusted person could fool you into divulging sensitive information which would then be used to ruin your reputation. On a professional level, a colleague could try to look for holes in your work performance, such as instances of delinquency or unethical lapses, to make you appear incompetent so they would have leverage against you when it is time for promotions or bonuses.

Gluing paper together

To dream of using glue to put pieces of paper together, maybe for an arts and crafts project or to fix an important document that has been cut up, reveals your lack of commitment and a weak sense of responsibility. You may have a tendency to dismiss the importance of deadlines and details, then you end up making excuses for your mistakes and failures. In addition, instead of focusing on completing tasks, you likely prefer moving on to other projects, leaving others to deal with your unfinished work and broken promises.

Paper completely painted over

Paper that has been completely painted over, by acrylic paint forming images as an artwork or because pigments and dyes spilled onto the piece of paper, denotes disappointments. Since the paper's appearance was completely changed or transformed by the paint, this means that a project or plan would turn out completely different than what you expected. It may not earn as much as you wanted or it could completely fail because of improper implementation. Other people involved may not be as dedicated as yourself.

Surrounded by piles of paper

If you dream of being surrounded by piles of paper, like when you are in a library's archive of manuscripts or in a copier room, then you can expect success in your academic pursuits. This is especially true if you enjoy studying, doing research and learning about interesting subject matters. However, if you do not like studying in real life, then you are likely going to be overwhelmed by homework and requirements for your various courses. In worst cases, this could mean dropping out of school because of poor performance.

Paper cut

Getting a paper cut in a dream suggests taking on the role of mediator in reality. Your intervention in a conflict between colleagues or close friends will be essential in maintaining peace within your circle. Differing political views, about Trump or climate change, or even accusations of cheating will likely end in tragedy if you do not act as the peacemaker. Fortunately, both parties respect you enough to listen to you, so use this authority wisely.