Dreams Related To Oyster

Oysters on the plate

In my dream I was walking with my boyfriend and I saw many opened oysters on the plate, I showed them to my boyfriend and he said they taste like meat but we did not eat them. My boyfriend was wearing a red T-shirt. All the oysters had an orange pearl on them.

The oysters in your dream are closely associated with sex and primal urges. Although, oysters can also denote wealth and refinement, while the pearls on the oysters symbolize perfection and purity. Simply put, you are going to be surrounded by a lot of desires and opulence which are out of your reach. You want a lot of things that you cannot achieve on your own and your boyfriend cannot provide for you as well. Despite these shortcomings, you are secure in the fact that your boyfriend loves you very much, as represented by the red shirt he was wearing in your dream.