Dreams Related To Obsession

Killing someone who is obsessed

I dream about a guy who is so obsessed with me. He attempt to hurt me and my friends and then we killed him. What does that mean? It's so weird!

Dreaming about a stalker or someone who is obsessed with you is a subconscious reflection of your current life situation when you are exposed to or given too much attention or scrutiny from a person or a group of people. Based on the second part of your dream description, this is most likely the attention or attitude you are not comfortable with. Killing this person in your dream signifies your determination and readiness to do something about this situation before it escalates and gets out of control.

Mother having obsession disorder

My mother and the rest of the family are hopeless about her OCD problems.

Seeing your mother suffering from mental illness may be your subconscious mind feeling sympathy for her trials and tribulations in wake life. This may be especially true if she recently went through a difficult period or had to deal with a stressful situation in reality. In a sense, the mental illness you saw in the vision, whether or not she really suffers from OCD, is a direct manifestation of her troubled spirit. Recognizing this, your subconscious self may be trying to come up with a way to alleviate her pain, such as by stepping in to remove some of the burden from her shoulders.