Dreams Related To Nipple

Nipples bleeding

I was at a funeral and it was so cold my nipples started bleeding. I am female.

Attending a funeral in the dream realm usually has positive connotations, but it seems, based on the rest of this vision, to reflect a happy image of the past rather than future wellness. The cold weather you dealt with is an ill omen that portends difficulty arising between you and someone you are close to in reality, such as a lover or parent. This image seems to be reinforced by your bleeding nipples, which suggest the loss of a child, the inability to conceive or perhaps difficulty or a lack of desire to find a life partner with whom to start a family. In the past, you may not have worried about such things as fertility or marriage, but as you become older, the desire to accomplish these milestones may grow. You may need to seek the advice of a medical professional or a counselor to deal with your particular situation.