Dreams Related To Noise

Flying and being interrupted by noise

I was flying in my dream and when another person asked how I was doing that I said that it was not a big deal because it was a dream. She started screaming, everything went dark, and there was an overwhelming static noise that drowned everything else out. I had to force myself awake to make it stop. I am a female.

Dreaming of flying indicates freedom. You will soon earn the freedom and independence you have wanted for a long time. Meanwhile, your awareness that it was a dream suggests lucid dreaming and lucid dreams can reveal psychic powers. You have the potential of sensing supernatural events and phenomena which means your instincts are heightened. This ability would come in handy soon because the screaming in your vision means a loved one needs your help. The static noise reveals a lack of communication between you and this troubled loved one, so you would have to rely on your instincts and gut feel to reach out or figure out the source of their struggle.