Dreams Related To Oil Petroleum

Seeing oil

Envisioning oil in the realm of dream visions means you are about to run into, meet or be introduced to someone who already has interest in you in reality. This may be a potential romantic partner who has gazed at you from afar or a potential business partner who has some bold ideas for both of your futures.

Extracting oil from the ground

The act of extracting oil from within the earth is often thought to shed light on your own good health and fortitude. You are likely in good physical shape or are well on your way to gaining the muscle and cardiovascular health you desire.

A fountain of oil

A fountain filled with oil is a highly negative symbol to perceive in the dream realm. It is often thought to predict your involvement in some terrible, tragic or highly volatile situation in the near future. Alternatively, this same dream sign is occasionally associated with suffering caused by disaster, including both natural and man-made catastrophes.

Oil spilled on the ground

Oil spilled on the ground or earth can symbolize upcoming disappointments, challenges and difficulties. You may be unable to make progress on your goals or receive bad news regarding developments on your current endeavors.

Selling oil

Selling oil during the course of a dream vision may reveal some information about why your recent romantic, sexual or social encounters have not gone as planned. It suggests your own lack of experience and ability are your downfall, so it may be a good idea to read up on how to behave better in social situations or pay more attention to what the other individual wants or needs.

An oil rig

The image of an oil rig at port or out on the ocean could be a reminder from your subconscious that you currently possess all the skills, information and resources you need in order to develop more as a person. You can grow spiritually through your own self-reflection and meditative techniques, as well as learning more through self-study and asking specific questions to your religious leaders or spiritual advisors.

Clothes stained by oil

Clothes stained with oil or grease can be interpreted as a sign that you are likely to give in to false messages and pretty lies. Your inability to discern truth from fiction and your desire to believe what you want rather than what is true would lead you down a path of loss and destruction. It could also have bad effects on others who are close to you, like family members.

Oil spilled on water

Oil spilled in water, such as an oil tanker spilling its load into an ocean, represents an upcoming period of time when you would have to make up for or repay something from the past. If you made a mistake or unfairly benefitted from something awhile ago, karma is about to catch up with you. You may find that your gains are suddenly moot or that your past achievements are no longer worth much to others.

Hardened oil

Hardened oil, such as that leftover on the bottom of a barrel, sheds light on an aspect of your personality that is reticent to engage in social behavior. Perhaps you are not good at getting along with large groups, or maybe you do not like getting involved in other people's personal issues. In any case, others may perceive you as being anti-social or even rude in some situations.

Oil burning

Burning oil is usually considered a positive symbol in the realm of dreams. It means you would be able to move forward on a project or get closer to attaining your goals because you would meet someone popular, famous or influential who can aid you on your journey.

Selling oil for men

For men, selling oil during a dream vision is associated with having a disappointing dalliance with a female partner. While he may think he has found the girl of his dreams, she would likely be using him or simply playing around until a better option comes along.