Dreams Related To Nurse

Forgetting to give medications as a nurse

It's the end of my shift as a nurse. I used to be a nurse in real life. I realize I have not given out meds to some of my assigned patients. This is horrible, I scramble to see if I can give the medication now. Were more than 1 dose missed? I need to cover this up yet I need to protect, care for the patient. Very anxious in the dream, how did I forget? I know something, I don't want others to know. The anxiety comes from they will find out. I always wake up before I have to tell. Dream reoccurs.

Forgetting important tasks in the dream world means you may be stressing out in reality. You could be taking on more responsibilities than you can handle, leading to mental tension and anxiety. Specifically, your anxiety in this recurring dream may stem from the fear of under-performing, failing to accomplish important tasks or overlooking significant details. The nursing profession lends even more weight to this idea because forgetting to give out medicine could be a fatal error. Alternatively, committing workplace errors in your dream vision may reveal doubts about your current path. You could be second-guessing your decisions up to this point or uncertain about where your current path would lead you.