Dreams Related To Palm

Scratches on the palms

I dreamed that both of my palms of my hands were covered by little scratches.

Little scratches all over your hands could indicate future growth in your finances or improvements in your money situation. You may get a bonus, receive a monetary gift or notice an increase in the value of your investments or savings. Your focus on the hands in this vision may reveal, however, that this growth would keep you busy or preoccupied, possibly with paperwork or while finalizing deals.

Feeling water with a palm

Hi, this dream was really strange but I was sitting in a room with a woman (I'm a woman too) I told her "This is a dream right?". And she said "No, it's not, let me show you". She reached out her hand to me and I took it. She had me face my palm up to her. Then she took her wine glass which was half way full of water and gently poured it into my palm? I felt the water and it was about room temperature. I have no idea what it means but I'm hoping you can help me figure it out?

This vision seems to reveal a self-awareness buried deep in your unconscious mind. The woman who sat with you alludes to the spread of gossip. The water she pours over your hands suggests you have a secret desire or goal that you have not shared with others. In essence, your subconscious understands that your secrecy is working against you. It is causing misunderstanding and ill will because those around you do not understand your motives. Unless you express yourself clearly or make your intentions known, this situation would continue to become worse.

Someone doing palm reading

I dreamed I was in a place where people were loud, and a lot of people, not sure where. There was a lady there that was doing palm reading and she was reading my palm. She was whispering to me very low, to go home, there was trouble, kidnapping, something going on, sounded scary. We just went through real tornado on my street 1 day ago, so my mind was probably doing this.

This dream should be considered a warning, as it has multiple symbols that suggest you are not in the best frame of mind possibly due to the recent events in your area. The loud, noisy place you found yourself in during this vision reveals a lack of direction or conviction when it comes to decision-making in your life. In many cases this refers to spending habits, but you may also display this frivolous behavior in other areas of your life. For instance, the palm reader points toward being overly trusting. Perhaps you are being manipulated or are at risk for putting all your eggs into one basket. The fact that she specifically mentioned kidnapping means that you would soon be very hurt or disappointed if you do not take steps to correct your behavior or find help.