Dreams Related To Nude

Being nude in front of a friend

Seeing myself semi nude in front of a male friend.

Seeing yourself partially naked in front of a male friend could suggest you have feelings for him, or it is possible your subconscious is using him as a stand in for someone you are truly interested in. In either case, your nakedness in this vision points toward something being wrong or illicit. Perhaps one of you is already in a relationship, so your feelings could complicate more than just your own lives. You may have to wait some time before you act or give up on those emotions all together if he cannot meet you half-way.

Suddenly being nude

Seeing yourself naked in your sleep is a really common dream that usually implies receiving surprising news. However, being naked in front of many people suggests you feel uncomfortable with something in your waking life. It could be about your current situation or about a decision you need to make soon. In addition, this dream indicates that you would find yourself in an illicit affair that could greatly tarnish your image.