Dreams Related To Onion

White onion

Seeing white onion in a dream symbolizes energy and the potential for new things to happen in your life. Eating the onion represents a desire for change or growth at a deeper level. The dream is indicating that you are repressing certain feelings that are confusing and prevent you from achieving inner balance. There could be a person who has a significant impact on your emotional state or your ability to reflect upon yourself. The dream is telling you to take a step back and assess your world to find the right balance. It is a time to release what is repressed and find greater clarity and balance in your life.

Red onions

A tray of red onions.

The symbol of an onion in a dream is an indication of good and fun time spent to your delight and satisfaction which might bring a lot of pleasure, excitement and relaxation when it happens. However, the notion that the onions were placed on a tray could be a sign of this pleasure accompanied or followed by senseless spending or provided at a great cost, which afterwards could leave you regretting it or even wishing you had never experienced it.