Dreams Related To Opossum

An opossum in a box

I was going through some boxes full of stuff. It all looked like junk. My granddaughter was there, she is six. One of the boxes started shaking. I thought my cat was in there. That is when the black rat came out of the box, heading right towards me. Then it changed into a possum. The possum was covered in hundreds of babies. It came directly at me. I was a little scared, but more curious than threatened by her actions. It chased my granddaughter and she screamed and ran from it. I was amazed.

The boxes in your dream suggest long-forgotten memories or personal baggage you have been carrying around for a long time. The rat that came out of the box alludes to dirty little secrets. A past mistake or regrettable actions may be coming back to haunt you. This is a secret that could potentially affect your loved ones. The transformation of the rat to a possum, however, points to aspects of this long-held secret that may be new to you. Perhaps you need to look into your past for lessons to be learned or information that could shed some light about yourself and your loved ones.

Bitten by a white opossum

Being bitten by a white opossum in your dream carries a slightly negative connotation, reflecting the impact of hurtful words or actions in your waking life. The white color suggests purity or innocence, contrasting with the opossum's sly and deceitful behavior. Pay close attention to the location of the bite in your dream, as it can provide additional insights into the specific area of your life where these hurtful words or actions have occurred. This dream serves as a reminder to address and confront such situations, seeking resolution and healing to move forward positively. If you were unable to catch or get away from the opossum, you may need to take more serious measures, like blocking someone, in order to achieve the peace of mind you deserve.