Dreams Related To Necklace

Gold necklace

A gold necklace is a highly ominous symbol to perceive in the realm of dreams. The notes of Edgar Cayce suggest that this symbol is associated with valuable possessions in your life that are at risk. In some cases this may refer directly to burglars who are at this moment plotting to rob your house, but in some cases it can also refer to less tangible assets, like your self-confidence or social position. For instance, a jealous rival may seek to kick you off a counsel you lead or a project you started. CEOs and government leaders who see this image in their dreams should be on guard, as there is likely a coup forming behind their backs.

A cross necklace

In general, the symbol of the crucifixion is an allusion to faith. Hence, the cross pendant you are wearing in a dream is a reminder that you can do anything if you just put your mind to it. Therefore, you need to work on your faith and eliminate negative feelings that are overwhelming you right now to find inner peace. The cross pendant also symbolizes hardship along the way but will soon be overcome through dedication and hard work. Thus, working on your self-improvement is vital in this aspect.