Dreams Related To Niece

Your existing niece

Seeing your own niece while you are dreaming may simply be your subconscious mind bringing her to the forefront of your thoughts because you were reminded of her recently. Perhaps you talked to her on the phone or saw her at a family gathering in the recent past. Another possible interpretation may suggest that your subconscious is encouraging you to reach out to her for some reason. She may need some guidance or advice that only you would be able to provide.

Niece being attacked

My niece is being attacked by several girls and they shove her into the trunk of a vehicle and drive the vehicle into the water and I can't save my niece.

Seeing a family member getting attacked means a loved one is being intimidated or suffering from the judgment of others. Putting her in a trunk refers to sensitive information that would be used to tarnish your family member's reputation. This will send this person into an emotional roller coaster and possible depression as illustrated by the imagery of the vehicle ending up in the water. You need to be extra observant and sensitive about the behavior of people in your life in case they are in a bad situation yet hesitating to share their troubles with you.

Niece dying

My niece dying and her wearing an infinity charm on her bracelet. She had died and I remember that in my dream I well knew this. I went to a witch and she gave me a bracelet with an infinity charm which was supposed to give my niece life. The scary thing is my sister, my niece's mother, had a dream about her dying as well. Not the same night. But she confessed she had. What can it all mean?

A dream wherein you see your niece dying is indicative of upcoming changes in your life which could have a lasting impact on your present and future situation. Because it is your niece who dies, it could point towards her actions being the trigger for those alterations. Visiting a witch in order to prevent your niece's death represents your desire to stop her from taking any actions that could impact you. Also, the fact that your sister had a similar dream suggests that both of you disapprove of her behavior. While it is important to keep in mind that you cannot actually prevent your niece from doing something she is determined to do, you can do your best to be prepared for the coming upheavals which you might face.

Hurting a niece

I'm female and I dreamt that I was holding my 8-year old niece who means the world to me at my job's break room when I dipped her head down (like we always do). She hit her head really hard on the floor and was knocked out. I freaked out and woke up before I could tell if she was even semi okay or not.

Accidentally hurting a child in the dream world portends a surprising turn of events. A certain news or situation could catch you off guard but the result of that would be a welcome change in your life's journey. The anxiety you felt because of the accident likely reflects your discomfort over change. Alternatively, it can symbolize personal transformation, such as letting go of childish thoughts and being able to control immature tendencies.

Young niece rejecting other family members

I'm a 19 year old female. I've had a dream where I was holding my niece and she was happy and cheerful and wanting to be held by others, strangers even, but when I turn around and show her mom to her and see if she wants to go back to her parents, she becomes scared. She cries, puts her hands to her chest and face area and kind of leans away from them as if she's shrinking into herself. I know I've had a dream with the same situation before. Can you tell me what it means?

Your niece in the dream is actually a representation of a part of yourself. Because your niece is a child, she could be alluding to your youthful characteristics, a healthy curiosity and a playful side. It means you are trying to reconnect with your more innocent and carefree aspects because you are either scared of adult responsibilities or stressed out from grown-up activities. So in this sense, when she seemed distressed to go back to her parents, it is actually your own reluctance to face the harsh realities of life and deal with the expectations, which is likely weighing you down. You feel trapped by society's expectations and you just want to go back to your comfort zone. This type of dream scenario could recur during high-stress times or when you are facing a difficult decision that would significantly change you existing reality.

Niece asking you something

In a dream, seeing your niece asking you something represents a desire for guidance or advice in your waking life. It symbolizes a need for your wisdom or perspective in a particular situation. This dream also reflects your emotional affinity with your niece and your willingness to support her. Alternatively, it also signifies your own curiosity or a subconscious search for answers within yourself. Overall, this dream suggests a sense of responsibility, nurturing, and the importance of open communication with your friends and family.