Dreams Related To Painting

Painting with deceased mother

I was painting a picture of the sea and sky that mirror each other and I was painting the picture of me and telling my mother how to paint the picture using oil paint. My mother died 5 years ago.

In this vision, there are two opposing symbols. On one hand, the beautiful painting of the sky mirroring the earth suggests some long-held dream would finally come true. This may be after years of hoping and praying for a resolution. On the other hand, explaining how to use oil paints alludes to some risky or illegal activities. Perhaps in order to make the push to achieve your goal, you need to do something a little underhanded, like fudge the data or ignore some inconvenient experiment results. Your deceased mother's presence reveals that one of these paths would bring you great happiness and prosperity. You just need to consider your priorities and morals to figure it out.

Someone painting a house

The interpretation of someone painting a house in the dream realm suggests insecurity among friends and discontent with your own behavior, actions or lifestyle. The house is a metaphor for the self, so remodeling, especially something as superficial as a coat of paint, reflects your tendency to purposely hide secrets that could embarrass you or put on makeup or clothes for the purpose of fitting in. The truth is that no matter how much you try to hide it, your true self would eventually come out. It would be wise to become comfortable with your own traits and not lie to people about who you really are.

Jumping into a painting and seeing a scary being

Female. Me, my sister and friend saw a boy jump into a painting. We followed behind, jumping through the painting we appeared into a heavenly world. The boy told us we could go wherever we like. As we toured around the land, we came across a huge gate. Through the gate I saw fog and tombstones all over. I turned back waiting for them to do the same. My friend, however, forced me in. Then, an ugly dead creature chased me. Terrified, I screamed for help. A bright light lifted me up, safe at last.

The boy in your dream vision represents a middleman or a go-between. This person will open doors for you into an exciting world which is symbolized by the heavenly landscape of the painting. Your dreams are about to come true, so this vision is encouraging you to keep your options open for wonderful opportunities. Specifically, the cemetery promises travel to vibrant destinations where you will meet colorful personalities with whom you will forge bonds and experience new things. The zombie, or the undead, suggests revisiting a old hobby or passion of yours. You are probably living a dull and predictable life because of its promise of stability, but this boring routine will soon be a thing of the past as you stumble into an unconventional partnership which will be both fulfilling and challenging.

Painting walls blue

Painting the walls of your home blue in the dream realm is a highly spiritual symbol. The interpretation depends on the particular shades used. For instance, a dark color of blue is associated with significant willpower and the ability to create a path and follow it through to the end. A lighter shade of blue, however, is more closely related to being able to choose or redirect your path when things do not go your way. It is more flexible than the darker shade, but still denotes a desire to change and improve.

Painting house white

According to Islamic and Christian traditions, the color white is often associated with purity, peace, cleanliness, and renewal. Painting a house white suggests a desire to start fresh or to wipe away past bad experiences and be more fortunate in life. If you are the person painting the walls, it means that you are taking control of the situation in your life and making positive changes, whether it is a change that you are making or something that someone else is doing. In a nutshell, the dream is a positive one and a reminder for the dreamer to focus on their goals as the good things are coming their way.

Someone painting a wall

The image of someone painting a wall has a fairly positive meaning in the dream realm. The interpretation of this symbol is aligned with the consistent and smooth application of the paint to the walls, covering up old imperfections and mistakes. This indicates that previous barriers you ran into would be removed, allowing whatever activity you were doing to progress without impediment. Furthermore, a change in color from something dark to something pastel or whitewashed suggests an improved outlook on the future and a desire to improve yourself and your surroundings.

Painting a room

Dreaming of painting a room in the apartment or house is an important activity that shows your purposeful effort to transform your personal life and emotions. These are the tell-tale signs of the home and living situation of the dreamer, reflecting their inner self. Furthermore, home is an important place for everyone and gives you the feeling of protection and peace. Such visions bring a positive message for the dreamer to focus on their desired goals and wait for the miracle to happen.