Dreams Related To Object

Objects with demonic forces inside

Dreams about talking objects that turn out to be strong demonic forces that want to kill me and my family, but instead become my family because they saw I was alone and they decided not to kill me or my family, yet become part of it. I have been having this dream for 15 years, not every night, but I know when this dream is going to happen, usually happens every other 2 weeks.

Dreaming about inanimate objects talking could predict a web of lies being woven around you. More specifically, it points toward the presence of someone on the fringe of your life who is trying to find a way to get closer in order to deceive you. However, these forces changing their mind mid-vision is a fairly positive symbol, pointing toward this person having a change of heart at some point. Considering the re-occurring nature of this vision, it could represent the part you play in this drama. For instance, your attitude or personality may make you seem like a good target for potential schemers, but once they learn more about you, they may change their tactics and leave you alone.

Fast-moving objects

Objects or shapes moving fast.

Having a dream about observing objects, shapes or things moving really fast in front of or by you is an indication of experiencing internal turmoil, inability to solve some existing issues or long-standing dilemma.

Being an inanimate object

Envisioning yourself as an inanimate object represents a hold being placed on your life. This may have already happened, or it may occur in the near future. You would be forced to put some of your major plans on hold due to unforeseen circumstances. For example, a high school or college student may suddenly find themselves pregnant and needing to put their education on hold to raise a child. Another possibility is that a vaping habit may lead to other more serious addictions that get in the way of your life pursuits. This situation would be able to be overcome, but it would take a lot of hard work, time and the help of outside parties.

Buying a flute

I was buying a flute.

Buying a flute, particularly if you had the intention to play it, indicates becoming the author of your tale of misfortune. As musical instruments tend to represent difficult periods in general, buying one yourself predicts taking actions which may negatively affect you in the future.

Suffering from an object falling

I was outside in a very gloomy and unfamiliar atmosphere. Like fearful. A large ship-like object crashes from above, not near me but within sight. The noises were as if a bomb hit along with a plane crash. A piercing continuous ring that hurt my ears, eyes and face along with vibration also occurred as well resulting from a crash, making my face burn and numb-like. I fell to the ground from the trembling of the ground after the crash. Felt like I was there. Even after I awoke I felt as if I were somehow there.

This vision carries an extremely ominous interpretation for a close relationship of yours, particularly a romantic one. The sad, depressing atmosphere of the early part of the dream combined with the ship that crashes near you portends separation from someone close to you. The cause of this split is unclear but seems to be related to a lack of trust on both sides. The loud noise of the crash and explosion, which seemed real and shook your core, suggests that there is more to this situation than what can be seen on the surface. This means that you cannot hope to heal what has been broken and learn from this situation until you find out the complete truth. This also means you should not jump to conclusions after every new revelation. You should instead wait until all the cards are on the table before making your decision or coming to a conclusion.

Strange objects inside and on the head

In my dream, I suddenly realized I had hairbrush bristles growing out of the top of my head. Not only that but it was being caused by ants that were living on my scalp. When I tried to pull out these hairbrush bristles, they came out in three sections, and the bristles were rooted in some sort of machinery gear that had been built into my head as if that's what they were rooted in. I felt embarrassed and creeped out in my dream.

The hair brush bristles growing out of the top of your head denote muddled thoughts. You could be in a state of confusion and unable to think clearly. This symbolism urges you to clear your mind of clutter which is making you unproductive. The ants living on your scalp likely point to a sense of dissatisfaction about your current situation. This frustration could be the reason why your thoughts are going haywire. Perhaps you need to be strategic about how you want to improve your current position in life. Focus on the how instead of dwelling on the why.