Dreams Related To Panther

Dreams about panther or being chased by panthers

Black panther

A black panther is generally representative of risk in the dream realm. You may soon find yourself entangled in a web of troubles with potentially dangerous outcomes. For example, you could be interacting with someone who is actually a criminal. Alternatively, you may have a tendency to perform certain risky behaviors, like using your cell phone while driving or leaving your front door unlocked. If you do not correct your ways, you could live to regret it.

A panther behind the door

I opened my door to find a black panther looking at me through the storm door. It was calm and was waiting for me to invite her in the house, like it wanted to tell me something.

An open door in the dream world is commonly interpreted as a symbol of mutual love between yourself and someone else in reality. Panthers, on the other hand, are signs of danger or risk. In this context, the panther waiting to enter through your door may represent the risks and doubts associated with a new romantic endeavor or the rekindling of a currently dwindling flame. In either case, the decision to move forward would be completely in your hands.

Shooting panthers in the house

I dreamt my girlfriend and I was in the living room watching TV when we heard a loud noise. When I checked to see what it was, I saw that the sliding door to the sunroom had been left open and there were two black panthers and a black wolf inside. I ran outside and around the house and closed the sliding door locked them in the sunroom and then told my girlfriend to grab the gun which I then stuck through a cracked open window to the sunroom and killed all three. I didn't feel fearful that I remember. I just remember seeing the animals and knowing what needed to be done.

The color black in a dream usually means a bad omen. The juxtaposition of the sunroom to the darkness of the animal invaders coupled with your protective instinct could mean that you might encounter troublesome people in your life who would try to threaten your peaceful existence or relationships. The panthers exemplify devious friends or acquaintances who might take advantage of your goodwill. The wolf, on the other hand, characterizes someone antagonistic, aggressive, and cunning. Killing the animals suggests overpowering your enemies and detractors. Notably, killing a wolf representing betrayal could also be tied to the revelation of secrets. This vision is telling you to take a stand and be decisive whilst being calm and calculating to thwart anyone planning to take advantage of you or your family members.

Panthers following while driving

I dreamt that I was in a truck driving down a rocky trail. 2 black panthers appeared and came toward me. I was in the truck but when they walked toward me I felt I was outside of the truck. They just walked beside the truck the whole time. Then I came across 2 dead animals which I assumed the panthers killed. One was a Great Dane and there was a newborn puppy next to it. I walked out and picked up the puppy and brought with me inside the truck where it started whimpering and I just held it tight.

Driving in a truck down a rocky, bumpy trail may reveal the current trajectory of your life in reality. Maybe things are not working out as smoothly as you would normally hope, and little challenges or roadblocks keep making you change your plans at the last minute. The two panthers which follow you during the vision represent danger and risk. The bumpy road you are currently on may make you feel desperate and scared, and sometimes you might want to take a risk in the hopes of reaping a big reward. The puppy that you saved, however, is the manifestation of your careful, nurturing side. Others may rely on you to make safe, rational choices, or perhaps you even expect this behavior of yourself. In either case, this vision should be considered a reminder not to let dark, difficult times dictate your actions.

Black panther attacking

To dream of a black panther attacking someone in your dream means that your life will see significant changes. You will either experience a major promotion, or you will have a successful new endeavor. However, this will not come easy for you will be prone to slander by envious people and former enemies. This is why you need to assert your power and show fearlessness when dealing with such incidents to protect your reputation.

Black panther protecting me

Seeing a black panther protecting you in the course of your dream is a sign that in reality, you are also in good hands. From a spiritual perspective, black panthers are symbols that are associated with protection against evil. Moreover, having this dream represents that powerful people are supporting you and guiding you in the right course of life. You can rest assured that when you face an obstacle, you can easily get through it with the help of these individuals.

Friendly black panther

A friendly animal like a black panther in the dream shows the presence of a powerful and protective force in your life. The decisive nature of the panther indicates that you have the ability to make bold choices and assert yourself. On the other hand, it also indicates a spiritual connection or the need to tap into your inner power and adopt the protective energy surrounding you. Always trust the process and make yourself the cherry on top.